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Updated 17 december 2019

The bot has all data that is necessary to bring millions of dollars to its developer and influence the growth of the industry. Searching bots are the most satisfactory evidence of this factor.

Bots in online gambling

Popular search systems like Google and Yandex have their own bots, which are responsible for indexlinking and web ranking. These programs work without lunch breaks and holidays. They scan contents of the pages and decide whether a website would be useful to the user or not.

SEO experts from all over the world do their best for these bots and try to make it possible for pages of the website to meet strict requirements of search systems. If there were no searching bots, the SEO industry would not exist.

You can buy a bot from the developers themselves or to use free programs in the messenger. If you are interested in the development of bots for the gambling business, we recommend you to contact Online Casino Market from which you will be able to order a bot or to rent software.

The Best Bots for Business

The list of top bots for online business is constantly changing. New bots developed by providers for their own purposes appear. If the bot had coped with the task and helped the company's employees, its software can be sold afterwards.

Among free chat bots for business that may be of service to you are:

  • @egrul_bot. This bot saves you time needed to get to the administrative building and stand in a queue for a document issued by the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. You do not have to go anywhere. Write the identifying number of the taxpayer to the chat-bot, and he will send you the necessary document.
  • @pravorubot. It is your virtual lawyer, who can provide you with quick advice and find the necessary law or statement in codes of the Russian Federation. Also the chat-bot will help you to find a suitable lawyer nearby, wherever you are.
  • @confobot. This bot will be useful to those employees of the company who work remotely or are in different places. Chat-bot allows you to arrange audio conferences in group chats. It saves time on setting up the conference in Skype. Do not forget that Telegram is a safe messenger. Even if you begin to discuss a bank robbery, only participants of this plan will know the hinge of the conversation.
  • @metricsbot. A chat-bot which is very useful for owners of an online business. It collects statistics on your website from Google Analytics and shows it to you in a convenient format and a comfortable environment of the messenger. In order to use services of this bot you need simply to open access to the personal account in Google Analytics. Track traffic, watch demographic data on your visitors and analyze advertising campaigns — you can do all this having a chat with the bot.
  • @cbr_bot. It shows current exchange rates of the Central Bank. Also there is a possibility of converting any currency into rubles. The bot is very practical, because it saves time for searching a website of the Central Bank and the section "Exchange rates ".
  • @cryptobitbot. A bot that will show you the latest exchange rates for Bitcoin or Ethereum. This bot is very easy to use: just give him a command instruction “Start” and select the necessary action from the list. The information it provides is reliable and verified. If you have a bitcoin casino, it will be really worth connecting this bot.
  • @yandexwalletbot. This is a functional chat-bot for the Yandex.Money electronic wallet. The bot is suitable for casino operators, since it can be used to manage funds, post payments and receive confirmations.
  • @randombot. If you often create accounts on services, this bot will be useful for you. Use the bot to come up with a complicated password, get a random number or randomly perform any action. It is absolutely safe, no one will know about the results of randomization.
  • @mytelecloudbot. A bot for storing files and dividing them into groups. The program will help those users who work with a large amount of documents and files. Moreover, the bot does not have restrictions on the number and size of files: just load and sort them.
  • @fixmebot. With this bot your English texts will be well-formed. The bot will become your pocket spelling checker of foreign texts. He will check not only misspellings, but can also improve texts stylistically. If you have English-speaking clients, we recommend you to check the documents through this bot before sending them.

In short, Telegram offers many opportunities for developers. Do not forget that thanks to reliable encryption protocols, the messenger is fully protected. In many countries with strict censorship Telegram acts as the predominant channel of communication, a source of news and games. In this regard today the production of bots for this messenger is actively developing.

You can order the creation of a bot for your business on the website of Online Casino Market.

Development of Bots for Business

For the production of bots there is a wide choice of languages, frameworks and libraries.

Bots for a gambling business

The major languages ​​are known for the development of bots are the following ones:

  • Python;
  • Perl;
  • .NET;
  • Java.

In order to help programmers, experts have created a wide range of programs, which make life much easier.

