VR Casino Launch in 2024: A New Level of Entertainment Content

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Updated 13 july 2023

The online media Statista predicts that by 2025 the global virtual reality market will reach over $22 billion. The lion's share of all VR projects will be associated with gambling.

VR casino prospects

Gaming is open to technological advances. Progressive audiences are interested in entertainment, and providers have tremendous experience in creating innovative content.

The Online Casino Market team explains why it is worth opening a VR casino today. You will learn which software to choose and what nuances to pay special attention to.

Virtual Reality in Gambling

Virtual and augmented reality technologies are actively gaining popularity in many sectors of the economy: trade, recruiting, tourism and, of course, gambling.

VR is a fictional world created artificially with the help of digital-type systems. It combines many technologies and innovative solutions.

Many people do not see the difference between virtual and augmented reality, but it exists. VR is a fantasy world drawn using computer tools. On the contrary, only some individual elements are added to the AR environment.

Content playback is possible due to the use of special equipment and broadband Internet.

The history of VR began in 2014 when the American company Oculus presented the first Oculus Rift headset in Los Angeles. Over time, the provider's product range was replenished with glasses, consoles, headphones, and 3D controllers. Other companies began to develop similar devices.

Today, affordable solutions are released by:

  • Apple;
  • Samsung;
  • Oculus;
  • HTC;
  • Valve;
  • Sony;
  • Google;
  • Leap Motion, and many other brands.

What is a VR Casino?

Investing in virtual reality content is becoming one of the critical iGaming trends of the decade. That is why more entrepreneurs are paying attention to it.

VR casino is a 3D gaming portal created by graphic designers and programmers. The digitised halls have tables for roulette, poker, and other card games. A good selection of slot machines with built-in RNG and multiplayer entertainment options exists.

Access to content is carried out through a special application. Gamblers interact using a headset (glasses, controllers, etc.).

Consider the features of VR casinos:

  1. Full immersion into the gambling process. Visitors to the resource can follow the actions of opponents and croupiers, throw chips and cards, and spin the roulette wheel.
  2. Maximum authenticity of the play. Software providers create detailed gaming halls, realistic slot machines, and 3D recreational locations. All actions on the screen are accompanied by high-quality soundtracks. The VR casino guarantees direct and immediate interaction with other players.
  3. Massive audience engagement. The technology makes it possible to hold major international poker tournaments, launch large-scale promotions, and organise seasonal missions. Many sites provide in-game chats where gamblers communicate with each other and share experiences and results.

How to Create a Casino with VR Technology

The launch of a casino with VR technology

Investors are actively interested in virtual reality, and most initiative businessmen are already creating projects.


An operator needs permission to run a VR casino. Leading regulators do not set additional requirements for virtual reality projects. The list of demands is standard for the gambling business:

  • reliability and impeccable reputation of the applicant;
  • company registration, the opening of a physical office and bank account;
  • the provision of a financial guarantee;
  • the availability of quality certificates for content;
  • the addition of responsible gaming mechanisms, etc.

Entrepreneurs can obtain licences from Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom, Romania, and the Isle of Man. These are the most popular jurisdictions for launching and promoting a VR resource.

Gaming Platform

This is the base on which additional components are subsequently installed — content, payment services, and security software.

The basic requirements for the gaming platform are as follows:


VR projects take up a lot of space on servers, PCs, or mobile devices. For this reason, only gadgets with a solid amount of RAM are suitable for play.

To avoid technical failures during the round, operators should buy high-quality and certified software.

It must withstand maximum loads, provide impeccable 3D visualisation, and a fast multiplayer game

Excellent security

Most existing VR casinos use SSL encryption. Additional security options include biometric identification and distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Entrepreneurs should pay attention to the safety of users during sessions. In the VR space, players can face the active moves of opponents or game characters.

All these points need to be considered, and their consequences should be mitigated. For example, by instantly exiting the game or temporarily stopping rounds

Cross-platform support

Most often, gamers make bets from mobile devices. The software used should easily adapt to the parameters of gadgets. It also must be compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone operating platforms

Payment System

The key requirement for settlement software is support for instant transactions. An ideal option is if the gamer does not need to leave the round to replenish the account but just make a few hand movements.

The following functions fit perfectly into VR casinos:

  • 1-Tap — one-touch payment;
  • NFC — contactless transfers with wireless data transfer technology.

Thanks to 1-Tap and NFC, it is possible to instantly deposit money, bypassing numerous stages of verification and filling out payment forms. The punter actually stays in the game without leaving the fantastic virtual environment. Everything happens as quickly and safely as possible.

User Interface

When opening a VR casino site, a gambler already enters a three-dimensional digital space. The user is literally inside a carefully rendered world. For this reason, the classic placement of control buttons (for registering, replenishing an account, launching slot reels, etc.) is not entirely rational and convenient for the visitor.

The pop-up menu would be the best choice. Here, the required icons seem to randomly hang in front of the users' eyes and then disappear when the clients select commands.

By default, a VR casino is distinguished by high-quality graphics drawn to the smallest detail, three-dimensional images, and saturated colours. Therefore, there is no need to put additional emphasis on the menu. It is better to give preference to a laconic design in neutral colours.

In-Game Tools

If VR operators want to compete with the real world, then the communication functions of an iGaming site must be optimised as much as possible. The addition of a chat would be a great choice. The audience will be able to communicate, share experiences and results, as well as exchange gifts.

