Where to Buy the Cheapest Online Casino Software Solution?

Updated 06 december 2019

How to find the most high-quality gambling software at a reasonable price? There are many offers on the Internet, and prices are completely different. Somewhere you can find the offer of just one program, and somewhere: the whole set of them. How to understand what you need to buy and what price is normal?

Online casino solution at the normal price

Like any other business, online casinos require investments, efforts, time, and money. This is not an area where you can start with one hundred dollars in your pocket. There are high costs, high incomes, and solid investment already at the beginning. Let us consider the ways to save money when you launch an online gaming club and what will you need for this.

Indeed, today there are several ways to become an owner of a gambling establishment: do everything by yourself, agree on a franchise or purchase a turnkey casino solution. Do you want to know, which way is the best for you? Sign up for an individual consultation with the manager of the Online Casino Market company!

Cost Minimisation

To make you understand the approximate cost, let us say at once: you will need to invest in the development of the casino from twenty thousand to twenty-five thousand dollars as a first step.

It includes:

  1. The acquisition of a license for carrying on business and all related expenses (flights abroad, services of an interpreter, legal advice from a local lawyer, and maintenance of the server). It will cost you approximately fifteen thousand dollars excluding taxes.

  2. The online casino software: the online gaming platform, slot machines, payment systems, security settings, etc. When you buy a set of all the necessary programs, you can spend between five and ten thousand dollars. Each service separately will be more expensive.

  3. The creation of a website. This step consists of several parts and requires the work of a group of specialists: designer, webpage designer, programmers, content manager, the specialist on marketing tools, and SEO specialist. A price of the comprehensive development of the website can be from one thousand dollars and more.

  4. The natural promotion in search engines and advertising. Costs here depend only on your abilities because of the fact that the more you invest, the more you get. Efforts and income are in a positive correlation.

  5. The customer support. Technical support with the help of a chat on the website, a call center, instant messengers, and by e-mail should work well, without failures, and pay attention to each gambler. To provide the round-the-clock support, you can hire at least three employees and pay them four hundred dollars each.

What is Included in the Online Casino Software?

Online casino software

The software is a modern program that helps operators to administer, set, and optimise the work of the entire online casino.

Here are the most common types of such a program:

  • An online gaming platform. The basic software that determines the functionality, security, and the operation speed of the future online gambling establishment. Casino games and many other elements will be integrated into this software in the future.

  • A slot game. In fact, it is the same slot machine but in the script format. The popularity of the gambling club, its traffic, and, ultimately, your profit will depend on how many different casino games you offer users.

  • Payment systems. Programs designed to simplify and accelerate financial transfers between players and casinos. They must be reliable and stable. We recommend you to connect as many different payment operators as possible so that users have a choice. Also, it will be a good idea to set up a channel for accepting a bitcoin payment since this type of cryptocurrency has become extremely popular in the field of online gaming.

Probably, there is no need to explain how important it is that the kinds of software do not conflict with each other, works harmoniously, and stable. It explains why it is better to choose a vendor who is ready to provide a complete casino solution. Moreover, it is much more profitable to purchase a package of software!

The Secret of How to Save Money

It is possible to buy cheapest online casino software solution if you order a set of all the necessary programs.

The situation with the business itself is exactly the same: it is much cheaper to buy a ready-made project from Online Casino Market than to go through each stage on your own.

Here are the following options of how you can launch a gambling establishment:

  1. All by yourself. The costs here are minimal but it is a long, difficult, and unprofitable process. By the time you finish working on a casino, the trends in design, games, and even marketing tools will change.

  2. Everything in sequence. First of all, you will obtain the license and register the company, then — the creation of a website and the purchase of the software, and then — the launch of the casino and its promotion. Costs will be the same as we have described above.

  3. All together, that is, the purchase of a casino on a turnkey basis. It is the fastest way that requires more money than the first option but much less than the second one. it is the so-called middle ground.

In other words, it is more profitable to buy a ready-made casino than just the software. It is the best way to buy cheapest online casino software solution!

The Most Profitable Option

Let us consider other advantages of buying a ready-made project, except for significant savings:

  • The saving of time: you do not spend months for obtaining a license and set up a business from scratch.

  • You get a fully thought-out ecosystem that has everything you need to start working and reach success.

  • You have a reliable partner in the name of Online Casino Market, which will support, consult, and even deal with such part of the work as the organisation and management of the project.

  • You can concentrate on the development of your business and, perhaps, launch the second or third website!

Where on the Internet you can buy the Cheapest Online Casino Software Solution?

There are plenty of them on the World Wide Web: big names and suspicious companies as well.

You have the following options for the purchase of the software:

  • Contact the software vendor. Basically, the creation of programs is the main activity of major companies with many years of experience. There is only one thing: such companies deal only with licensed casinos. They care about their reputation and are not ready to sell the software to every Tom, Dick or Harry. Therefore, sometimes it is very difficult to contact them directly.

  • Find and download the free software. We highly recommend you not to do so. Firstly, such software is usually full of disadvantages: the program gives errors, freezes or simply does not respond to the actions of both the administrator and the user. Gamblers also do not like online gaming sites made on the basis of such engines. Mostly, after a couple of mistakes, they simply go to a competitor. And secondly, no one does anything for free. If you are offered the software for free, nobody will guarantee you that it does not have foreign programs in it, which will begin to transfer the players' bank data to fraudsters. Take care of your business and your customers and do not install unknown programs!

  • Purchase the software from the official distributor. For example, the Online Casino Market company legally sells the software from such well-known manufacturers as Playtech, Novomatic, Greentube, 2WinPower, etc. At the same time, you get the excellent software at a reduced price.

Online gaming software from the official distributor

Do you still have any questions? You can always contact specialists from Online Casino Market. We will not only help you to choose the best software but also provide consultations on such issues as casino licensing, the use of marketing tools, and the promotion of the gambling establishment in the international market.

You can also order the installation of a demo version for a period of ten days in order to duly appreciate the profitability and prospects of the gambling business on the Internet.

To order the installation of a casino, contact us right now:

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Karen Fill

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Updated 06 december 2019