November 2022: What Is New in the Gambling Sphere?

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Updated 03 november 2022

The middle of autumn has brought a lot to the iGaming industry. The new UK prime minister and his relation to gambling and a brand-new online gaming market with its peculiarities became the loudest news as of the beginning of November.

Let us discuss these messages and attempt to predict their consequences on the industry.

New Prime Minister to Deliver Sensible Reforms?

A brief position held by Liz Truss was quickly cut off by her ambiguous desires and perspectives of the British economy, making her ruling the shortest in the UK’s history:

  • Liz Truss — 50 days;
  • George Canning — 118 days;
  • The Viscount Goderich — 144 days;
  • Bonar Law — 211 days;
  • The Duke of Devonshire — 225 days.

Now, there is a new PM in the house. Rishi Sunak is predicted to stay more than just 50 days in the office, and the iGaming commission already makes its first approaches regarding a changing treatment of the industry.

The new prime minister was asked to deliver a «sensible, proportionate, and carefully targeted» Gambling Act white paper. Authorities at The Betting and Gaming Council have noted that Mr Sunak served in the Richmond constituency that hosts a horseracing venue. He is expected to understand an important contribution of the betting community.

Official Introduction of Online Gambling Coming to Saskatchewan

Starting on November 3, the first local gaming platform will launch its activities. Its operator SIGA disclosed the British Columbia Lottery Corporation as its winning seller at the beginning of summer.

Saskatchewan will join two other provinces (British Columbia and Manitoba) where is currently officially operating as the only local gambling portal. It is worth keeping in mind that SIGA is a single platform in North America with access to unique health experts — GameSense Advisors.

A Steady Rise of Gambling Entertainment in the UK

Even though the British economy is currently living through its not-best times, the casino and betting segments seem to find the right recipe for success. Online activities are in lead regarding the growth percentage over the last few months.

The recent report on gambling popularity by the UKGC indicated almost 30% of the country’s population is involved in internet casino activities. This is the highest percentage of all time, bringing the total national revenue to pre-pandemic levels.

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Karen Fill


Karen Fill

Gambling business expert at Online Casino Market

Updated 03 november 2022