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25 may 2020

The process of finding new clients usually depends heavily on a lot of factors. One of the significant aspects of acquiring new players in the gambling business is relevant information. A knowledgeable operator must be able to know how to filter the necessary data during the processing and the way it may influence the advertising campaign.

It is of utmost importance to understand how to perform such functions for a maximized efficiency of your online gambling platform. The experts from Online Casino Market offer you another relevant guide to get a deep comprehension of tracking possibilities and the way to use them during the attribution process. Our specialists will also gladly answer all your questions if you might have any as well as offer you an efficient turnkey business solution to minimize the risks entirely.

Essential Tracking and Attribution Tools

Marketing based on data: tracking and attribution tools

Since efficient marketing is heavily dependent on relevant data, a wise operator must be able to sort out relevant information from the trash.

You should know everything about your players inside your platform, including:

  • personal data, provided by players;
  • gaming process data;
  • relevant information connected with the player’s identification;
  • regular feedback to increase efficiency and retention;
  • player’s performance and its influence on attendance.

All these usually depend on the tools that your platform uses. Efficient business analytics and reporting capabilities are your main friends in tracking the players’ satisfaction level that directly influences your profit. As a result, all this information impacts your CRM, revenue stream, clients’ service, and promotional activities.

Apart from that, you will also have some access to data before players even start attending your website. It might also be helpful since it will give you exact information on where a player came from, what kind of advertising helped them forward to your platform, what keywords attracted their attention, etc.

Conversion Tracking Pixels

It is a relatively new tool that is an understandable HTML code. It is inserted as a 1x1 pixel image at a particular place of your website. Conversion tracking pixels trigger at a specific activity (registration, deposit, access, etc.) and displays relevant pieces of information and ads. It is widely used for the promotion of your website through external platforms and advertising networks.


One of the most popular displaying modes is based on Post-Click and Post-View methods. Depending on the clients’ behaviour, the system automatically decides (on a pre-programmed basis) what information or ads should be offered to specific players. Also, conversion tracking pixels can be used for a better and more precise image of customers’ activity by implementing analytical following tools and data-gathering instruments (transactions, interaction, activities, system-generated responses).

Google Analytics

Google Analytics: data

With correct implementation, Google Analytics can offer you an excellent general picture of your clients and website activity (geodata, personal interests, link source, etc.).

The preferable tags can be set up for targeting reports, conversions, or gaming activity, considering that:

  • the offered data is not always 100% precise;
  • the information can not usually be linked to a particular player;
  • the majority of targets are typically generalized and insufficiently detailed.

With this in mind, Google Analytics is only recommended to be used as a general analysis of traffic. It has hardly anything to do with personalized information on specific clients.

Referral Tracking

This tracking possibility is often considered as a part of any backend but with sectorial standards. It provides a convenient opportunity to link the referral parameters with the registered accounts and, as a result, track the conversion and the measures of gaming efficiency with the link on the sources. The tracking possibility is based on the saved cookie files. It can follow only the customers who click on the referral link and are redirected to the website.

The levels and parameters of referrals depend on a platform, but can ideally include an exact hierarchy:

  1. Product or website.
  2. Channel.
  3. Source (an affiliate identification, a provider, a social network).
  4. Campaign or location place inside the sources (a website, a page, or random text).

Mobile Attribution with a Software Development Kit

Adaptive mobile apps have the same tracking possibilities as their desktop counterparts. However, personalized offers require the usage of an attributive software development kit for displaying the data about attracting the users and an inside-app activity.

SDK usually makes it possible for the providers to receive automated post-backs and integrate this data into their platforms for better reporting capabilities and efficient optimization. The most popular advertising platforms (Facebook, Google) have their own software development kit. Modern SDK, such as Appsflyer and Adjust, substitute a lot of custom SDK and provide a single integration.

Affiliate Platform

Affiliate platform: traffic attraction

The core of any affiliate program is its platform. At the same time, it can be refocused for tracking and creating reports about other online campaigns on traffic attraction. Affiliate platforms are usually set up with an exact hierarchy and groupage. They should be able to offer flexibility for accounts or the adjustable campaigns.

Experienced operators tend to define a few undisputable advantages of resorting to affiliate platforms for performing tracking activities:

Activity reporting

Extensive possibilities of reporting on the gaming activity with the aggregated numbers according to the tracker and not by individual players

Comprehensive displaying

An elaborated affiliate platform is capable of displaying an entire purchase funnel, starting from the first click, ending up with your NGR and commissions

Live ads presentation

Includes the possibility to display ads as an integral part of an affiliate platform with live reports

Activity tracking

The gaming activity depends on whether the data is refreshing once a day

Professional Tracking Assistance from Online Casino Market

New operators often face a problem of not being able to apply their knowledge to their project in order to get maximum productivity from it. As a result, a lot of casino owners simply go bankrupt, being disappointed in the gambling industry in general. The critical thing they lack is the experience in implementing what they have planned. Without a skilful, helpful hand, it is tough for such operators to ensure their success.

Online Casino Market offers a wide range of services for your convenience and insurance of high profit at the end of the organizational process.

Our professional specialists will clarify all the intricacies of the platform set up, including the peculiarities of players’ tracking and attribution, namely:

  • the essential monitoring and players’ attribution tools;
  • a deep insight into conversion tracking pixels;
  • the explanation of Google Analytics’ possibilities;
  • the comprehension of referral tracking;
  • mobile attribution and SDK;
  • affiliate contribution to tracking.

Just a short message to our experts will guarantee you a fruitful conversation that can easily grow into beneficial cooperation, with a fantastic turnkey casino solution from our side and complete satisfaction from yours. While the next article will tell you more about players’ retention and churn, do not hesitate to reach our support team members via any convenient communication channel at any time.


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