Reaching Success in the Latin American Gambling Sphere

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Updated 04 november 2022

The region is one of the most exciting new wagering markets. Most countries have a developing economy, a stable political situation, and a large number of gamers. All this makes the Latin American wagering environment favourable for new projects.

Gambling business in Latin America

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Wagering in Latin America: Basic Information

The local market is promising for entrepreneurs looking to expand beyond the USA. For many years, both Americas are experiencing a period of enormous economic growth and introducing new acts to regulate the entertainment sphere.

Brazil and Mexico have the most developed markets in the region with a large solvent audience. Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, etc. are less developed but offer a less competitive environment.

Here are some quick facts about the Latin American wagering sphere:

  • the most popular entertainment is betting on sports;
  • annual income growth is 106% (experts forecast $4.4 billion in 2023);
  • gambling laws and cultures are quite diverse;
  • there are more than 307 million players, which is 75% of the total population.

Latin Americans love bids on sports, and they are the biggest fans of wagering in the world. Football is the favourite activity in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, etc.

Other well-known types of amusement in North and South America include:

  • land-based and digital slot machines with various bonuses;
  • card games (poker is most widely used in Latin countries, where tournaments for PokerStars championships are held);
  • live casinos (players love the realistic atmosphere, direct communication, and the ability to participate remotely);
  • lotteries (have been legalised and popular in the region for decades).

The reasons for the popularity of the region for new entrepreneurs are the following:

  • a developed online industry that attracts a large number of players;
  • favourable geographical position to distribute services to North America;
  • healthy competition due to the freshness of the markets and the small number of providers;
  • stable economic and political situation thanks to democracy;
  • excellent reputation, as lots of famous European firms operate in Latin American countries;
  • development in the direction of technologies, which allows the use of HTML5 and 3D innovations, first-class software, etc.

Gambling Regulation in Prominent Latin American Countries

Casinos in Latin America: regulation

Wagering culture and legislation differ between states but have a great deal in common. All countries are eliminating illicit activities by gradually legalising new providers.


Regulation aspects


More than 50 million local citizens enjoy gambling activities. There is no standard legislation in the country, so the entertainment sphere is regulated at the level of 23 provinces.

For a long time, the Argentine government has been favourable to gambling, allowing most activities:

  • cards;
  • slot machines;
  • table entertainment;
  • live amusement;
  • lotteries, bingo and keno.

Argentinians also love to bet on sports, but the activities of bookmakers have not yet been legalised


The country is developing its economy, tourism and gambling spheres at a significant pace, especially after 2001.

According to Statista, a data investigation agency, more than 60% of the adult population bets for real money.

The most well-known types of wagering in Colombia:

  • sports betting;
  • online slots and other traditional games;
  • live dealer content


This is one of the earliest countries in the area to start regulating the wagering industry thanks to the advent of democracy. In 1994, the first law was passed to eliminate illegal businesses. Then, it has been updated many times.

In 2015, the leader of the Peruvian Gambling Control Council announced the full regulation of casinos and bookie agencies.

Peruvians most often choose the following entertainment:

  • horse racing;
  • sweepstakes;
  • terrestrial and internet slots;
  • eSports betting apps;
  • bingo


This is the most populous country in the area with significant economic potential. Almost all types of gambling are allowed in the state.

In 2018, a law was issued regulating the activities of local and international gaming corporations.

Features of the Brazilian market are as follows:

  • population commitment to wagering;
  • high competition (600+ gaming providers);
  • large revenues for operators and the state treasury;
  • a developed sports betting industry;
  • the rapid growth of the internet sector due to the Covid pandemic, etc.

Starting a Latin American Gaming Business: 7 Stages

Latin American gaming business: launch stages

Creating a prosperous gaming project from scratch may require a lot of resources and procedures.

Operators should take into account the peculiarities of the market and follow certain rules:

  1. Create a business plan. To begin with, managers should select a country and analyse its legislative aspects. This will help model the development strategy, financial possibilities, as well as methods of brand promotion.
  2. Adjust to Latin culture. To succeed in a prospective region, you need to meet the needs of local markets. This applies to the language of the product (Spanish is most often used), popular content among residents, as well as forms of gambling.
  3. Obtain decent software. The operating platform should be easy to navigate and work without errors. You can create it with the help of specialists, or purchase ready-made software. Online Casino Market offers a modern program with top entertainment from leading providers in Latin states.
  4. Offer relevant payment systems. Gambling is a specific branch of the economy, the financial component of which must be at the highest level. In addition to common methods such as bank cards and cash, operators should offer new payment tools: e-wallets, mobile transfers, and cryptocurrency. They are distinguished by the high speed of operations, convenience and anonymity.
  5. Provide mobile offers. Internet gambling through smartphones is much more accessible to residents of developing countries than land-based halls or computers. In Mexico and Argentina, the phone usage rate in 2021 was 84% ​​and the global network access was 60%. Players prefer simplified games in applications and mobile versions of sites that contain a lot of features and bonuses.
  6. Keep up with trends. The most popular type of wagering in Latin American cities is sports betting. The number of fans here has now grown to 70 million. There are also numerous tournaments and championships. Use it to your advantage.
  7. Do professional marketing. The last important step in launching a brand in Latin America is quality advertising. Leading entrepreneurs use CRM systems, SMM tools, affiliate marketing, etc.

The Main Things about the Wagering Business in Latin Cities

The region includes rich and diverse cultures which should be properly analysed by entrepreneurs before entering the area. Each state differs in audience, players, and economy, but they have one thing in common — a great commitment to gambling. This applies to both national governments and residents of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and other countries.

Creating a gaming start-up in these states requires a correct business strategy and compliance with all legal requirements. The aggregator Online Casino Market provides professional assistance in joining one of the largest gambling areas.

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