What is a Turnkey Casino Platform or How to Raise a Profitable Online Gambling Business?

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27 july 2018

Why a Turnkey Casino Platform is Required for You?

Thinking of growing your online gambling casino business, but have no clue where to kick off? First of all, you should get a clear understanding of the «turnkey casino solution» and «online casino platform» definitions. Both of these terms are related to the acquisition manner of the complete online casino business from one software provider, which will allow launching your gambling business immediately.

What is a turnkey casino platform

By the online casino platforms gambling professionals mean the number of technical tools to operate this kind of business, which includes set of already existing games, a full stack of programs for online casino websites, inbuilt and trustful payment systems and exceptional first class professional support. What is a turnkey casino platform and who will be the most relevant provider?

To avoid any kind of issues or complexities and run your business smoothly gaming experts usually give the recommendation for operators to acquire a complete platform from a single vendor like Online Casino Market.

Working with Online Casino Market you will have the possibility to have your casino made on the powerful platforms like Casexe and Slotegrator.

Also, we will provide you with the list of advantages that will be available for you:

A fast kick off

It demands months not days to complete all the rounds imperative for a turnkey online business, but with the ready platform, you can accelerate this process. During a quick period, you can get a well-equipped and functioning business that generates profit.


It is not a simple mission to open an online casino. For the business owners, there is a need to complete millions of important tasks. If you buy a turnkey casino solution, it will dismiss you from all these troubles and the third party firm will be in charge of such issues.

Cost-effective investment

iGaming business opening is very costly. Purchasing already set casino business is a great alternative, which will help you to save significant resources and money funds, which should be invested into the business development instead.

Reliable provider

Reliable gambling provider

If you made a decision to acquire a ready to go gaming solution, it will require the cooperation with a reputable service vendor. The last one is supposed to handle all obligations, advice and constantly consult you.

Permission and documentation

To name the most crucial point of starting a casino is to obtain the special license. This process may be far from time and cost-effective. The turnkey casino platform providers such as Casexe will be responsible for the acquiring license in the legitimate jurisdiction.

It’s simple to be brandy

To identify your business is another challenge you may face. If you choose to start with a turnkey platform it will simplify this task. In this case, you just need to choose the name, logo and become a new player in this niche.

Stay on the safe side

Turnkey casino software vendors are experienced in all kind of payments method, your job is to pick the most appropriate, safe and trustful one. Today a bigger number of online casino owners are choosing bitcoin as the main currency for their casino. At Online Casino Market, you can order the bitcoin casino and if the iGaming platform accepts deposits in bitcoins only, this dismisses you from the license obtaining. It makes the process of starting a new business much easier.

How to Engage a Trustworthy Provider?

Now once you understand what a turnkey casino platform is, the right time comes to look for the software vendors, who offer ready platforms and chose the reliable one. An important step of the selection is the engagement of the audience with the gaming platform. It is crucial to secure the variety of the games to attract the right traffic to your online resource. Successful gambling platform is supposed to maintain seamless integration and include all the most known casino games.

Successful gambling platform

When choosing your turnkey online casino provider it is very crucial to pay a special attention to the technical package and agreement conditions. The ability to set up and use the back office at your convenience is an important key to success. Also, check the software reliability to ensure that the provider you are dealing with guarantees a good security policy: antivirus system together with hack protection are the key indicators here.

Try to think in advance about future business growth, probably you may require to add some additional features or functions. You may check it with your potential distributor whether it is would be feasible to add them later on.

Is it Time to Proceed With Your Online Casino Business?

Online Casino Market can help newbies by presenting the individual solution based on Casexe and Slotegrator platforms, which enables the software authorization, the gaming-related processes, make the offer the optimal payment system to perform your own casino website based on a well-organized turnkey foundation.

Written by

Karen Fill

Gambling business expert at Online Casino Market

27 july 2018