ArtificialI Intelligence in Gambling: a Story About a Fantasy, Which Became Real

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Updated 16 december 2019

Presently AI is used everywhere in the most different spheres, one way or another connected with computers and online technologies. But how can artificial intelligence be involved in gambling? We’ll try to figure it out.

Artificial intelligence in gambling

AI — is an intellectual computer program, which can independently collect and analyze information for self-education. This is how it can carry out mental and even creative tasks.

Surprisingly, possibilities of artificial intelligence were first shown in the middle of XX century. A.Samuel presented the first in the world self-educating system, which played checkers. In 1962 the strongest checker player in the world R.Neelie lost to AI, thanks to it serious investments for further development were attracted.

At the moment there are two main types of artificial intelligence development, which differ in realization:

  • AI working on semiotic principle;
  • AI working on biological principle.

Semiotic approach is oriented on symbol base development, capable to model high level psychological processes: thinking, reasoning, human emotions.

Though, at the moment namely neural networks are used — AI created by means of biological approach.

Neural network is a mathematical model, which has program or hardware embodiment and is created on basis of organisation’s principles and work of biological network of neurons. In other words, it’s a direct attempt to model human brain.

Modern science has reached the level, when AI can recognize images, analyze received data and classify it (break into clusters), and in the end execute tasks, which could be earlier intrusted only to people. Implementation of machine allows to rely a large number of functions on it and this way to optimize solution of a huge number of questions.

Artificial Intelligence in Gambling: Marketing and Management

Cost of implementing and using AI constantly lowers, thanks to what it becomes affordable even for small business or startup. There are three main directions for gambling business, where artificial intelligence gives businessman an opportunity to receive a row of advantages.

Retention Marketing

Predicting by outflow and calculation of potential profit. Grants timely reaction and lets to contact client on time, preventing his leaving. Today much more resources are spent on attracting new clients, than on their retention. If a company can’t interest audience, it’ll earn less and in the end will lose to competitors.

Within several minutes artificial intelligence processes data by the whole client base and predicts behaviour of the user, who plans to refuse the game soon. AI will show which players and what bonuses shall be offered for their reactivation.

Acquisition Marketing

Considering marketing budget limitation for achieving maximal ROI traffic sources must be constantly analyzed. In this plan artificial intelligence in gambling has exceeded most experienced managers long ago.

AI carries out analyze of game patterns of every new client, who came from a new source and predicts potential profit. Using received data resources for obtaining qualitative traffic can be wisely distributed.

Machine intelligence uses tens if parameters and this way precisely predicts future behaviour. Experienced managers are guided by not more than 5 parameters, what makes their predictions doomed.

AI allows to decide automatically which creative will give maximal conversion in case with definite user, considering geolocation, operating system, viewing time, screen size etc. Standard tasks by attracting clients will become automatic due to artificial intelligence.

Fraud Management

Artificial intelligence in gambling gives an opportunity to replace experts staff for clients activity monitoring. It immediately fixes any suspicious action, differing from norm, while a person physically can’t monitor everything.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence Use for Gambling Business Optimization

Not only in the gambling sphere, but in any other modern business using AI will become an only right way of development. It’s a perfect idea to automate and optimize all routine processes. Companies-innovators get essential advantage. Key indicators for a business are marginality and client base. High marginality level allows to invest more money in increase of the clients base. Operator, who can invest more money in attracting client, can take audience away from competitors.

Every operator knows how much is spent on labour compensation fund (LCF). Artificial intelligence in gambling lowers these expenses, on increasing quality of work, thanks to what business operational efficiency increases.

Chatbot: Living Example of Using AI in Gambling

The use of chatbot in gambling

Integrating chatbot in casino is an excellent way to get additional source of income. At the moment the niche isn’t completely mastered, therefore operators can use huge bonuses. Telegram casino is a relevant trend in gambling, which gives gambler an opportunity to receive access to his favourite games via messenger.

Chatbot is an intermediary between server part of online casino and a user. AI is used for sending inquiries from consumers and displaying the outcome. By the way, this scheme can be used not only in Telegram.

Chatbot provides players with classical gambling, free spins, bonus offers and even technical support. By means of the bot gambler makes bets, fulfills account and inputs money.

Chatbot can be implemented by one of two ways, which differ in interaction principle:

  • commands are given in the form of text messages;
  • commands are realized as graphic interface.

No doubt, player will like graphic interface more, for it doesn’t suppose typing messages. In both cases only bot is an intermediary. It receives command, sends it to the server, there it’s processed and after given to the gamer.

Chatbot has following advantages:

  • messengers gradually displace social networks and grant maximal audience reach;
  • user remains anonymous, for no one can use access to private chats;
  • operators can enter earlier forbidden markets and expand business there;
  • modern opportunities on creating beautiful visual design allow to bring visualization quality closer to an online service;
  • chatbot can work in conditions of low internet connection speed;
  • players can share results with their friends, this way involving them into process.

Using virtual interlocutor allows operator to cut expenses for employees and spend this money on project improvement:

  • attract new audience by means of bonus systems;
  • expand game assortment;
  • modernize service, etc.

Poker Bot for Business

Poker bot for the gambling business

Poker bot is based on three main elements:

  • data reading module;
  • decision-making algorithm;
  • simulation mechanism.

On the first component depends information, received by the poker bot about a player: how much time he needs for a bet, how many resets he makes, and a number of different points, which help to analyze actions of the opponent.

Algorithm of making decisions works on basis of complicated mathematical and logical operations. Information turns in a variable and passes through the bet calculation algorithms. After the bot detects necessary answer or reaction, it makes an action.

AI can wait a bit with giving the answer, so that competitor won’t guess that he plays with a bot, not a human. The third component, simulation mechanism, is made for it.

A simple poker bot (profile bot) works without powerful algorithms and plays in a zero. Poker rooms with a big amount of amateurs are filled with such bots, for experienced players figure out fast who is who.

Artificial intelligence in gambling taught gamblers to adopt their strategies to situations. If earlier bots simply followed particular system and copied competitors, then thanks to AI they began to imply tactics. Crazies and calls don’t repeat any more. Neural networks analyze behaviour of the competitor and answer by the most unexpected actions.

Year 2017 is marked by two remarkable fights of poker AI against human brain, where machines gained flawless victory.

  • Deep Stack — joint creation of Czech and Canadian scientists, playing Texas Holdem — the hardest variant of card game. 852 distributions were held, within which Deep Stack has gained a crushing victory, having showed efficiency at the level of 492 mmb/g.
  • Libratus — is development of a specialist from Carnegie Mellon University. Before the test creator said that Libratus — is the best achievement, imitating poker game. Competition against leading gamblers of the world, where played 120 thousand hands, was won by poker artificial intelligence. The team of players shared that poker bot struck them with strong strategy, responsiveness and ability for self-education. 

Poker AI can play at different levels of complexity and pursue various aims. You shall be extremely careful, on setting such bot in a poker room, for if guests start losing all games, sooner or later they’ll leave for another project.

No doubt, artificial intelligence in gambling promises to make a real revolution in the world of gambling. As you see, it can be used for solving various tasks, beginning with routine processes optimization and ending with game decisions.

Moreover, having contacted Online Casino Market company, casino operators can already today order development of a chat bot, poker bot and a number of other products. Artificial intelligence is future of gambling. And the faster you realize it, the better. Create firm foundation today and tomorrow you’ll leave competitors far behind.

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