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Updated 07 september 2022

The advertisement through affiliates is a widespread method of internet promotion of a new establishment. It allows you to quickly broaden audience reach, increase the loyalty of the clients and optimise costs.

Casino affiliate marketing: general info

In 2025, the volume of referral marketing may reach $8 billion, while about 10% of the sphere capitalisation will come from the field of gaming.

The Online Casino Market company offers to consider which partnership strategies have brought the greatest benefit to operators this year.

What Is Referral Marketing in the iGaming Industry

This is a way of distributing promotional responsibilities, thanks to which one party (operator) delegates to another (an affiliate or a specialised company) the functions of popularisation.

A collaboration between the owner of a project and a publisher is based on mutually beneficial conditions. The partner gets a bonus for attracting internet traffic, while the advertiser receives an influx of solvent customers who are ready to place bets.

Popular Partnership Models

Three forms of financial operations for affiliate services are common in the iGaming industry:


Fixed fee for the target action. As a rule, this is registration on a gambling site, making an initial deposit or the number of rounds played


Percentage of gross gaming revenue that a platform owner pays to an affiliated group for work done

Mixed models

They contain elements of the two previous forms of collaboration and are considered the most beneficial for the owner of a gambling project

The Nuances of Creating Offers

The conditions for the interaction of operators and publishers are prescribed in special contracts — offers. You need to approach the creation of contracts with all seriousness: in this way, you will achieve the maximum return on the attracted traffic and avoid misunderstandings in the future.

What should be included in the offer:

  • description of the gambling site (specify the licence, available content, and verification rules);
  • duration of cooperation (there are monthly, quarterly, and annual contracts);
  • type of attracted internet traffic (social, search, mobile, native);
  • description of the audience that is being targeted (country of residence, age, gender, preferences, level of earnings, interests);
  • form and procedure of payment;
  • clarification on creatives (whether it is possible to use personal digital content for promotion — banners, link material, e-mails — or there is an option to place only materials provided by the advertiser).

Referral Networks

These are special internet platforms where operators post offers, and publishers find suitable contracts for them.

Partner networks contain a ton of useful tools for affiliate marketing. These are trackers for controlling internet traffic, templates for creating commercial offers, webmaster ratings, and much more.

It is common for referral programs to be connected to financial gateways, making it easy to pay out commissions.

Partnership Promotion Strategies in 2023–2024

Affiliate promotion strategy: popular trends

Consider the popular trends that have brought entrepreneurs success recently:

Collaboration with Influencers

The reputation of publishers plays a primary role, so operators often turn to opinion leaders for help.

Influencers have an impressive audience on social media. Users listen to their recommendations, so the publications have a huge advertising weight.

In the gambling industry, opinion leaders include professional gamers (for example, poker players), streamers, TV and radio hosts, high rollers and other public figures. Operators and bookmakers often collaborate with current and former athletes.

When choosing influencers, you should focus on such parameters:

  • the number of real subscribers on their accounts;
  • interaction with the audience (reactions to posts, number of views, answers to questions);
  • reputation and image indicators.

Working with influencers is a long-term collaboration because quick advertising "flashes" will not give the expected result in terms of conversion growth. Here, long-term communication and a constant presence in the public field are needed.

Placement of Copyright Content

The use of hackneyed phrases and tricks has not been working for a long time. The potential buyers need fresh and useful ways of appealing with attractive headlines and without signs of pressure.

Online casino operators need to create captivating original content, both during the independent promo of their business and in cooperation with affiliates.

Offers have a whole section dedicated to creatives. It describes the basic requirements for materials, which party is responsible for what, the timing of publications, etc.

When placing digital content, you need to focus on certain characteristics:

  • quality of the text, audio and video materials;
  • usefulness to the audience;
  • a minimum of direct links, unobtrusive calls for funding the account or starting a game, so as not to scare away the audience.

Personalised Messages

As the study by the Epsilon online publication suggests, 80% of customers perform a targeted action (registration, purchase) if the company offers an individual approach. The statement is true both for the retail sector and for the gambling industry.

Personalised e-mail marketing will improve interaction with gamers:

  • In messages, you can offer starting bonuses, cashback, participation in network thematic sessions, and much more.
  • Mini-reviews of new products work well with the option of playing in demo mode — without registration and funding the account.

The most important thing is to move away from standard template letters and demonstrate to customers their exceptional value for online casinos.

Affiliates may be involved in writing messages, but, as a rule, this is a joint work of publishers and operators.

An Integrated Approach to Promotion

Referral systems provide that the owners of iGaming projects delegate advertising tasks to webmasters or partner companies. Those, in turn, use different methods to achieve the best online casino conversion.

Effective ways of promotion in 2023–2024:

  1. Social media targeting. Most often, affiliates use Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram instant messengers, since legitimate sites advertising is allowed there. Streaming services Twitch and YouTube are also gaining popularity, especially among generation Z. International IT giant Facebook is slightly behind due to some restrictions on gaming project promo.
  2. Native advertising. Partners place thematic banners on independent sites. These are affiliate casino portals, rating resources, platforms for watching movies or TV shows, and news projects. Native advertising is notable for good efficiency, but also considerable cost. Gamers just need to click on the banner to go to the online casino registration page.
  3. SEO promotion. Search engine optimisation improves your strategy. The solution is relevant both for beginners and established brands with an excellent reputation in the market. Pages with a high ranking in Google, Yandex and other systems get into the top search queries, so the chances of attracting an audience are much higher here.

Emphasis on the Legitimacy of Online Casinos

Online casino legality: importance

The legality of an iGaming project is a key factor in effective interaction with solvent traffic.

Clients need to be aware that they have a licensed and certified resource with good personal data protection. This knowledge should be conveyed in advertising campaigns gently and unobtrusively.

Each category of players has its set of positively-coloured symbols concerning gambling:

  • For high rollers, a transparent system of payments without delays and high commissions, low tax rates on winnings, and confidence that the authorities will not have questions about the nature of the money received are important.
  • Beginners need to receive information about the legality of online businesses in general. They need to be convinced that this is entertainment, not a way to earn money.
  • Fans prefer sites with high personal data security, which is the prerogative of legal casinos.

The Main Things about Partner Marketing in the Gaming Segment

Referral programs are an effective method of attracting solvent traffic to the casino site. The operator pays only for the final result, and in return gains an increase in internet conversion and an improvement in image indicators.

  • Popular affiliate marketing strategies include working with influencers, posting authored content, and sending out personalised messages.
  • To achieve maximum results, it is important to apply an integrated approach to promotion. In 2024, affiliates use social media targeting, as well as native and SEO advertising.
  • Promo campaigns should be built around the legality of digital casinos. It means a lot for gamblers to convey that this is legitimate leisure, and customer data is securely protected. An important message: iGaming projects offer a transparent payout system without high commissions.

The Online Casino Market company provides professional services to popularise the gambling business. From us, you can order the development of an individual advertising strategy or connect a proven partner service.

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