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Updated 21 june 2022

Digital gambling is rapidly developing in Kazakhstan, and operators are launching more ready-made and individual products on the market. Not only businessmen are developing the region, but also internet users who enjoy playing the abundance of gaming titles.

BetGames gambling provider in Kazakhstan

Kazakh operators are successful mainly due to the variety of qualified providers such as BetGames.

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Gambling in Kazakhstan: Basic Information

For quite a long time, there were no regulations for the wagering business — it was completely ignored. This continued until 2008, when the government of Kazakhstan began to clean up illegal companies, gradually passing laws that developed the industry.

From the beginning of 2012, the country has offered more legitimate opportunities for players and entrepreneurs. With the appearance of the BetGames.TV casino software in Kazakhstan, the industry has reached a new level. More people started visiting gaming sites for entertainment or career objectives.

The terrestrial gambling system in Kazakhstan can be characterised as follows:

  • The Tourism Industry Committee controls the wagering sphere along with its subsidiaries.
  • Both terrestrial and online gambling is evolved chiefly in large cities such as Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Shymkent, Karaganda, Aktobe, and Uralsk.
  • The authorities of Kazakhstan allow land-based activities and provide jobs for many residents of the Zhambyl, Kostan, and Pavlodar regions.
  • The sphere of wagering brings a lot of profit to the state thanks to significant taxes.
  • It is permitted to use only certified software for gambling business in Kazakhstan.

A professional gaming platform must be backed by the best solutions. The most popular option is the BetGames casino provider in Kazakhstan. This prestigious firm has been operating in the country since 2012, and thanks to its efforts, the industry is now developing at a rapid pace.

An increasing number of entrepreneurs are showing interest in creating a web casino in Kazakhstan. The main facilities of the government policy regarding online gambling are as follows:

  1. The local administration controls virtual wagering in all forms, from bookie shops and lotteries to poker games. This means that to open a casino, the operator needs to obtain a licence.
  2. Entrepreneurs who plan to run a betting agency or buy a turnkey casino by BetGames in Kazakhstan can obtain certificates from foreign suppliers.
  3. Most well-known solutions such as online slots, classic blackjack, roulette, and card games are developed by top providers including BetGames.TV.
  4. All entertainment software must be certified by local commissions.
  5. Those operators who work in the country under the foreign jurisdiction are not subject to the influence of the authorities. The same rule applies to the BetGames.TV software for casinos in Kazakhstan.

The attractive and modern country is a territory with great prospects for the IT industry, gambling and betting entertainment due to the use of new technologies. Therefore, recent years are very promising for the state with interesting providers.

Operation of the Prominent Supplier in Kazakhstan

BetGames online casino software in Kazakhstan

One of the largest countries in Asia has a lot of wagering content, mixing traditional features with the use of innovations. The popular vendor BetGames.TV delivers a variety of casino software in Kazakhstan with distinct designs and universal bonus systems.

In 2013, the BetGames.TV corporation started working in the country, but only as a producer of live betting options. Over time, the firm has expanded and now offers many virtual entertainment products.

Let us review the main peculiarities of the company’s services:

  • great experience and demand in the Kazakh market, including the most populated cities (Karaganda, Almaty, Taras, and others), as well as many awards;
  • legal casino activity due to the availability of certificates and the option to work under the jurisdiction of other countries;
  • a large selection of solutions of any kind, from a turnkey casino in Kazakhstan to various international betting sites;
  • constant updates of products, design and functionality of titles for better meeting the needs of clients;
  • uninterrupted streaming of all available games from technology studios to attract an audience;
  • convenient, fast and beautiful interface and a choice of settings for all solutions;
  • full customisation of visual and technical elements of gaming sites.

All these features bring products from the supplier to the first place in the ratings. Operators collaborate with the company due to its cutting-edge software solutions, enjoyable gameplay, and seamless access in Kazakhstan.

Main Products by the BetGames.TV Studio

The main reason for the popularity of the provider is that it successfully and frequently releases new products. These live gaming developments and digital casino software in Kazakhstan attract with their innovative method and user-friendly interface.

The games can be played by both beginners and professionals. Novice punters, for example, can try classic poker or lotteries with clear rules and a convenient design. In addition, all the provider's titles are equipped with many exciting bonuses.

Successful offers by the manufacturer include:

Bet on Poker

This is one of the most favoured types of gambling in the country. The provider allows players to bet on the results of poker sessions

Speedy Seven

A fast and delightful gambling entertainment, which conquers many Kazakh players with its simplicity. The game contains 2 outcomes (red and black), and 2 bonus multipliers for 4 or 7 correct answers

Lucky 5

This is one of the top 3 lottery entertainment of the BetGames.TV gaming provider. Punters need to guess 5 random numbers out of 36 to multiply their bets by a thousand times

Lucky 6

It is another lottery where players guess 6 numbers out of 60. These draws, like the previous ones, are held every 4 minutes around the clock

Lucky 7

This is the last game in the sweepstakes series, with 42 balls and 7 winning numbers. This particular title is widely popular in Kazakhstan, especially Uralsk and Karaganda

Dice Duel

It is a simple and beloved title from the BetGames gaming provider. The entertainment includes 1 winner and 2 betting dice

Bet on Baccarat

Players in Kazakhstan prefer this conventional card game because it is enhanced with the ability to bet on outcomes

Wheel of Fortune

This is another fascinating title from the BetGames software provider in Kazakhstan that has a wide variety of results and depends only on the luck and intuition of the punter

Wars of Bets

A simple but interesting wagering activity, with a player and a dealer, where the round is won by the one with the highest card

The Main Things about the Upper-Scale Provider in Kazakhstan

BetGames turnkey casinos in Kazakhstan

It is always worth trying out gambling activities if there are licenсes and reliable suppliers. Kazakhstan has enough of everything related to the industry. Also, such corporations as the BetGames provider fill the wagering market with the highest-quality casino solutions.

The firm has been operating in the country's market for 10 years now, proving its professionalism with reliability, a variety of content, and daily streaming of attractive games. With the same success, the developer works in the Baltic countries, Ukraine, Italy, Albania, Armenia, Tajikistan, Turkey, and other areas.

To properly start an online casino with BetGames in Kazakhstan, businessmen must consider the main features of the company’s work:

  • a large choice of premium content for live and online casinos;
  • a wide range of licences for wagering and lottery, including certificates from foreign jurisdictions for a web industry;
  • convenient system for deposits, bids, withdrawals and other transactions;
  • the ability to play on different devices (mobile, tablets, and computers);
  • popular games among the Kazakhs (Lucky 5, 6, and 7, Wheel of Fortune, Speedy Seven, etc.);
  • a dependable service for operators to run the businesses safely.

If the solutions are unique, they will win the hearts of players and operators. With the right wagering provider, the number of users will only increase.

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