What Payment Gateway Supports Gambling Websites?

18 october 2018

We all know that gamblers leave an online casino if payments are made slowly and with difficulty. So it is obvious that if you want to open your own online gaming website, it is important to make the process of depositing and withdrawing of funds as fast and convenient as possible. What payments systems are now working with casinos, and which of them are better to install?

Payment gateways supporting gambling websites

It is absolutely correct to take care of the convenience of financial relations between casinos and players. Indeed, many users will never return to the gambling website where they had difficulties with the withdrawal of funds. Therefore, you need to deal with the customisation of payment channels already at the stage when you are choosing the online casino software.

Reasons for Problems to Turn Up

There are three main reasons:

  1. Players have provided false personal information.
  2. Unreliable payment operators are connected to the online gaming site.
  3. The casino carries out illegal activity.

With the first problem, you as an owner of a casino cannot do anything. The only way out is to explain players the significance of reliable data by using marketing tools. You can post the information on this subject in the FAQ section or send e-mails, or post pop-ups on the website.

Two other problems that we have mentioned above you really can sort out by yourself.

Choose Operators with a Good Reputation

Gamblers may not know that the payment operator works in a slipshod manner. But they see it on the online gaming site, trust your opinion, and make the transaction exactly via that “problematic” payment system.

Therefore, we recommend you to follow the rule “less is more” — do not install dubious payment systems on your gambling website, and if there appear constant problems with the already integrated casino solution — delete it without regrets.

Requirements for payment operators:

  1. Simple withdrawal. We have already mentioned how important it is that a user can withdraw money easily. The best operators take care of this and create an interface that allows you to carry out transactions in a few clicks.
  2. Fast payment processing. Delays make everyone nervous — owners, players, and customer support. It is almost as annoying as a freezing slot game. It is easy to trace the dependence: quick payments — the absence of problems for everyone.
  3. Low commission. Even if you do not care how much users will lose when they make deposits, the commission for the casino itself should be minimal. Before integrating the service on the gambling platform, make sure that all additional payments, conditions, and penalties (if any) are totally understandable, and payouts work without delays.
  4. Popularity. It is an important point with a geographical background. For example, Visa is one of the largest global operators. But in some countries, these cards are not used. Therefore, be sure to add to your website those companies that work in the place of living of your audience.

These four small requirements determine what payment gateway supports gambling websites. But sometimes it is also possible that the payment operator himself refuses to be your partner.

Take Care of All the Necessary Documents

Documents for payment systems

Unfortunately, in the gambling world, it is very easy to meet fraudsters. Payment operators are trying to protect themselves from their influence in every way and do not want their activities to be associated with casinos that operate illegally. All this is quite logical.

In practice, this state of affairs resulted in an unspoken rule — payment operators do not work with those casinos that do not have a gambling license. Therefore, if you do not have it, you should not be surprised if the payment system will refuse to cooperate.

In some countries, there is a rather strange situation — casinos have obtained licenses in offshore countries, and it seems that they have an official status. But from the point of view of the local legislation, they have no right to conduct their activities within the territory of the country. In this case, local operators also will not want to become your partner.

A similar situation exists in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. The solution is usually quite simple — to connect those international operators that recognise the legality of an offshore license.

If you decided to purchase a turnkey casino, then you will receive already built-in payment solutions and a sublicense automatically. In this case, you will have no problems with partners.

What Payment Gateway Supports Gambling Websites?

Moneygrator. It is a unique payment aggregator that combines various payment channels and was created specifically for online casinos. Its indisputable advantage is that with the help of Moneygrator, a gambling club can connect several operators at once simultaneously!

As a result, casino owners save both time and money for the installation of payment systems. Moneygrator also offers advantageous tariff plans for all channels: bank cards, transfers, E-wallets, mobile payments, and even vouchers. And for the most advanced users, it can offer bitcoin payments.

Click2pay. It is a relatively young operator that appeared in 2003. The company is registered in Berlin, specialises in electronic transactions, and pays a lot of attention to the security. At the same time, it allows customers to remain anonymous, and that is why many gamblers like it so much.

One of the interesting features of the registration is the mandatory verification in the phone-only mode. Clients will get a call from a Click2Pay employee, who will ask them a few questions. For casino owners, this eliminates one of the problems of communication — the confirmation of the player’s identity.

Among the disadvantages, we can name the absence of some languages ​​(for example, there is no Russian version).

Neteller. This system is known, probably, to everyone in the world of online gaming. Many users prefer Neteller because it works even where other systems fail. With this payment operator, you can pay for many goods and services. And besides, it has developed the most simple and intuitive interface.

Neteller payment platform

Another advantage of Neteller is its registration in the offshore zone. For online casinos, it means the failure of some local laws since the operator is actually subject to the jurisdiction of the Isle of Man. Even if you work in a country where casino games are prohibited (and have a license from another country), Neteller will still cooperate with you.

Webmoney. We can describe this company as a non-standard financial operator that is not registered in any country of the world as a payment system. It is interesting that WebMoney operates with title signs, which are not equal to electronic money.

That is why WebMoney has become so popular — it allows anyone to transfer funds from any part of the world without the necessity to have a bank card of a legitimate bank.

Transactions are carried out automatically and instantly, and payments cannot be recalled. That is the secret of the popularity of the system in the gambling world.

Skrill. This company (also known as Moneybookers) was established in 2003 and specialises in the field of sports betting and the support of online casinos.

However, the service was so convenient that it quickly began to be used in other areas. Today, it is a full-fledged payment system that operates in one hundred seventy countries!

Visa. It is an international payment service that is used in almost every online casino. Its distinctive feature is the highest level of reliability, and it is used in more than two hundred countries of the world. The system is extremely popular and therefore it is highly recommended to install.

MasterCard. Large casinos choose MasterCard as one of the market leaders. The operator guarantees the highest level of security and the high quality of the service.

Customers of MasterCard do not have problems with the transfer of funds to online casinos. But there is a significant disadvantage — the high price for those who use it, i.e. commission fees.

Integration of Payment Systems into the Website

Integration of payment systems into an online casino

Now you know which payment systems are the most popular with online gambling establishments. You can follow the link and find out more about business terms and conditions of these operators.

The next issue that you have to resolve is how to integrate payment systems into your online gaming site. We recommend you to make use of Online Casino Market services. Specialists of this company can install payment scripts quickly and easily, and also test and solve problems that may arise.

It is possible to get qualified assistance in the process of integration of payment systems by contacting managers of Online Casino Market in any way that is convenient to you:

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18 october 2018