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Updated 27 november 2022

Online operators must satisfy the wishes of their audience to receive good revenues. This includes providing a variety of entertainment content from the best manufacturers, as well as developing effective administration systems.

Cooperation with an aggregator makes it easier to launch and manage a casino site. Such a company helps connect with the game, payment, security, bonus and other systems suppliers, popular worldwide. It also ensures the easy and smooth process of integrating program solutions into the gambling platform.

Online casino aggregators: basic facts

Such aggregators as Online Сasino Market facilitate the lives of iGaming operators. The studio provides the incorporation of the most appealing products for attracting the target audience.

What Are Gambling Aggregators?

In the iGaming industry, it is a complicated task for an entrepreneur to launch a gambling portal. This includes many stages, for instance, the search for the best game manufacturers and managerial software providers. Aggregators can speed up this process and help managers receive everything they need for the business.

Guide companies represent a connection between gambling developers and operators. Their collaboration results in integrating various products in a single session.

This includes the incorporation of such options as:

  • high-quality games;
  • payment modules;
  • affiliate program solutions;
  • promotion instruments, etc.

All this content from diverse providers is collected in one module. It can be easily integrated into online casinos using a single API.

An aggregator also helps in the operation of the platform, content updates and tech support within the contract framework.

List of Services from iGaming Aggregators

Gambling aggregators: list of services

The success of an online casino depends not only on the amusement content but also on the management system and additional programs.

Here is a list of popular services offered by aggregators to operators:

  1. Content integration. Entrepreneurs get a large number of games in one solution. Then, players can choose their favourite slots or other products on the site using filters (by theme, developer, RTP (%), amount of bets, etc.) and other categorisation methods.
  2. Gaming updates. Operators constantly receive news about fresh developments and upgrades, which can be manually or automatically adjusted. This includes local changes, technical enhancements, gaming innovations, and more.
  3. Customisation instruments. Aggregators help operators manage the interface of the platform. For example, site administrators can easily set up the recommendation system, bonus offers, tools for changing designs, language and currency conversion, etc.
  4. Payment system incorporation. Another important task of aggregators is the integration of numerous financial modules in a single session. Operators receive a combined solution, containing a variety of payment methods, including crypto wallets. This is the key factor for the reliability and transparency of the gambling site.

The Benefits of Cooperation with Gambling Aggregators

Casino aggregators: cooperation benefits

The manager of an online casino can download entertainment content, payment systems and other solutions directly from developers, but it takes much time and money. Aggregators’ services are available at affordable prices. Operators get reliability, speed, and other benefits that pay off quickly.

The main advantages of collaborating with iGaming aggregators are:

Saving time

Buying a package of solutions allows you to integrate all the needed games faster. An entrepreneur does not need to look for manufacturers and sign contracts one by one. Aggregators offer to receive products from different producers in one package

System maintenance

In addition to paperwork, guide companies save energy for the operator's technical team. They take care of all potential issues and relieve managers of the need to communicate with game developers

Freedom of choice

After signing an agreement, an operator receives a huge arsenal of entertainment with no limits that can be utilised to attract a diverse audience

Stable user support

Aggregators provide professional several-level assistance to their customers around the clock. For example, they offer aid with account management with no delays

Favourable prices

Purchasing products from plenty of game developers is expensive. Intermediary companies use a large network of partner manufacturers and offer services at more favourable rates. This is usually a percentage of the operator's monthly revenue

The Main Things about the Value of iGaming Aggregators

Dealing with all the processes of launching a web casino is challenging. It requires much personal time, investment and attention.

It is better to delegate duties to gambling aggregators. They make online casino operators’ lives easier by covering many issues and tasks. A lot of entrepreneurs order aggregation services to save time and money, minimise risks, and get an in-depth solution.

With Online Casino Market, you will quickly start a gambling site with unique games from leading providers.

The aggregator also offers:

Leave a request to the manager of Online Casino Market to clarify any details and start lucrative cooperation in the iGaming field.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 27 november 2022