Six Simplified Steps of How to Start Gambling Business

10 february 2017

1. Choose a Reliable Casino Software Provider

2. Decide on What Would you Like to Offer on the Created Gaming Site

3. Receive a Gambling License

4. Choose the Supplier of a Casino Payment System

5. The Gambling Website Design

6. Take Care About the Casino Marketing Plan

7. Conclusion

For those who wish to set up a gambling business on the Internet, it will be necessary to collect several elements:

However, a simple combination of all of the above mentioned components does not guarantee success. Let us look at the fundamental steps that should be taken after you decide to open an online casino.

How to start gambling business

We offer you to look through 6 factors that are necessary to be taken into account, if your aim is to create gambling website:

1. Choose a Reliable Casino Software Provider

This is a topmost decision that you will have to make, because the casino software provider is going to become your contracting party. This is essential to take a fundamental approach and put value on all existing options from a perspective of service quality and price.

Find a specialist with keen consciousness of the described sphere of action and great working experience in opening profitable Internet casinos.

We recommend operators to hunt for flexible software solutions that will provide them an ability to monitor both the development of a gambling website design and its work after the launch. Operators also can use a turnkey solution that is called "our services under your brand". It will enable them to rent casino software, gambling license and casino payment system, and also to manage a casino having received everything they need on turnkey basis.

Another important step is to cooperate with a casino software provider that supplies listed below services on turnkey basis:

  • improved operating system;
  • ability to make payments using multi-currency;
  • possibility of working with many different markets;
  • accessibility of a great number of the most popular international casino slot machines;
  • custom interface for each visitor;
  • business licence;
  • customer support service.

EveryMatrix is ​​a brand that deals with solutions in the field of sports betting for "live" and ordinary bets, a casino platform that offers more than 2,000 games and payment platforms, which support over 50 payment options in different jurisdictions.

Turnkey internet casino

2. Decide on What Would you Like to Offer on the Created Gaming Site

After you arrive at a decision to enter the market under the already existing brand, it will be necessary to primarily answer a few questions:

  1. What kind of software are you going to install?
  2. Are you going to offer only in-demand products, such as slots, poker, blackjack, etc.?
  3. Are you going to install a live casino module? Nowadays dealers, live stream videos and user-friendly interfaces create a comfortable atmosphere in casinos, and gamblers can feel it even sitting at home.
  4. Are you about to offer betting services already inside games? Experts believe that in-game bets are going to claim momentum in subsequent years, in the same way as the progression of streaming technology.
  5. Are you going to use advanced functions, such as Internet chat, bonuses or tournaments?

Yes, there will be a necessity to resolve a lot of questions, but you have to get onto the business in a long-term horizon and screen over a casino software provider, as we have mentioned in step 1.

Although you can decide to work only on a casino platform or sports betting platform, very soon you may want to add more games. In this case, such provider as EveryMatrix will help you to integrate chosen content into an interface of a gaming site.

3. Receive a Gambling License

Today it can be quite difficult for operators to create a casino, as they often encounter difficulties and statutory requirements of different jurisdictions.

Currently, the industry is dominated by the defined below legal framework:

  • states that regulate online gambling within their territory;
  • states that use monopolies;
  • governments that have banned the betting business within their jurisdiction;
  • countries, in which there is no legislative regulation of Internet gambling.

Despite the existence of popular gambling jurisdictions, such as Curacao, Malta, Alderney, the Isle of Man and Gibraltar, which grant licenses (to the most of countries), after all, national legislation overwhelms the international one.

As an operator, you should receive a permit in that jurisdiction where you have decided to run a business. Obtaining a permit for conducting the casino business will take from 1 month to 1 year. It depends upon the licensing authority.

Speaking about the choice of a jurisdiction, consideration should be given to aspects that are mentioned below:

  • its reputation;
  • requirements for getting a permit;
  • duration of the submission procedure;
  • cost of the whole process and taxes that have to be paid to the budget.

In case you do not feel ready to face troubles associated with the need for receiving a permit by yourself, and in case you wish to cut down expenses, there is a good option: to be a licensee of your software vendor.

EveryMatrix has already received permits in some jurisdictions with high reputations for being able to provide its customers with an opportunity to gamble in different states.

4. Choose the Supplier of a Casino Payment System

Another step is to enter into an agreement with the provider of payment systems, since it is necessary for you and your clients to conduct transactions rapidly and without any problems. As a matter of convenience, it is desirable to provide gamblers with several possible payment options.

Moreover, operators should pay attention to the increasing demand for those providers who can gear services to particular circumstances of a regional market.

In respect of a process simplification we recommend you to find a supplier who can provide:

  • a full package of services, including the processing of payment orders;
  • interaction with major electronic trading enterprises;
  • support for multiple currencies;
  • improved system of risk management;
  • possibility of fraud detection.

Close monitoring of the chosen market and acquisition of high-quality products along with simple payment options will surely improve the general impression of games and produce more vantage for your business.

EveryMatrix offers its flexible platforms and over 50 ways of payment allowed in many jurisdictions all over the world.

5. The Gambling Website Design

It is of great importance that your gaming site looks good. You should choose an attractive design or invest in your input interface, because it will become one of the most essential aspects for gamblers when they choose from dozens or even hundreds of identical sites for being able to place bets.

We have several simple suggestions for those who do not want to make the wrong choice:

  • Do not overload a website with needless graphics that could slow down the work of the site and affect the impression of games. Research has shown that the load time is critical to those who can leave the site if pages load for too long.
  • Do not dig too much into complex and resource-intensive graphics, e.g., movies and different visual effects.
  • Be convinced that the input interface guarantees seamless integration with the database.

Some operators do not feel certain of the derivation of their own input interface, and we would recommend them to contact the software vendor for the established pattern.

6. Take Care About the Casino Marketing Plan

When all first-order problems are solved it is time to concentrate on the promotion of a gambling establishment. Examine all data on competitors and determine their strengths and weaknesses so that you know what mistakes you must specifically avoid.

A chief goal is to set up a qualitative and reliable casino business. It will not be easy to do it at once, since the level of competition is extremely high. It is better to keep on the website only high-quality products from reliable suppliers, to maintain the gambling website design at an adequate level and to offer users almost ideal conditions of gambling.

It is quite uneasy to announce the creation of a casino, and even after this you should not be ready to rest. Constant market analysis is essential to ensure that customers return to your gaming site, and for the continuous flow of newcomers. Guard against loss of settings for players during their next visit, create bonus systems, and do everything possible to make your customers be pleased and come back over and over again.

Online casino marketing plan


This is a really challenging task – to set up an online gambling business.

Local statutory limits are crux of the matter for each businessman, for one part this is because of the legal point of view and the need for receiving a gambling license, and on the other part is that everyone who work in the industry should invent and deliver products for each specific jurisdiction to ensure compliance with high-level standards .

Since all operators who would like to enter the world of online casinos must bear in mind such aspects as getting a permit, payment options and solutions that can be adapted for a specific market, there is a growing demand for suppliers who are able to meet these requirements and provide services at a professional level.

Continuing efforts should be also made to make customers satisfied with provided services. Only the joint work of the software vendor, sales managers and marketers is a key to progressive development of the business.

Please, feel free to reach out to us and ask any questions that may arise!

Experts from Online Casino-Market will give you free advice on how to start gambling business.

Written by

Karen Fill

Gambling Business Expert at Online Casino Market

10 february 2017