In-game tools (bonuses, rewards, free spins, leaderboards, etc.) need to be adapted to the design of a casino. The random appearance of a present can be supplemented with bright volumetric animation and a specific melody, for example, the sound of falling coins.

The Variety of Entertainment Content

The variety of VR casino entertainment software

VR casinos are dominated by 3 types of products:

  • slot machines;
  • table games with built-in RNG;
  • content with live dealers.

The listed entertainment options fit best into the concept of virtual reality. They provide the necessary balance between game mechanics and the visual appeal of products.

Notable Software Developers

VR content is created by both well-known iGaming companies and new studios:


The Swedish provider has released the first VR slot — Starburst, dedicated to the classic jewellery theme.

A little later, the manufacturer presented Gonzo’s Quest and Scarface and also re-released the popular slot machine Jack and the Beanstalk, adding VR effects.

NetEnt’s products are characterised by surround sound and an abundance of cartoon inserts


The company entered the VR market in 2016. It introduced virtual roulette as part of ICE Totally Gaming. The novelty received rave reviews from punters and B2B partners. It also brought the provider a long-awaited victory in the Innovation of the Year category.

Microgaming's VR roulette is marked by excellent graphics. Gamblers can interact with chips, start spinning the wheel, and follow the actions of opponents at the table from different angles

NextGen Gaming

The most famous video slot from the Australian developer is Foxin' Wins. The provider focused on impressive graphics. It added bright animations and user-friendly controls.

The main characters of Foxin' Wins are funny reynards who are looking for gold coins. They get into various troubles


The range of the young Ukrainian studio does not include many games. The company focused on innovation and was one of the first to launch themed VR slots.

The company's most famous machine is the Necromancer. It features impressive graphics and animation, several gaming locations, and surround sound. The product is dedicated to All Saints' Day

Mega Particle

The American firm has created a cross-platform environment for VR Poker with multiplayer competitions and branded promotions.

Mega Particle offers over 10 thousand options for personalising content (creating avatars, new locations, sweepstakes, etc.). The software supports fast cash games and tournaments with accumulative prize pools

The Features of Content for VR Casinos

The virtual reality market is only gaining momentum. However, it is already easy to determine how this content differs from other types of entertainment:

  1. Amazing graphics. The creation of the most realistic image and its physical and emotional perception by the user is in the first place. The gambler seems to get into the IMAX cinema — such a high-quality three-dimensional image is provided by the technology.
  2. Short gaming sessions. The average duration of stay in the virtual space is 20–25 minutes. After that, the user has fatigue caused by extremely active gameplay. Developers need to alternate active action rounds with contests and mini-sessions that take place at a more relaxed pace.
  3. Special requirements for the interface. In the VR environment, everything has a slightly convex shape, which makes the image more realistic. For this reason, relevant information about the game (for example, the number of free spins, balance, available rounds) is better placed in the centre, in front of the user's eyes, and not on the side or in the bottom corner. In order not to clutter up the playing space, information can be dosed (shown as flashes or flickers).
  4. Powerful stereo system. The sound quality in VR slots can be compared to the acoustics in cinemas. The use of special headsets provides haptic feedback during each spin.

The Equipment for VR Resources

The future of virtual reality depends on how quickly top companies create affordable gadgets.

Today, the average cost of a headset is €100. Both expensive products and affordable options are available to consumers. There are also many Chinese analogues on the market. However, in terms of their technical characteristics, they are inferior to the original models.

What equipment to buy for a VR casino:

  • Oculus Rift. The headset is lightweight. It has a large viewing angle and has built-in earphones. The product has one external sensor to track the movements of the gamer. This feature is useful during multiplayer tournaments when you need to watch both your cards and the actions of your opponents at the table. The price of the device varies between $330-370.
  • VR gear. The branded glasses from Samsung are considered a budget option. The cost of the headset is $95-110. The glasses sync seamlessly with Samsung smartphones, making them a great option for mobile gambling. The viewing angle of both lenses is 101 degrees. The solution is also equipped with a powerful controller.
  • Vive. This is a professional VR headset from the developer HTC. The product includes 2 screens with 4K resolution, a built-in camera, 2 controllers, and 2 additional stations for tracking head turns and body movements in space. The cost of the headset is $600-700. The solution is suitable for professional players.
  • Pimax4k. The Chinese analogue of Vive costs two times cheaper than the original from HTC — $300. It supports 4K resolution and has 2 independent screens to transmit a complete image without pixel noise.

The Main Things about Launching an iGaming Start-Up with VR Games

The use of virtual reality in gambling is one of the main trends of the coming decade.

  • VR casino is a 3D gambling establishment. It is dominated by slots, table games, and live dealer entertainment solutions. The content is characterised by voluminous graphics, powerful special effects, and impeccable sound.
  • Good software ensures the attraction of the audience and complete immersion in the process. The gamer seems to be in a real gambling hall — the developers create such a realistic image.
  • To open a VR casino, an entrepreneur will need a licence, a payment system, and effective in-game tools. Among the main requirements for the platform are high performance, cross-platform support, and security.
  • As payment solutions, operators can use 1-Tap (one-touch payment) and contactless transfers with NFC technology. They are characterised by the maximum speed of operations, good security, and simplified verification.
  • Certified content for VR casinos is produced by NetEnt, Microgaming, NextGen Gaming, EvoPay, Mega Particle, and other providers. The products feature amazing graphics, powerful stereo systems, and short gaming sessions.

You can buy a ready-made VR resource at the Online Casino Market studio. We offer a modern platform with a complete entertainment catalogue.

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