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Updated 24 september 2019

Of course, it is possible. However, features of the business mean that it will be not just a website but a reliable portal with dozens of games and secure payments. Therefore, before you start creating your own casino on the Internet, you need to figure out what elements this type of business consists of.

Online gambling website

A daredevil who will decide to create a casino from scratch will need to have special skills in programming, development of the design, planning of marketing campaigns, and even be able to deal with problems of customers. Do not forget about the paperwork because nowadays, an online business needs to file reports to the tax office.

First of all, think about the acquisition of a gambling license. If you yourself are fond of gambling, then you know that high rollers will never place a big bet on the website that does not have a license. That is why there are so many one-day gaming sites that close almost instantly.

Since online games do not have any limits, and they are in-demand even in the most remote corners of the world, we recommend you to get an international license, for example, in Malta or Curacao. Firstly, these jurisdictions are more loyal to the beginning entrepreneurs than others, and secondly, there is very pleasant tax legislation in these countries.

In addition to the license, you will need the special gambling software, with the help of which the owner of a casino administers the website, adds games, monitors the level of effectiveness, works with affiliate programs, etc.

If you already have in mind some reliable software vendor, it is great. If not, we are glad to recommend you Online Casino Market, a reliable provider and a pleasant partner.

From the point of view of the players, the quality of the gambling platform is also important: the more reliable is the system, the less discomfort arises during the gameplay and during the withdrawal of winnings.

Usually, when you purchase a platform, the supplier immediately offers you to order slot games. Feel free to accept them: only the most popular and in-demand games are added to the platform. If you decide to choose slots independently, then it is better for you to focus on the products of such companies as Playtech, Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, Igrosoft, and so on.

And only on the basis of the gaming platform, it is possible to order the development of the website. The requirements for it are quite simple: a gaming site should have an attractive appearance, protect the casino from hacker attacks, and be optimised for the natural promotion.

Also, you have to choose a domain name that will correspond to the main idea of ​​the website. It is better to use words that are directly related to gambling: gold, win, prize, money, luck, etc.

But it is necessary to avoid using these words in a domain name in languages ​​other than English. Once you go beyond your own country, the players will no longer understand what the name of your website means.

In general, the choice of a niche, the development of positioning, and the main channels of promotion are made by marketers. Of course, you can do all this by yourself but professionals usually understand the specifics of the market much better and can organise a powerful launch even for the business with a small initial capital.

When everything is ready, it is time to start organising a customer support service. Usually, it has three possible formats:

  • a live chat;
  • a call centre;
  • support by e-mail.

The difficulty is that you need not only to find employees but also to train to make them work exactly with gamblers. Very often, those people who cannot withdraw their winnings to the banking card are angry. The staff of the support service should not just solve their problems but also reassure clients and convince them of the loyalty of the casino.

Therefore, the best solution will be, of course, to connect your website to the existing support centre with qualified professionals. This method has three major advantages:

  1. There is no need for the official employment — you can work with people by concluding an agreement.
  2. You do not spend time on training.
  3. It is much cheaper than to organise your own support centre from scratch.

Well, the last important point is the payment channels. Local services work well for each country but for the global market, it is better to choose international companies.

Besides, do not forget that more and more people prefer to play for the cryptocurrency. Today, it is really important for the success of a gambling establishment to accept deposits and pay out winnings in bitcoins or altcoins.

As you can see, there is really a lot of work to do. The best way to save time and money is to order the development of a turnkey casino. In this case, you will immediately receive all the necessary components: a website, a gaming platform, profitable slots, popular payment modules, and an ability to connect to the support chat.

But perhaps the most important advantage of the purchase of a turnkey casino is that you can avoid the licensing procedure. Usually, the supplier adds your website into its license as a subsidiary, and you can work absolutely legally from the first day.

Look through the offers of different companies. Many of them make advances and help their clients even with the promotion, for example, Online Casino Market. The company is always ready to help.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 24 september 2019