Transparency and Protection of iGaming Projects: the Best Security Tools in 2021

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Updated 20 may 2021

People who are ready to spend a lot of money playing casino games want to be confident in the honesty of the gambling establishment because, unfortunately, online fraud is not uncommon.

Transparency and protection of casinos: security tools

How can operators prove their honesty and guarantee customers safe gameplay? You can find out more about the tools that help entrepreneurs to control the gameplay and the ways to increase the level of loyalty of the audience from the article prepared by Online Casino Market experts.

Operation under a Licence

A gambling permit is a special document confirming the right of businessmen to run a casino. The possession of a licence is one of the main criteria that prove the honesty of casino owners.

The certificate assumes that the provider adheres to the following rules:

  • cooperation with official vendors (only certified content should be offered on the gaming site);
  • provision of the reliable protection and storage of user data;
  • professional customer support and resolution of controversial issues with the participation of the authority that issued a permit.

An information summary on the availability of a licence, its number, and validity period should be published in a special section of the gaming site or at the bottom of the main page so that casino visitors can personally check the compliance of the documents.

Top 5 Countries that Issue Licences for iGaming Projects in 2021

When choosing the licensor, it is recommended to pay attention to the following factors:

  • geolocation and access to popular sales markets;
  • business rates;
  • availability of benefits for local and foreign investors;
  • the economic situation in the country;
  • relevance of the legal framework, etc.

The Online Casino Market team has prepared a list of the best foreign offshore jurisdictions where entrepreneurs can legalise casino projects in 2021:

  1. Malta. The regulator issues a permit for all types of gambling commerce, including licences for the supply of gambling products and related services (it can be obtained by the developers, outsourcing companies, etc.). The tax rate depends on the type of document and ranges from 0.5% to 5% of the net turnover.
  2. Australia. 8 independent regulators are operating in the country that issue work permits for both online and land-based sectors. Regardless of the chosen instance, operators must provide the agency with a package of standard-issue documents and pay a specific duty.
  3. Curacao. The local regulator issues a general licence for all types of gambling. Moreover, entrepreneurs can issue a full cycle permit and provide their subsidiaries or partners with sublicences.
  4. The Isle of Man. Investors can obtain a permit for offering all types of gambling services if they follow several rules: the presence of a resident among the founders, the mandatory registration of a legal address in the offshore country, and the payment of a set fee to the public treasury. The percentage of deductions depends on the annual turnover of the company.
  5. Belgium. The jurisdiction issues 7 types of licences, including a document that allows casino owners to organise sweepstakes on TV and via mobile phones. The validity period of these permits is one of the largest in the world — 15 years.

Independent Audit

Casino audit services from independent agencies

Another way to prove the reliability of a casino is to order audit services from independent agencies.

The most respected iGaming regulatory bodies in 2021


The independent international organisation that specialises in the verification and controls whether casino operators meet the legal standards

iTech Labs

The agency for testing gambling software and certification of games based on RNG algorithms


This industry regulator works with companies that obtained a permit in Curacao

Licensor authorities

You can order audit and compliance control services from the authorised body that issues licences

Software vendors

Software vendors themselves are interested in monitoring the legality of the work of casino operators. Before connecting the certified content, a mandatory verification of the gambling establishment is carried out by the supplier's staff

MD5 Hashing Algorithms

The game fairness testing technology based on MD5 instruments is a versatile automated data conversion and storage tool.

Since 2020, it has been widely used in the gambling industry to check the fairness of the outcome of any game, including slots with RNG.

Features and benefits of cryptographic algorithms:

  1. User involvement. Gamblers are directly involved in the generation of a pseudo-random combination of numbers. The program is launched even before the session starts, makes a list of combinations, encrypts it, and transfers to special storage.
  2. The level of security. Hashed information blocks cannot be changed — even if one element is being replaced, the code line is completely transformed. Neither the administration of the gambling establishment nor users have access to the saved combination until the end of the game session. Moreover, the block is protected by a personal password, without entering which it is impossible to obtain a decrypted chain of symbols that appeared during the round.
  3. Independent control. The list of appeared values ​​can be checked only after the end of the game by comparing the combination of the algorithm with the session history or using third-party services. Operators cannot affect the verification process since they do not have access to the system.
  4. Security of personal data. The program is intended only for checking the game sequences. The user's strategy, the size of deposits made, and the personal data of casino visitors remain private information that does not affect the operation of the algorithm.

Having an independent interactive control tool is a great way to improve your brand image and increase the level of loyalty of the audience.

Protection of the HTTPS Network Connection

SSL network security certificates are a popular tool that can increase the level of confidence of gamblers, which allows operators not only to guarantee the protection of user and financial data but also greatly improves the indexing performance of a casino website in search results. Moreover, the decision to work with HTTPS protocols increases the speed of data exchange by up to 30%.

The task of the protocol is to ensure complete confidentiality of information exchange between the gaming site and its visitors.

The program has 3 levels of protection:

  1. Data encryption. All transmitted information is converted into a code line using 128-bit hashing algorithms. The data is reliably protected against leakage since the generated blocks cannot be read without a special key.
  2. Data storage. The information is stored in an encrypted form. The system instantly records any changes in the incoming data and all cases of interaction, including regular requests from the staff of the gambling establishment.
  3. Authentication. The system conducts mandatory data reconciliation in order to exclude the redirection of customers to third-party external addresses.

The Reputation of the iGaming Brand on the Internet

It is possible to assess the level of reliability of a gaming site not only with the help of specialised algorithms.

To check the operator's work, it is worth paying attention to the following nuances:

  • reviews of partners and customers (some casinos deliberately increase the number of positive reviews);
  • the volume of the user information (FAQ sections, customer agreements, terms of participation in games, etc.);
  • availability of multi-currency payment modules and their detailed description;
  • the level of security of verification on the website;
  • availability of information on a gambling licence;
  • guarantees of the quality of customer service.

The more information on the work of the casino there is and the more accessible it is, the higher is the level of trust of gamblers.

The Main Things about Casino Reliability and Security Control Services in 2021

Casino reliability and security control services

Casino owners are interested in demonstrating the transparency of the operation of their gaming sites. The more tools for assessing the fairness of games are presented on the platform, the higher is the level of loyalty of customers.

The most reliable guarantees of the honesty of an internet casino:

  • A gambling licence. The purchase of an official permit allows operators to work within the legal framework and enjoy the support of the licensor in case there are any disputes.
  • MD5 algorithms. Cryptographic data conversion services make it possible to independently assess the fairness of the game without turning to the casino administration.
  • Network security. HTTPS protocols not only guarantee the complete security of user data but also have a positive effect on the indexing of the website in the rankings of search results.
The Online Casino Market team of specialists will help you to adapt your online casino to the requirements of local and foreign regulators, select modern security programs, and provide a startup with professional legal support.

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