To Buy Casino or Acquire Gambling Franchise? Business Solutions

1. Turnkey Casino: Full Ownership vs. Gambling Franchise

2. Conclusion

Anyone has an opportunity to become a casino club owner but clearly the thing is all about the financial issue, which means that a certain budget is required. Below we consider the matter of buying vs. renting a ready-made turnkey casino and cover some of the benefits of acquiring a gambling franchise that bring it above the solid purchase.

Gambling business franchise

Before you start a gambling business there is a set of questions to be answered and solved. If you want to look coherent in your activities and find own place on the market:

  • do some research on general market conditions of the region you plan to work in and all the companies that can turn to be your potential competitors in the respective sphere;
  • purchase domain name, server and license for an online casino;
  • acquire software for the gambling establishment;
  • study all the information concerning promotion and advertising and put it to practice.

The Online Casino Market company provides every service there is regarding online casino establishments. Actually, this agency renders support to its clients on all of the above during the entire period of collaboration or can simply accomplish all those tasks for you.

Turnkey Casino: Full Ownership vs. Gambling Franchise

The purchase of a ready casino is a fine decision for those who wish to make profitable investment but do not want to waste time on studying the ins and outs of the whole development process. If you buy casino you become the sole and rightful proprietor of the website with its script, design, administration system, base of games and players, and profits. You can choose to order an individual casino software development to suit the purposes of your business and make it a truly unique product.

But it takes a long time to create an online casino, which is why we recommend using the ready solutions and optimize them according to your needs. This way you can choose a universal solution allowing quality result to get the maximum number of visitors interested in your establishment. Online Casino Market provides both options but you do not have to control the adequacy of the work performance in either of them.

In case you are currently short of money but filled with desire to open casino and be an entrepreneur, you have an opportunity to rent a turnkey casino. Let us see what this kind of collaboration means for you:

  • no need to invest in the development of software;
  • access to an online casino, which you can administer and customize;    
  • payment system with separate account;
  • popular brand that will be associated with your gambling     business;    
  • the use of the website with all the necessary functional set ups;
  • professional help from a partner company;
  • immediate revenues from business operation.

So if you wish to make an appropriate investment, but do not want to sweat it and start getting revenues right away, we offer to acquire a gambling franchise and get to earnings faster.

Income from a gambling franchise

The involvement in such a project will provide you with passive income for many years.


Regardless of what option you find the best, we recommend to purchase only licensed casino software. First of all, such software can guarantee the trouble-free operation of a gambling club, because the system stays secured from being hacked. The next thing is that the visitors (especially experienced ones) always pay attention to the kind of software an operator uses and whether a club possess a license. It indicates the reliability of a casino and enhances its reputation among them.

Online Casino Market is very selective of the software providers, which statistics, profitability, popularity it deliberately analyzes. The company will help you define the targeted audience, geographical borders for the gaming activity and the type of your establishment to choose a provider that will fit the peculiarities of your project.