There are also convenient applications needed to search for the necessary bots and the development:

  • Botlist and Bot Hunter (applications for searching bots);
  • (software for the human speech recognition);
  • (software for the creation of bots in messengers: hosting, necessary frameworks and the mechanism for the human speech recognition);
  • (a platform for the development of the artificial intellect for a bot);
  • (a recognition of languages for Facebook applications);
  • (software for scanning texts);
  • Charfuel (simple and affordable software needed for the creation of bots).

There are also several APIs where third-party developers can create and customize their bots. Each platform (Telegram, WeChat and Messenger) has its own API.

Telegram Casino

The creation of a game for the Telegram casino happens under the same principle as the development of bots for Telegram. The global difference, in which, in fact, lies the complexity of the Telegram casino, is the server connectivity. 

Development of bots for online gambling business

The chat-bot is just a kind of a shell. A specialist, who owns JavaScript and several frameworks, can invent functionality and operating procedures of the bot. However, only those experts who know how to integrate gaming systems and technologies can develop and launch Telegram casino. If you want to open a chat-bot casino, we recommend you to contact the best CIS experts who deal with the development of Telegram casino — the brand Slotegrator.

This company offers several advantages of the Telegram casino, which will allow you to enter other markets and attract new customers.

The main features of the Telegram casino:

  1. New audience. As we have already mentioned above, Telegram is considered to be a secure service, and therefore it has gained wide recognition not only in Russia, but also in the Middle East (Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Israel, UAE), in Asia (Singapore, China) and in many European countries, where there is a strict censorship on entertainments. Thanks to the Telegram casino, gamblers from all over the world can enjoy their favorite games.
  2. "Cozy" interface. The environment of Telegram is very comfortable for users: they feel like they are at home, communicating with their family and friends. Any service in the messenger is, in fact, the "home delivery". If you offer your customers games in Telegram, it means that players will use familiar buttons, as well as emoticons and emoji. This psychological factor played a significant role in the development of the Telegram casino.
  3. High-speed development and launch. In Telegram graphic elements and animation are limited. It already has a ready-made set of emoticons, which players can use. In the messenger you can create your own stickers, but their format is too large for symbols. Of course, it can be considered a disadvantage of the Telegram casino, but it provides considerable time saving for the development and launch of an online gambling establishment.
  4. Desktop version. If you really want a good-looking Telegram casino, which will be equally well reproduced from both the phone and the computer, Slotegrator can offer you a development of a version for the desktop. Colorful interface, bright symbols and other features of a classical online casino. In fact, such a gambling establishment maintains the advantages of a chat-bot and is identically secure.
  5. Functionality of games. Slots, card games and roulette in the Telegram casino have the same functionality as in an online casino. Spins of the reels, bonuses, wild symbols and scatters — all this is available for gamblers. Moreover, it is possible to replenish the balance and conduct payments without leaving the Telegram casino.

Slotegrator is the market leader in the production of online casino software, so co-operation with this company will certainly make your business successful.

It is possible to buy a bot for the online business and also to develop a Telegram casino from Slotegrator on the Online Casino Market website.

Online Poker Bots: Artificial Integrity in the Gambling Business

Poker games are another kind of bots that can bring income to your gambling business. Poker bots exist on the Internet for quite a long time. Usually, these are simple algorithms that can maintain a game with beginners or draw a tie.

However, today the development of bots for online games in poker rooms has moved to a completely new level. A strong decision-making algorithm and an artificial integrity were added to a simple mechanism. Now the poker bot can not only play with you, but he can also win.

In 2017, the battle between the artificial integrity for poker "Libratus" and a team of professional poker players took place. The tournament was exhausting for the human team, but the poker bot became stronger with each hand played. Therefore, he overcame all players and won $ 1.7 million (of course, the prize was virtual).

According to the developers of "Libratus", they created a unique mechanism for making decisions and collecting data, which allows the bot to adopt a strategy of the opponent's game, and to turn all his actions against him. Moreover, the poker bot is self-learning, and therefore, by the end of the game it can no longer be defeated.

Unfortunately, this poker bot is not for sale. However, we can offer you other options and develop a poker bot for your purposes. If you are interested, please contact Online Casino Market.

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