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Updated 30 may 2023

The concept of Scatter is commonly used in slot entertainment. These special symbols are the basic attributes of a casino loyalty system as they:

  • bring significant rewards;
  • include coefficients;
  • activate bonus modes for punters.

Scatter in casinos: basic info

To provide interesting video slot machines, Scatters are a must-have. Explore the term together with the Online Casino Market team. We supply premium gambling and administrative software for businesses.

Scatters in Video Slot Machines: Basic Facts

These unique icons bring extra excitement to punters. They do not appear frequently but give the opportunity to earn additional significant rewards.

What is Scatter in online casino slots? This is a symbol that is designed according to the theme of entertainment. The icon may be activated anytime on reels and in defiance of pay lines.

The special symbols benefit the operators, too, because the icons engage many customers and motivate them to play longer.

Functions of Scatters

The pictograms are exclusive and thrilling since they include an opportunity to hit the jackpot.

By gathering 2, 3 or more thematic icons, a user receives one of the following prizes:

  • bonus rounds;
  • free spins;
  • monetary rewards.

Bonus rounds allow unlocking various additional matches or interactive features for prizes.

Free rotations are the most common reward activated by Scatter in casino slots. The gamer gets more rotations and can save money for more bets.

Advantages of Scatters

There are some key reasons why these icons are significant in the amusement sphere. The benefits associated with Scatter in slots may vary depending on the game's characteristics and design. Diverse amusements can have unique rules and mechanics for special icons.

Punters enjoy collecting at least one casino slots Scatter for such main benefits:


The icons may include them, which increases the player's winnings by a predetermined factor. For instance, if a Scatter symbol has an x2 multiplier and a punter wins 100 coins, the total amount would be doubled to 200 units
Increased payouts Most Scatters can provide disbursement regardless of their location.These special icons pay out whenever a particular number of them appear anywhere on the screen, making it easier to win
Entertainment value Online casino slots Scatter adds excitement and anticipation to the gameplay experience. The icons take the form of the main theme and whenever they appear, they create a sense of thrill and engagement

The Main Things about Scatters in Gambling

Scatters in slot games: key notions Scatters in slots

The symbols play one of decisive roles in improving the gaming encounter and the reputation of wagering platforms. The Scatter icons offer punters the chance to win exciting additional prizes and explore extra features beyond the base amusement.

The more auditors involved, the better for the operator's business. The Scatter casino slots are one of the most effective and impressive amusements.

With Online Casino Market, entrepreneurs can launch a land-based or internet gambling business in a matter of time. The aggregator is well-known for supplying diverse high-quality gaming solutions such as:

Our specialists will explicate the casino Scatter meaning and lead you through the entertainment business launch and management. Contact our support service to make a quick order.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 30 may 2023