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Updated 18 december 2019

We offer to buy casino affiliate programs from Online Casino Market, the developer of gambling solutions. Today this company can provide you with a qualitative system to promote your online casino, and among its partners we can name: NetRefer, Post Affiliate Pro, Digital River, Income Access. Besides, in Online Casino Market you can buy casino together with an integrated independent marketing platform.

Affiliate Marketing in Online Casinos

Before you open casino you need to determine its structure and the role of affiliate software in it.

The company CASEXE, which develops marketing software and offers a high-end platform, describes the structure of online casinos in the following way:

Online casino structure: infographic

  • online casino platform;
  • casino games;
  • design;
  • payment systems;
  • marketing — casino affiliate program.

A platform is the main component of an online casino, with the help of which operators manage their project. Many things depend on technical parameters of the platform, which should be able to integrate absolutely every gaming and payment software in order not to limit operators in their wishes and plans. The platform of an online gambling establishment is the point where operators should start from.

Components of an online casino platform:

  • office;
  • reports;
  • planning;
  • formation of a bonus policy;
  • overall management of the website;
  • communication with players;
  • modules that are necessary to promote your online casino.

After the operator has decided which platform to choose, he needs to move to the creation of the skin of a website (graphical shell) and the development of the online casino design. It is also one of the important stages, which is better to be done by experienced professionals.

Ideally, the provider of a platform should deal with the development of the casino website and its design. At that rate there are much more chances to create a qualitative product. Many well-known manufacturers, including CASEXE, work in accordance with this scheme.

The next step is the integration of games into the platform, the connection of payment systems, and after that we receive a ready-made online casino. However, the creation of a project is only the beginning, and that is why experts call affiliate marketing a separate element of the casino structure, without which it will not be possible to get profit.

The casino affiliate program is considered to be the main tool that increases casino traffic.

No matter how cool your affiliate marketing will be, no matter how much money you are going to spend on the promotion of your project, no matter how many super-talented marketers will work for you — if you have an offgrade product you may not expect anything good.

If the operator has a wrong design and the interface’s functionality, games from unknown manufacturers, payment systems that notice a request for making a deposit or withdrawing money only on the next day — then none affiliate marketing or the affiliate software script will help it to save the situation. If you do not improve at least one of these components, the success of your gambling establishment will remain doubtful, because the competition is growing day by day, and players have plenty offers to choose from. Therefore, online casino advertising plays a pivotal role in the gambling business.

The key to success in affiliate marketing is a qualitatively created project, which is maximally thought — out and which takes into account all needs and wishes of the target audience.

The Marketing Platform’s Tools for Attracting Players

An affiliate software program (affiliate system) needed to promote your online casino includes a lot of effective tools:

  • SEO-optimization;
  • PPC (pay per click);
  • PPV (fee for the demonstration);
  • PPA (pay per action);
  • PPS (fee for sales);
  • PR (a communication tool);
  • SMM (promotion in social networks).

SEO. This is the optimization of the website for search resources, a number of events on the Internet, the purpose of which is to achieve certain ranking positions of the website in search systems. The search takes place according to a certain group of key queries, and the higher your website will be in the rankings the more casino traffic you will get. The operator must necessarily have an experienced specialist who will take the implementation of SEO upon himself.

PPC. It is a promotional tool based on payments per click. Advertising links, banners and posters are placed on the Internet, and when users click on them, they are redirected to the advertiser's website. And he needs to pay a small amount of money for every click.

Among the varieties of such advertising we can name:

  • contextual advertising (different articles);
  • ClicUnder (when you go to the website, click anywhere and in the new tab you see the advertiser's website);
  • PopUnder (the user is shown a pop-up banner, and all attempts to close it cause the appearance of a new tab or window).

All paid advertising in social networks is also a kind of РРС. There are various platforms that allow you to create advertisements of this kind. The main advantage of the PPC is its ability to clearly deermine the target audience.

PPV. This is a kind of online casino advertising, which is based on the demonstration. The partner's resources display the information about an advertiser who is interested in supporting his brand and distributing this information as widely as possible. A specific conversion action (the sale of products and services) does not interest him at this stage. Today very few people want to promote online casinos in such a way, so it loses its popularity, but still has some advantages.

PPA. A type of an advertising where the advertiser pays for a certain conversion action. This can be a visitor's filling out a form for receiving information about some events. It may also be useful if you are thinking about how to promote your online casino.

