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Updated 17 december 2019

Like any other legitimate business, the creation of an online casino starts with the registration of a company and acquiring the necessary official documentation to carry out the activities.

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Online Casino Market can help to choose the jurisdiction that will meet your business needs and financial possibilities in the best manner.

Why is License Vital for an Online Casino?

High competition in the gambling market dictates its rules. If you want to run a successful business you have to take care of your reputation and prove that your business does not violate the law. All gambling software manufacturers require a documentary authorization for carrying on business before selling or renting a casino.

With some jurisdictions, license acquisition is simply a formality, while in others it is a fairly serious process that includes a comprehensive approach and verification procedures.

Anyway, having a license will make a casino more appealing to customers and partners because the online gambling sector is considered to be the most unprotected industry.

It as well provides a number of important competitive advantages:

  • avoiding problems with legal governmental agencies;
  • general confidence and trust of players;
  • guarantee of the customer's financial security;
  • easy cooperation with banks and banking institutions;
  • ability to accept online payments.

Casino Business for Sale: Choice of a Jurisdiction

The first thing to decide is which countries you plan to find the customers in. The basic rule is that the choice of jurisdiction should be defined by the vast majority of players. Hence, the best jurisdiction is the one having the biggest number of targeted clients.

When choosing a country you should pay attention to its taxation rates for internet business. Gambling operators tend to decide upon new jurisdictions that provide the most loyal tax conditions and have a favorable legislative climate, especially given the infinite possibilities of online projects.

It should not be forgotten that the licenses of some countries are more respected than others.

In fact, there are many factors to consider when choosing jurisdiction for an online casino:

  • political stability and prestige of jurisdiction;
  • tax burden;
  • license and initial expenses;
  • casino marketing strategy (target audience);
  • business development stage;
  • time allowance before project launch;
  • network infrastructure;
  • availability of payment systems;
  • popularity of a jurisdiction among gambling providers.

A license is an indicator of reliability and demonstrates that a casino operator adheres to the policy of a fair play. Upon acquiring a license, an internet casino obtains the status of an absolutely legitimate business, which activities are carried out under an established jurisdiction. A license is also an undeniable marker of the business transparency.

Online Casino Market offers legalization services among others and will help to choose a jurisdiction, which will support any casino business for sale.

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Karen Fill


Karen Fill

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Updated 17 december 2019