White Label Project: Beneficial Variation of a Turnkey Online Casino

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Updated 17 december 2019

White label project is in fact a turnkey online casino solution. It requires just minimal involvement from an operator, while the software purchase, website development, customers acquisition, and promotion are provided by a large company.

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White Label casino comes under an unknown brand but offers quality content from the renowned developer, which gives a fair opportunity to compete for a client within great interwebs. Generally, White Label casinos belong to a larger gambling agency that helps to turn an unheard start-up into a decent and popular establishment.

You can find a great source of profit with the Online Casino Market company collaborating with the advanced developer agencies providing turnkey online casino projects, including the White Label casinos.

White Label Features

Ultimately, a renowned company takes on a start-up: shares its customers with the affiliate partner, places new online casino at the widely promoted website, advertises the new project, and gives enormous opportunities for successful activity.

In most cases, White Label casinos do not really experience any worries about the organization of their own brand and simply replace the logo with an individual one. Anyway they have the right to completely change design, rules and bet systems in order to attract new players.

The White Label format allows the new gaming facility to quickly win the popularity among users and collect own client base due to a number of qualities:

  • a professionally created resource;
  • gambling license;
  • quality software;
  • popular game package from leading developers;
  • integrated payment systems;
  • expert technical support.

A Turnkey Online Casino Solution Worth Your Money

The White Label scheme is advantageous to all members of a game triangle:

  1. A mother company receives a monthly fee for online casino usage. Plus by exercising its rights to create a White Label casino and customize website services, a software vendor kills two birds with one stone: it makes direct sales of own product and increases its visibility.
  2. The usage of the software, cash system, and support system provided by the parent resource grants the adequate quality level of a casino. White Label company simply controls all the processes and collects profits because all the responsibility and performance of crucial tasks lies with the mother casino. Compared to other options the White Label solution considerably saves the beginner’s budget.
  3. A player benefits by enjoying a more flexible system of bonuses, shares, and rewards.

So as to sum up, a White Label project is a sure way to a successful start even with the minimal seed funding. Realizing the potential of such service the Online Casino Market company provides turnkey online casino software and ready-made websites of a high standard to give its customers a truly effective tool in conquering the gambling market.

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Karen Fill


Karen Fill

Gambling business expert at Online Casino Market

Updated 17 december 2019