PPS. This is a kind of online casino advertising, based on the promotion of purchasing. If users click on the advertisement of the product and buy it, the partner receives a certain commission from the advertiser. This kind of relationships is popular in the framework of affiliate programs.

PR. It means the arrangement of texts about the advertiser on the Internet. The more articles and news about your casino you write, the better result you will get. Also do not forget to place this information wherever you can.

SMM is a promotion in social networks. Creation of groups, communities, which are aimed at encouraging users to do something on the advertiser's website, is a very popular and effective way of promotion nowadays.

Tools Needed for the Retention of Players (Gambling Traffic)

If you will be able to keep up players’ interest, you may be sure that everything is fine. And in order to make users stay on the website, you need to create for them all necessary conditions with the help of such tools as:

Tools needed for the retention of online casino players: Infographic

  • bonuses;
  • jackpots;
  • racing;
  • loyalty systems;
  • tournaments;
  • content marketing;
  • e-mail marketing;
  • SMM.

Bonuses. This is one of the most effective ways to retain players. The more bonuses you can provide your customers with, the more likely they would like to stay with you. The CASEXE advertising platform has already integrated six of the most popular bonuses for players: signup bonuses, the birthday bonus, bonuses for losing etc.

Jackpots. There can be two types of jackpots: those made by game manufacturers, and jackpots formed by the casino operator independently with the help of the platform functionality. This system is very simple: players deduct a certain percentage from the amount of bets to the jackpot fund and participate in the prize draw.

Race. A relatively new and rare tool, but it is already very popular among players. Operators set certain rules for the participants. For example: who will be the first one to make 100 spins in the game, 2000 spins — in some other game, and also 50 roulette bets, will receive a bonus of 10 thousand credits. And of course there is a timeframe. Whoever fulfills all conditions is the one who wins. It is simple and at the same time very effective, because here we can see a competitive element, which many people like and appreciate.

The loyalty system. This is an encouragement of players who play in the casino for a long time or lose a certain amount of credits previously set by the operator. There may be any kinds of promotions — bonuses, prizes or money.

Tournaments. This is a time-limited event where users compete with each other for the overall prize pool, which they have formed by themselves. Today poker tournaments are the most popular.

Content marketing. In addition to games, your casino should publish interesting articles and reviews, which customers will be able to read in a convenient format. Do not let players go and seek for the information in some other places. Let the website have everything they need: casino news, currency and bitcoin rates, comparative analysis of games and so on.

Email marketing: it is communication with players, informing them about promotions, bonuses and prizes by sending email messages. Ideally, this function should be implemented into the casino platform.

SMM. If paid online casino advertising in social networks will help you attract players, the presence of active accounts raises the level of loyalty and, as a result, provide you with an opportunity to keep users on your website. In short, this promotional tool is used both to attract customers, and to keep up their interest.

Casino Affiliate Program

The casino affiliate program acts as a form of cooperation between sellers and affiliates. This method of advertising is popular almost in all business areas of the B2b sector. The main advantage of the affiliate software program is that the seller significantly saves his budget that he spends on the attraction of customers. Money paid by a seller pays to a partner is funds for certain actions agreed with the affiliate. Types of actions depend on the type of business. There are several kinds of affiliate programs — these are tools that we have mentioned above: PPC, PPV, PPS and others, which provides the affiliate software script.

There are many affiliate programs. One of them is the Youtube service. It has one of the largest affiliate programs, the point of which is that authors of videos posted on this hosting have an opportunity to earn money. In Youtube it is called the monetization of content through the number of page views (in the form of advertising or paid subscriptions). Everyone land on feet: the seller (Youtube), which promotes its business and raises the number of its users, and the partner, who earns money on his content. Similarly, it is possible to monetize gambling site.

One of the best affiliate programs belongs to the Amazon Corporation — the world's largest online retailer. Amazon offers partners a commission of up to 10% of direct sales of certain products. Another giant, Microsoft, has its own progressive casino affiliate program, where integrating companies, hardware manufacturers and vendors of software, hosting and marketing take part. The partnership is based on Microsoft products, which bring into action this complex affiliate system with several levels of cooperation.

Today's affiliate programs are such an effective tool that it is being implemented in almost all branches of business, including online gambling.

Casino Affiliate Program: What is Important to Know While Working With it

The affiliate software script is a kind of software, a platform with a certain functionality that allows you to customize, manage and monitor all the processes of relationships with your partner. In this case, an online casino is a seller, and web master who provides gambling traffic and receives his earnings for it is a partner. The affiliate software program itself is, in fact, an intermediary between the operator and the webmaster, which enables you to systematize and organize these relationships.

