Gambling Licenses From Curacao, Malta, the Isle of Man, and Gibraltar: The Online Casino Market Expert Compares

16 october 2019

1. What are the Positives and the Negatives of the Most Popular Offshore Registration Destinations for Your Gambling Business?

  1.1. Advantages of licensing in Curacao

  1.2. Disadvantages of licensing in Curacao

  1.3. Advantages of licensing in Gibraltar

  1.4. Disadvantages of licensing in Gibraltar

  1.5. Advantages of licensing in Malta

  1.6. Disadvantages of licensing in Malta

  1.7. Advantages of licensing in the Isle of Man

  1.8. Disadvantages of licensing in the Isle of Man

2. How Can You Choose the Best Jurisdiction for Your Online Gambling Business?

Even though the price is probably the most crucial point while choosing a jurisdiction for your casino, there are some other impactful features that you need to consider while deciding upon a location of your business. It all depends on your ultimate goal, investment capabilities, and type of platform you are organizing. Make sure you consider all the points and make the right choice. So, let’s see what are the differences between Curacao, Gibraltar, Malta, and the Isle of Man, forgetting about the costs.

Top jurisdictions for sports betting licensing

What are the Positives and the Negatives of the Most Popular Offshore Registration Destinations for Your Gambling Business?

All of the countries’ local authorities have installed unique regulations and provided specific conditions for the new operators. Before starting your own online casino, ensure whether you feel completely fine with the laws you are going to obey for the next few years.

Advantages of licensing in Curacao

  • This country is in the top of the most stable jurisdictions for online gambling platforms, meaning its secured reliability.
  • Here, you are able to pick any of the license types, according to the country’s regulations to stick to the rules applicable purely to your establishment.
  • If you own several other affiliate companies, your chosen license applies to all of them simultaneously.
  • The registration process can take up to 2 weeks if all the documents have been prepared in advance.

Disadvantages of licensing in Curacao

  • The local country’s authorities prevent the casino operators from providing their services on the premises of such countries as the Netherlands, the USA, and France.

Advantages of licensing in Gibraltar

  • The country’s anti-money-laundering system is impressive, protecting you from the unreliable service providers.
  • The software testing policy doesn’t allow the untrustworthy manufacturers to enter the local market and sell their products due to the strict regulations.
  • All operators must comply with the strict player-protection rules to establish convenient gameplay and grant all winning to their clients. This means no scammers can intrude into the market competition.

Disadvantages of licensing in Gibraltar

  • The local authorities have a severe filtering system that doesn’t allow low-budget companies to enter the market, making it hard to receive a license.
  • Your hardware, and consequently software, should all be located within the country’s premises for regular inspections.
  • The registration process itself may take much longer than usual due to thorough check-ups on your personality and intentions.

Advantages of licensing in Malta

Malta gaming license advantages

  • The local regulations provide you with an opportunity to promote your business in Europe.
  • 4 classes of licensing for each individual platform type. This makes it easier to comply with particular laws.
  • The licenses obtained are provided for 5 years, regardless of the type.
  • The ability to revoke your licenses any time if you have the appropriate submitted documents for that.
  • High-security regulations for the operators, making the registration process clear. No need to worry about additional requirements apart from the ones you have been provided with.

Disadvantages of licensing in Malta

  • Your hardware and software must be located within the country. Moreover, all the operations conducted must also be completed on the territory of the jurisdiction.
  • The country’s customer support isn’t very responsive that may lead to certain misunderstandings in case of any unusual problem occurred.

Advantages of licensing in the Isle of Man

  • The new operators aren’t limited by foreign exchange control since the country is located in the free trade zone.
  • Highly secured mechanisms protect the players’ money.
  • The local authorities test the casino software using the services of such companies as Applus, QALab, ITech Labs, etc. This means untrustworthy manufacturers aren’t permitted on the premises of the jurisdiction.
  • The local control group is usually interested in providing the license to betting shops firstly.
  • Reliable anti-money-laundering systems that use an innovative risk assessment process to prevent frauds and security breaches.

Disadvantages of licensing in the Isle of Man

  • The process of registration can take a bit longer than in other countries due to thorough analyses of your company and product.

How Can You Choose the Best Jurisdiction for Your Online Gambling Business?

As soon as you study all the information available about each variant, you may not feel like it’s enough for you to make the right choice. Therefore, you may contact Online Casino Market that offers turnkey licensing options and can deal with everything for you. This is an exceedingly convenient choice if you feel you can’t keep up with all the issues. Apart from that, you should stay up-to-date with the latest regulation renewals not to miss essential amendments.

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16 october 2019