VR Casino: What Future Awaits the Gambling Industry

1. VR Casino: What is it

2. Why Casinos With Virtual Reality are Special

3. When Will VR Casino Become Widespread?

4. VR Accessories: Potential Problems of Development

5. Virtual Reality Casino Development

6. Virtual Reality Casino Software: Main Providers

The further, the more modern opportunities influence the gambling industry. Experts agree that VR casinos are the future in this sphere. VR gadgets are predicted to become more affordable and demanded, therefore upcoming perspectives of the virtual reality casino are hard to overestimate.

VR (Virtual reality)

What is meant under «virtual reality»? This technology gives an opportunity of the fictional worlds reconstruction in virtual space, which can be experienced with eyes and ears. Nowadays, large-scale researches are conducted in the sphere of transferring touch and even smell.

Main pitch of the technology is that range of its use is almost unlimited. Any type or format — the only restriction is developer’s imagination. At the moment VR gambling begins to take its own features, so everyone can take part in forming and improving VR casino.

Modern producers actively master new opportunities, for prospects of the direction became more than obvious. AR format (augmented reality), which interests numerous land-based casinos, is also worth mentioning. By means of this technology can be created a mixed reality with elements of virtual graphic in live space. Due to such possibilities operators can attract new users and emphasize the project among competitors.

VR Casino: What is it

Virtual reality casino — is institution, which was created according to technical specification and allows gambler to dive into the game process for 100% by means of specialized equipment. It`s not just some intermediate stage, connecting reality with online gambling. VR casino — is what destroys any templates and creates new, unknown earlier borders.

There are no frameworks in the virtual reality casino. Speaking about land-based casino, here are restrictions on territory, problems with planning and state rules, gambling software. For its part, VR format is restricted only with imagination of the developer.

VR — is a messenger from the future, and it’s an obvious fact. If earlier technologies only tapped on our doors, now they bang at full strength. The operator, who first integrates the virtual reality casino software into his platform, in future will dictate his own rules to the market.

Advantages of VR casino:

  • maximal realism (sense of direct presence);
  • possibility to cooperate with other participants;
  • new impressions from old gamblings;
  • wide perspectives for developing and implementing the bravest ideas.

Why Casinos With Virtual Reality are Special

Gambler will need special gadgets for the game — VR-helmet and VR-glasses. Almost all IT-giants have presented their production: Samsung released Gear VR, HTC — Vive. But the best recognized product at the moment is Oculus Rift.

VR gadgets (glasses) for a casino

Development of the virtual reality casino software shall be stated separately. Matter specialists shall be involved in implementing such projects. In comparison with classical internet casino we deal with an absolutely different algorithm, which differs in almost everything.

Virtual reality casino creation is a deep and tense process, with incredibly wide range of works. Embodiment of all processes takes four times more than for a regular gambling online project. But developers promise to reduce terms in the nearest future. Corresponding tendencies can already be seen.

When Will VR Casino Become Widespread?

At the moment we can see the technological progress moving towards that the virtual reality technologies will be soon used in almost all spheres of human lives. They are used in medicine (improvement skills for difficult operations, etc.), education (practice shows, that interactive lessons are more effective). Architecture, automotive industry, military science and other spheres — already today VR possibilities are used everywhere.

Gambling industry is perfect for modern opportunities, for future of gambling is oriented on VR and AR. The faster market participants get used to this thought, the faster new era of gambling will come.

In the next two-three years is predicted an essential shift in this direction. And beginning from 2020, virtual reality casino will become a mass phenomenon. Concrete terms depend on operators, owners and regulators.

The last ones can create artificial barriers. On the other hand, considering relevant situation, nobody`s going to interfere with others. SlotsMillion proves it. It’s the first project in the world, which operates on VR, and has successfully received the Maltese license. Though, to be fair, we’ll note that this casino provides service without VR technology.

VR Accessories: Potential Problems of Development

Sceptics claim that necessity in buying a specialised gadget will become a serious stumbling rock in development of the industry. Though, on looking at the market, we can see how fast competition grows among producers. More and more IT companies start creating products for various classes and price segments. So, we can expect soon ceasing of price for virtual reality devices, wider range and, as a result — mass character.

What happens today to VR can be compared to the first touch smartphones. Just remember, how many people said, that a device can’t function without buttons. And now what? Push button phones are almost forgotten. Virtual reality — is a technology in such great demand, that equipment for VR-content consumption definitely won’t become an obstacle for its development.

In the future we’ll watch equipment optimizing and improving. Speaking about VR casino, everything is in the marketers hands. Their task will be to convince consumers, that the virtual reality casino — is really cool.

It should also be taken into account, that VR-helmet and glasses can be used not only for gambling. Films, video games, education — virtual reality spreads everywhere. So, a potential consumer can buy a device for education, and in result can find out, that he can play poker somewhere in space or visit a club with slots at a skyfall roof. As you see, stars themselves favour VR casino to open a new stage of gambling development.

Virtual Reality Casino Development

If future operator decides to buy virtual reality casino, he must be aware that virtual reality casino development is an expensive pleasure and will cost at least twice as much, as realization of a regular online casino. To realize such project a number of powerful and, in separate cases, unique resources must be involved, including matter specialists and technologies.

One shall also realize, that virtual reality casino software development takes much more time (of course, if we’re talking about an advanced and developed project).

What in result receives an operator, who integrated virtual reality casino software to his platform or ordered virtual reality casino development from scratch? The answer is obvious — direct way to the brighter tomorrow. Just look how society accepted any innovation: television, computers, smartphones…

Revising milestones of the gambling world development:

  • Online casino, having appeared in 1999, became really widespread only decade after.
  • Live casino — in the beginning everybody said, that it’s inconvenient, impractical, translation fails. In result casino with live dealers — is one of the most perspective and interesting directions.
  • Spread of mobile slots versions. «What do you mean, playing on small screens?» — they said. This is what. By 2018 expected income part of the mobile gambling — 44% of online casino income total amount. What other questions can you have?

Do you remember outright incredulity and neglect, with which players and businessman perceived innovations? Maybe it’s time to learn from other’s experience?

Virtual Reality Casino Software: Main Providers

Let’s see, who has already presented gambling-products in virtual reality.

  • Microgaming

Real pioneers, who stood in the vanguard of developers, and began creating games for VR casino. In winter 2016 at the ICE Totally Gaming exhibition Microgaming were awarded for the top roulette in virtual reality. Today this team actively works on a number of unique projects — in the nearest future they promise to blow up the gambling industry.

VR roulette from Microgaming

Microgaming — is a supplier, who is credible. In due time the company has already managed to outdo sceptics, having concentrated on mobile gambling. So, if Microgaming does something, this means they know more, than we do.

  • NetEnt

Jack’s 3D World from NetEnt — is a video slot in virtual reality. In the game developers have realized not only full-fledged VR worlds, but also volume atmospheric sound. Sound producers made every effort to release a qualitative product, which gives unforgettable feelings.

  • CasExe

On evaluating huge perspectives of the niche, CasExe one of first began to offer the service on creating VR casino. Inspired with research results and having analyzed the situation, the company developed a unique offer, by means of which operators will have opportunity to occupy the niche before others.

As a result, CasExe has developed a separate department, which possesses powerful additional resources and technical base. The staff was completed with matter specialists in VR- and AR- technologies, which allows the gambling-service provider not only to provide innovative services, but also conduct own unique researches.

At client's request, CasExe can create a separate VR casino, or provide software for installing online institution to the already existing platform.

There’s no need in building walls against future, and the faster gambling business realizes it, the faster will be able to fix in it.