The most common type of such affiliate program is PPS, when the operator pays interest to the webmaster from money that players have transferred to the casino. And not just for the customer's deposits, but for the profit that the operator will receive from each particular player. There are times when they pay both from deposits and from the received gambling traffic. But the most correct option is the payment of interest from money that players have lost. The amount of payments is agreed by the partners (usually from 10 to 80%). In other words, these amounts can have a wide range, so each case is discussed individually.

The affiliate system is quite simple, but you need to understand that in the gambling sphere it is a flexible customizable tool. And the conditions may be completely different. If the parties agree that the webmaster receives interest for every 20 minutes of the player's presence on the casino’s web site, then it will be so. It is very important for casino affiliate program to be able to support and put into practice this agreement.

The basic working principles of the affiliate system

Experts name several principles that must be adhered to in affiliate marketing. Before you buy casino affiliate program it is worth making sure that it meets these requirements:

  • independence;
  • specialization;
  • functionality;
  • experience;
  • capabilities;
  • reputation.

Independence. Specialists insist that the casino affiliate program should be independent. There are two working options in such a system:

  1. To install the affiliate software script written by a manufacturer of the platform;
  2. To integrate into the platform an affiliate program, which is exclusively an affiliate program, and nothing more.

Experts believe that it is much more effective to work with an independent product, because the affiliate should act as a so-called judge. It has nothing to do with the platform or any other component of the online casino business structure.

If you really want to open casino and run a serious business, remember: an independent affiliate system will help you to act more effectively. It has more opportunities and is very professional.

Everyone should be responsible for their part of the job: you do not need to try to take all the functions upon yourself, because usually it does not turn out all right. 

Specialization. There are cross-functional affiliate programs that work with any kind of business, and there are specialized ones that work exclusively with online casinos. Of course, the second option is more preferable. But, unfortunately, not always there is such an opportunity, because specialized casino programs demand much of operators, and not everyone are ready to meet such requirements.

It is possible to work with the cross-functional program, but if you have a chance to work with a specialized one, we strongly recommend you to take advantage of this opportunity. Compare this with the situation when you go to the service station with the recondition of vehicles, or to the station that deals exclusively with your brand and therefore is able to do its job everything much better.

Functionality. The casino affiliate program is obliged to maintain and implement all arrangements with the webmaster. For example, if you agree that you will pay the webmaster only for players from Thailand who visits the casino from 12:00 to 1:00 at the full moon night, your affiliate software will need to identify these users and know when the full moon comes.

Experience. Do not start cooperation with a system, which has recently appeared at the market. The more experience the company with which you are going to work has — the better. Therefore, you should find out more about it before you buy casino affiliate program.

Capabilities. This point is closely connected with the functionality. Gather all the information on what your program can do and what can’t. Find out whether it will be possible to improve it in accordance with your individual needs.

Reputation. If you have found out that the casino which cooperated with your casino affiliate program went into bankruptcy, it is better not to start working with this system. Your future partner must have an unblemished reputation.

Webmaster in the marketing platform

This is the one who provides casino traffic. It does not matter how he does it, only the result is important to you. Such specialists usually work actively on the computer, they have their own websites that are usually focused on players and have reviews of games and casinos. Webmasters communicate a lot on various forums, thematic resources, social networks, etc. There are also professionals-individualists. There are even specialized companies with a huge staff of webmasters. Apart from them, there are affiliate programs that offer services of their webmasters.

There are a lot of options for operators, and how and with whom he wants to deal with agree — it is upon him to decide.

If you are an operator, do not be led by the nose by a webmaster and do not accept all his conditions under any circumstances. You must remember the saying: he who pays the piper calls the tune. Moreover, it is always possible to reach an agreement with a partner. There are cases when owners agreed to all conditions of webmasters, ad as a result they became victims of fraudulent actions. For example, interest on payments from deposits was agreed upon, and the webmaster has simply hired people who were engaged in depositing and withdrawing money, and as a result, he took his interest just like that. You need to be careful and put forward your own rules on the format of work and interest.


The casino affiliate program is the main source of casino traffic, the effectiveness of its operation depends on the operator himself. Therefore, before you buy casino affiliate program it is worth getting to know all the nuances described, for example, in this article.

It is easy to buy casino affiliate program from gaming companies. Today such product is presented at Online Casino Market; this brand will help you to monetize gambling site. Also experts offer clients to buy casino traffic and to assist in the connection of an advertising platform. You will only have to start raising money.

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