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Updated 20 june 2023

The current pace of technological growth is continuously providing new opportunities for business improvement. The gaming industry is no exception to this rule. Owing to the latest innovations, the online gambling sphere is now flourishing, with endless entertainment possibilities opened for players. However, new operational methods tend to create new problems that a knowledgeable platform owner must know how to deal with.

Common operators’ mistakes

The experts from Online Casino Market have been studying the most common difficulties that an operator can face since the creation of the company. The number of foolproof strategies is growing day after day, and it is impossible for a single person to get acknowledged with them.

That is why the experts from Online Casino Market want to offer you another valuable guide on understanding the operators’ most common mistakes and how to solve them efficiently.

Poor Website Design

Your platform must be unique on the market. It is essential to develop the design that would make your website stand out from the crowd and concentrate on the target audience. The image of your platform is a mirror of your company. It will directly influence your traffic, and consequently, your profit.



Some operators think that as long as their gaming content is on the site, their clients will pay no attention to the rest of the design. However, it is complete nonsense.

People unconsciously are attracted by a well-thought-out image of your platform, tend to visit it more often and place more bets. Saving on your website design means cutting a significant part of the profit that you could eventually earn

Avoiding to get trapped by the issue of negligence, the website must correspond to primary visual standards, backed up by the peculiarities which you might want to add according to the market you are working in.

Straightforward text, a calm but eye-catchy colour scheme, and visible essential functions (registration, sign-in, deposit, withdrawal, etc.) are a must.

Most importantly, you should avoid the overwhelming abundance that will make your website load longer and just repel potential clients

Lack of Interaction

Usually, the first thing that appears on a gaming website upon entering is an automated chat. It asks whether a visitor might have any questions, issues, or recommendations to be solved. Some people would probably ignore it, while others would eagerly start typing their concerns.



The problem here is that, usually, real operators do not follow such chats. In the case of general questions, a quick answer might be helpful.

However, when a person is willing to discover any sort of a specific way out to a particular situation, the lack of communication is a severe problem.

Many players have abandoned the platforms due to being unable to reach the support team promptly, depriving the operator of valuable traffic

The easiest way out of this situation is to hire a 24/7 support team that would be there for your clients.

A wise operator would organise a few shifts that would make it possible for players to find answers to their questions any time they decided to play.

Even though such interaction maintenance seems overwhelming, it will definitely pay off with the trust and loyalty it provides, and the number of retained players that it saved

Inefficient Marketing

Inefficient marketing: common mistakes

Effective advertising campaigns are crucial in acquiring new players and increasing your profit. There is no chance that people will just type the name of your website and go to it directly on the spot. It is essential to make it as noticeable as possible, utilising the most efficient marketing methods.



The lack of resources or inappropriate usage of promotional methods, depending on the area of operation, creates a vacuum where your platform is not advertised to the full extent.

Whether it is your own fault (as a single independent operator) or your marketing department, you must immediately eradicate this issue to stop the leakage of resources

Conduct a profound analysis of the audience to understand the best possible promotional means and strategies.

One of the most effective ones in the gambling industry, in particular, is affiliate marketing. It provides easy access to the needed potential players and sets up a sizable communicational network that expands as you cooperate with different portals.

On top of that, there are a few other methods that you are obliged to resort to:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • mass mailout
  • visualised content
  • loyalty and VIP programs

Insufficient Variety

Some operators tend to focus on the particular gambling activities that they offer to players. For example, if it is an online casino, there can only be slot-related games, roulette, a few card games, and nothing else. However, you do not want to repeat this big mistake while creating your own online gaming space.



Either it is a lack of financial background, or simply a faulty perception, for some reason, many operators fail to install enough entertainment activities to their platform. The result is poor attendance, constant complaints concerning the lack of gaming abundance, and a ruined project.

This kind of negligence in the selection of entertaining is a severe blowout to your website’s popularity and demand

Add new gripping gambling activities to generate an ideal mixture. The key to this is the understanding of your audience. Maybe they are fond of sports-related activities so that betting might be an option. Often, the lottery is an excellent addition to any online gambling platform.

Live-games are usually in demand, irrespective of the location. eSports and virtuals are also popular, relying on the type of players that visit your website. Do not spare money on perceiving your audience

Wrong Lobby Assortment

Another critical issue is about displaying the right content for the players. It is of utmost importance not only to prioritise the most popular activities but also to offer new and fresh games that could attract players’ attention quite easily. Without sorting out your lobby accordingly, you leave players seeking for new engaging content by themselves, evoking a desire to leave your platform due to negligence.



