Where Will Blockchain be in-demand in 3-5 years? Experts Express Their Opinion at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus

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Updated 13 december 2019

On November 30, Limassol (Cyprus) hosted Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus, an event dedicated to cryptocurrencies, blockchain and ICO. Conference participants discussed global aspects of economy tokenization, integration of decentralized technologies in Cyprus as well as practical points of blockchain development and investments.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus 2017

The conference brought together more than 200 participants: entrepreneurs (including those planning to launch an ICO), founders of blockchain startups, developers, investors, lawyers, financial experts, traders and marketing specialists. 14 speakers made presentations, and 15 companies presented their blockchain-based solutions. Besides, participants attended a discussion about the latest blockchain trends and a pitch session involving all exhibitors.

Conference’s Key Topics and Prominent Figures

Participants focused on global issues related to blockchain technology features, its application in various sectors and its impact on economy. Kambiz Djafari, CEO and Co-founder of Edgecoin.io, analyzed the Ethereum system and ERC20 tokens. He introduced the examples of the best-known ERC20 tokens (EOS, OmiseGO, Populous, Augur, Golem) and explained how to apply them in their own systems. Besides, he reviewed a way of tokenization influencing the economy in 2017 and suggested that it would be used in education, legislation and logistics in 2018. Ismail Malik also delved into tokens, speaking on the topic: Crypto tokens and tokenization.

Marc Kenigsberg, Founder of BitcoinChaser, followed up conversation about tokens. He talked about sectors that would apply blockchain in the near future (from government control to tourism and rest, as well as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things). He stressed that the blockchain industry would soon provide a range of supporting services and new professions that we could not even imagine like the Internet established the hosting, cyber security and web design industry.

Rytis Bieliauskas, Chief Technology Officer at CoinGate, focused on non-financial aspects of blockchain application. He believes that technology has a promising future in such areas as streaming (online broadcasting of videos), data storage, domain name systems, computer security, crowdfunding platforms and online markets. Rytis noted that Kickstarter and eBay fees were 15-20%, while their decentralized analogues charged 0-1% fee. This fact give the latter a distinct advantage on the market.

The conference also involved Josh Scigala (CEO at Vaultoro.com), Theodosis Mourouzis (UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies), Bogdan Maslesa (Founder of Universal Crypto), Vladimirs Remi (Senior Advisor at fincobit.capital) and other specialists engaged in development and integration of blockchain solutions.

Exhibition and Pitch Session of Exhibitors 

The event included an exhibition area, allowing 15 development companies to present their products: cryptocurrency exchange services, payment systems, trading platforms and platforms for creating blockchain ecosystems. All exhibitors told the audience about their projects during a pitch session. 

Smile-Expo expresses its gratitude to conference sponsors:

  • YoBit.Net (Bag Sponsor): a cryptocurrency exchange;
  • CoinTraffic (Badge Sponsor): a network for blockchain project promotion;
  • Naga (Platinum Sponsor): a service for financial market operations;
  • LH-Crypto (Сonference Sponsor): a platform for online trading on global financial markets;
  • AppCoins (Gold Sponsor): an app store protocol;
  • Money Market Group (General Media Partner): a trading blockchain platform. 

Cyprus at the Cutting Edge of Bockchain Technologies

Cyprus is a country where cryptocurrencies and blockchain are adopted by both society and government: the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) is going to shift digital payments to blockchain in the nearest time. Private cryptocurrency companies are also based in Cyprus: Cryptency trading platform, Authenta Trade exchange, Bitcoinmagazine, Hello Group crypto ATM provider and others.

A lot of Cyprus citizens are traders and cryptocurrency holders. By the way, there are also entrepreneurs who are going to integrate blockchain into their own businesses. Therefore, Smile-Expo, an international company constantly investigating trends and looking for new platforms for events, has chosen Cyprus as one of the countries to host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference. According to organizers, their team has already held 15 conferences of this series attended by approximately 8000 people in 2017 and is going to conduct 20 events in 2018, covering such countries as Africa, Israel, South Korea and the Philippines.

You can find more information about Smile-Expo projects on the company website smileexpo.ru/en/.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 13 december 2019