How to Increase Gambling Website Conversion

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03 may 2020

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and the closure of land-based establishments led to a sharp transition of operators, working in the offline sphere, into the virtual business. The number of competitors has increased significantly.

Entrepreneurs have begun to look for effective ways to increase the conversion of their websites. The Online Casino Market team has prepared an overview of advanced tools and techniques that will help you increase the conversion rates of your virtual resource.

Creation of Favourable Conditions for Players

Conversion rates: leads

Lots of resources offer various entertainments on the Internet today. Players are spoilt for choice. Therefore, they have become very demanding.

People are not interested in outdated websites, offering banal content. Gamblers are looking for platforms that will meet their requirements.

While the adaptation of the website interface, remember the main nuances:

  1. Localization. Present information in the players’ native language. It is better to create several language versions of the website. Besides, it is important to include local currency in the list of available options. Develop promotional offers related to local sporting events or national holidays.
  2. Attention to detail. Some nuances may seem insignificant at first glance. In fact, they can make a huge difference. For example, make sure that you have placed the currency symbols next to the amount correctly. It is also essential to choose the proper decimal separator (dot or comma) following the standards of a particular country.
  3. Quick deposits and withdrawals. Simplification of financial operations will allow you to attract more customers and increase conversion. For example, Visa Direct is an excellent tool for quick withdrawals.

Simplified Account Management

Providing new opportunities for managing user accounts and financial transactions can increase the conversion of your website by per cent.

Tools that can help you retain your customers and encourage them to be more active:

  1. A / B testing. This tool will help you find the ideal website interface for a specific country. The requirements of users from different regions differ significantly. Therefore, it is essential to introduce new solutions and look for the most effective methods.
  2. Quick replenishment of accounts. Apply tools for saving financial data needed for making a deposit. Such an approach will be convenient for players that are using the same payment method every time.
  3. Cancellation of transactions. Allow the gambler to abort the transaction in case of entering incorrect data, using the instruments of his or her personal account. Automation of this process will help gamers save a lot of time.
  4. Instant payments. Give your customers the possibility to make payments in one click. This approach will obviate the need to fill out long forms and enter financial information when replenishing an account.

Improvement of Payment Mechanisms

Improvement of payment mechanisms

SafeCharge experts note that the main difficulties of most clients are related to the replenishment of the gaming account. Easy-to-use and automated payment mechanisms can increase the conversion rate by 8 per cent. Check out some essential tools:

Updating financial information

Players, using MasterCard and Visa services, do not have to enter their payment details each time they are changed. The system will update this information automatically

Alternative transaction methods

In the transaction conducted using a particular payment method was cancelled, the player will be able to complete this financial operation applying another payment tool

Credit card scanning

This instrument will save a lot of time required for entering financial information. Users can scan a bank card to get the necessary data

Detailed information on a declined transaction

Providing comprehensive information about the declined payment will allow players to resolve the problem and re-execute the transaction in the shortest possible time


The use of this tool will allow you to resume an interrupted operation without having to re-enter payment information. This service can increase the conversion rate up to 8 per cent

Statistics and Data Analysis

Monitoring financial transactions and user activity will allow you to identify the weaknesses of the business process management and find effective tools to increase conversion.

Operators need to analyze the following information to get the desired result:

  1. Data on rejected payments. This information will help you identify payment system errors and solve problems as quickly as possible. Moreover, such an analysis will allow you to determine the most effective payment methods and instruments.
  2. User traffic statistics. Monitor changes in user traffic. Exploring this process will enable you to find the right way to attract solvent customers. Remember, a large influx of user traffic does not guarantee an increase in conversion. You must create convenient conditions to make your clients replenish their accounts and place bets.


Marketing and financial tools

Proper marketing and financial tools will enable operators to achieve high conversion rates.

The main tasks of entrepreneurs as follows:

  • adapting the website interface to customer requirements;
  • localization of the gaming platform design;
  • transaction management simplifying;
  • reporting and data analysis.

Conversion increasing is a complex process requiring a professional approach. Online Casino Market experts are ready to provide the best online casino marketing tools to raise the profitability of your project.

We are also engaged in the development and integration of efficient payment instruments. If you want to learn more about our offers, please leave a request to our manager:

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Written by

Karen Fill

Gambling business expert at Online Casino Market

03 may 2020