When an operator orders new gaming software from a service provider, little does one know that not prioritising this fresh content can cost a lot to them. As a result, such casino owners wonder why the newly purchased content performs so poorly.

It can be compared to the mess on a table when it is simply impossible to find the necessary stuff until all things are adequately sorted out

Create special menus with the lists of freshly arrived games. Nobody said that it is forbidden to promote your most popular content. However, you should have a separate place on your website not to mix these two notions.

As a result, by offering the new games to your players, you gradually increase the traffic, growing the GGR, and, consequently, making more profit

Lack of License

Lack of license: solution

The start of any business can be rough, especially when you are low on budget. Sometimes, new gambling operators try to save as much as possible or simply have no other way out rather than just go black. It is where the majority of the problems start to emerge.



No license means you are unable to take advantage of several helpful possibilities that are accessible with an official registration:

  • cooperation with bank-related facilities;
  • a constant should hide from authoritarian bans and restrictions;
  • lack of trustworthy software providers;
  • inability to utilise the most widespread payment systems;
  • no trust from behalf of your clients

Even if you are not able to afford a top tier license of Great Britain, Switzerland, or Germany, you can always start small.

There are a lot of available offshore jurisdictions that have reasonable prices with almost the same availability of services.

The only difference is the audience that you are going to target.

Meanwhile, you can achieve nearly equal Gross Gaming Revenue with adequate advertising campaigns, marketing strategies, and platform preparation.

Wrong Choice of Software Providers

The lack of gambling experience sometimes makes operators fall to various traps. Among the most common ones are the reduced prices on software from unknown providers. Being allured by the low cost of the gaming content, some casino owners later appear in a very unsettling situation.



Such software providers that offer low-cost products are often just scammers who profit off of inexperienced operators trying to save their resources while building the first project.

It is much more beneficial to pay a bit more once rather than learn from bitter experience. As they say, buy nice or buy twice. Therefore, once you achieve official permission to operate in the prefered location, you should find the best providers of gaming and administrative content, considering their offers, prices, and feedbacks of former clients

Not Enough Payment Methods

It is not only about accepting payments in a single currency. Of course, it also limits you from the players who do not have access to this particular money. However, it also concerns the payment methods in general.



Some players just can not use a single payment method that your platform offers. Therefore, they just quit and look for other platforms that are usually your competitors.

The loss of traffic has a direct negative influence on your revenue stream, reducing your profit

Evidently, you should increase the number of available payment methods. Study the local market and figure out what most comprehensive financial tools and currencies people tend to use here.

After that, do not spare resources to integrate these payment systems to your platform, advertising this as vividly as possible

Long Withdrawals

The best scenario here is that every player’s withdrawal is instant, without any delay from the payment processor and your platform. However, we all know that unexpected things happen sometimes, and your players can understand this. At the same time, you should do everything possible to speed up this process to show how you care about your clients and their winnings.



An unhealthy reputation is created upon delaying the payouts for too long. Players do not hide their annoyance when it comes to their money.

If you unreasonably postpone or refuse to provide them with their winning, be sure to receive a dozen of bad reviews at least. In the worst case, you will be deprived of the license for disobeying responsible gaming

Make your payment department work swiftly and professionally. In case you are an independent operator, set up your financial systems to ensure swift payouts.

It is no joke to delay the withdrawals of your income source. You can easily distract these people from playing at your platform anymore and joining your rivals

Trying to Prevent the Mistakes with the Help from Online Casino Market

Preventing mistakes with the help of experts

The theoretical background that any operator can get on the internet is the first step to securing your gambling platform from mistakes. However, the practical implementation of the gained knowledge can be a bit challenging if you had never had any similar experience before.

Considering this, in case you have just started building your gambling career path, it will be really beneficial for you to solicit professional support from experts in the sphere.

Online Casino Market is a perfect team of candidates for this. Our specialists can provide you with a particular solution to a specific issue, along with a complete turnkey online casino order from scratch.

When it concerns the most common problems, our experts definitely realise how to:

  • refine a poor website design;
  • solve the lack of interaction;
  • improve inefficient marketing;
  • advance the insufficient variety;
  • handle the wrong lobby assortment;
  • fix the absence of a license;
  • clarify the wrong choice of software providers;
  • add up enough payment methods;
  • speed up long withdrawals.

All you just have to do is to pick the most convenient communication method and contact our support team for clearing out any subsequent issues and making an order.

Meanwhile, the next time we will try to understand the most efficient way of engaging players at your gaming platform. Stay with us and do not hesitate to make an order!


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