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Updated 21 august 2020

The number of countries that became more and more favourable for the online gambling business is rapidly growing, and Turkey is one of them. Even though all entertainment of this kind was forbidden in 2007, it does not stop the locals from accessing foreign-based internet casinos and enjoy the activities they have already used to. This is how an online gambling business in Turkey develops right now.

At the same time, operators that focus on this country constantly try to improve their platforms. With the abundance of vendors of software for casinos in Turkey, Novomatic is currently holding a leading position. Online Casino Market wants to introduce this reliable manufacturer a bit closer to you and explain the benefits of mutual cooperation.

What are the Main Online Gambling Laws in Turkey?

Online gambling laws in Turkey

The majority of the population in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, and other big cities in the country confess Islam. According to this religion, it is forbidden to engage in any type of gambling activity, including online. The local government seriously takes it into consideration and imposes huge fines on anyone who breaks the law. The banks that work in the region can also be subjected to $200,000 fines for conducting any transactions that are related to gambling.

Regardless of how frightening these punishments can sound, no real instances have been recently observed. Does this mean that the locals ignore online gambling? Totally not! The internet gambling business in Turkey is flourishing because of various VPN providers and online payment systems (the most widely used are Ukash and PayPay).

As a result, the Novomatic gaming provider is an excellent choice of a partner for every new operator. The company is into the latest trends that occur in Turkey, adapting their games to the local pop culture. Novomatic slot machines for sale are probably the most demanded entertainment of this kind on the available websites. Let us discuss the peculiarities of this software provider a bit closer and see how it can benefit your gambling career.

How is Novomatic Gaming Provider in Turkey Different from Others?

Since a lot of operators target the local audience, Novomatic casino software in Turkey becomes an unquestionable choice for them. The company develops not only amazing games adapted to the local culture but also a functional administrative environment for efficient management of the system.

Usually, Turkey casino software does not focus on particular features, trying to be universal for both this country and any other gambling market.

When an operator starts an online casino with Novomatic in Turkey, he receives a wide range of services that are particularly oriented on the target audience and include:

  • an immense variety of gaming content that is all localized for Turkish audience;
  • an understandable interface that is similarly easy to navigate in for new players and professionals;
  • an ideal match of the design for the audience from various Turkish cities, including Bursa, Adana, Istanbul, and many others;
  • individually designed baccarat and craps games from the Novomatic casino provider in Turkey;
  • three different development strategies that can be implemented together or individually — in-browser, mobile-based, and app versions;
  • demo versions of the most popular games from a Turkish casino provider Novomatic.

On top of these peculiarities, the company also has a separate department that focuses only on gaming content. Each operator receives a personal manager to ensure the developed gambling business in Turkey is organized according to the country’s top trends.

Why are Novomatic Gambling Services among the Best on the Turkish Market?

The Novomatic software provider in Turkey does not only offer amazing gaming products. A wide range of other services (including land-based) is on offer for operators who target audiences in Istanbul, Ankara, and other Turkish cities. Here is a shortlist of the most popular services that Novomatic casino software in Turkey provides.

Available product


Live dealers

During the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of players had to refuse from visiting land-based establishments. The Novomatic casino provider in Turkey offers operators to create a genuine atmosphere of a casino environment with live dealers

Novomatic slot machines for sale

Another popular gambling entertainment in Turkey is a traditional 10-line game. The company’s experts adapt the design of the slots to the popular trendy topic of Turkish pop culture

Jackpot adaptation

People love to hit big wins. Novomatic casino software in Turkey considers the development of popular jackpot-oriented games and ensures the process is attractive to your clients

Brick-and-mortar gaming environment

The Novomatic gaming provider has everything that an operator might need for the establishment of successful land-based gambling rooms in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, and other cities. The list of the products consist of high-res monitors, dedicated furniture, audio equipment, gaming terminals, and other hardware

Sweepstakes software development

Draw-games from the Novomatic software provider in Turkey is also a popular type of entertainment in the region. The company developers are into the local expectations and will set up your sweepstakes business in the most beneficial direction

Analytical tools and control software

The security of the gambling environment is one of the key aspects of Novomatic. That is why the company’s developers work with each project individually and opt for installing the best protective measures and analytical systems

Betting software

Betting Turkey casino software does not distinguish from the traditional systems. However, the design of the interface makes a huge difference, and Novomatic experts know perfectly well where to make the biggest accent

What are the Main Things of the Novomatic Gaming Provider in Turkey?

Novomatic gaming provider in Turkey

Online Casino Market always wants our clients to receive only the best services from our partners. That is why we highly recommend working with Novomatic casino software in Turkey if you want to build a successful gambling career. Moreover, there is another excellent solution for new operators from our team.

A Turkish turnkey casino is a convenient opportunity to transfer all responsibility for the organizational process to the experts at Online Casino Market.

This solution will help you start an online casino with Novomatic in Turkey, utilizing their best peculiarities:

  • a complete understanding of restricted Turkish online gambling regulation and adaptation of the software to the local environment;
  • the key distinctions of Novomatic software include an abundance of gaming content, development of comprehensive interface, individual approach to the design, various platform-development strategies (app, website, and mobile-based);
  • Novomatic provides a wide range of available products with the main focus on live casino, slot machines, brick-and-mortar gaming equipment, sweepstakes software development, betting software;
  • a turnkey casino with Novomatic in Turkey makes up a perfect solution when you order it from Online Casino Market, especially for new operators.

If you still wonder how to buy a Novomatic casino in Turkey, you are welcome to contact our customer support team to discuss the cooperation terms and order a wide range of available services.


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