Where is Online Gambling Legal in the EU? The Online Casino Market Expert Answers

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16 october 2019

Gambling regulations is probably the most complicated topic in the entire sphere to cover. They are all individual for each country and can differ a lot even within it (the US states). When it concerns gambling in the European Union, things don’t get less sophisticated. With over 25 nations, it includes, each has special regulations, prohibitions, restrictions, and banning. It’s impossible to cover all of them in-depth unless you consult an expert attorney and spend hours researching each of the issues.

However, Online Casino Market offers you to take a look at the most popular jurisdictions where it is possible to start your own online gambling platform.

Online gambling in the European Union (EU)

Analyzing the State of Online Gambling in the EU

No country in the European Union cares much about what you do as an individual member. A few bets and several hours spent with slot machines don’t really influence the state of the gambling on the territory. However, as soon as you decide to enter the market, that’s where the problems begin to emerge.

First of all, some countries prohibit any private attempts to establish a gambling business except for the existing state-based monopolies. At the same time, other states open their markets for any enterprise, thus creating a healthy competition. The logic is simple – monopolies create zero possibilities of choice for the people, making the local players search for the better variants online. Meanwhile, the countries with developed competition can offer its players unique gaming opportunities with enough decent choices.

What are the Countries That Offer Appealing Gambling Opportunities?

United Kingdom

This is the first option a lot of new European entrepreneurs resort to with the decision to start an online gambling platform. The local Gaming Commission formed a Gambling Act back in 2005 that allowed new operators to join the market and shape up their own business. The only three major objectives the entrepreneurs have to fulfil unconditionally are:

  • no crime and disorder should be noticed in the operators’ activity;
  • fair gambling is the only way to provide the services;
  • children and vulnerable identities should be restricted from gambling.

Another excellent opportunity for the businessmen who located their platforms in the UK is the ability to advertise their services on the premises of the country. During the popular sporting events, you must have noticed the betting ads popping everywhere on the banners during the break or even during the game itself.


Online gambling in Italy: what local authorities suggest

Up until 2010, the local authorities blocked all online gambling activities except two websites that were managed by the national organizations. That is a clear manifestation of old-fashioned monopoly restriction. The EU legal proceedings against the entrance of private establishments on the market, that were started back in 2003, eventually opened the doors for the businessmen to start their own gambling platforms on the territory on the country. Today, the local licensing committee is in charge of reviewing all the applications for licenses from everybody willing to begin operating in the country. Since that time, Italy became an appealing place for the new operators who are eager to start online casinos, betting stores, or any other gambling platform.


This is a popular European jurisdiction for sports betting establishments. All other gambling manifestations are prohibited in the country. At the same time, strict regulations make it extremely hard to get the betting license to start the business in the country. However, this doesn’t stop the locals from using online casino services and placing sports bets on different foreign platforms.


This country provides licensing services to the operators who are willing to start sports or horse betting platforms as well as online poker tables. All other gambling activities, particular slot machines, are banned in the country, so your website should not resemble an online casino. Moreover, in order to pass the registration process, you will have to go through strict authoritative inspection and not forget about any documents required by the regulations.

How do You Get Help in Organizing Your Gambling Business in the EU?

All in all, if you are eager to start an online gambling business on the territory of Europe, you must be well-informed about each country that can possibly provide licensing possibilities in the particular direction you are willing to follow. Contact the specialized attorney or professional companies, such as Online Casino Market, who offer turnkey business options and will eventually help you choose the proper jurisdiction and establish your platform with all regulations followed.


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