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Updated 24 march 2020

Investment in gambling projects is one of the most promising and profitable types of placement of funds. By 2025, the gross margin of the gambling market will reach 102 billion dollars.

The best way to invest funds and make gains is to open an online casino. The Online Casino Market team is ready to join the work at any stage of the project realisation: from the development of a turn-based strategy to the promotion of already existing platforms.

Casino Business Plan: Stages of Entering the Gambling Market

Casino business plan: stages of entering the gambling market

To launch your own gambling establishment is a complex and many-sided process that requires a significant amount of knowledge in a wide variety of industries (from programming to banking and advertising).

Having decided to launch an online platform, an operator must draw up a detailed casino business plan that consists both of the main stages of the project and the scenarios of further work.

A sketch casino business plan from the Online Casino Market team includes the following items:

  1. Legal implementation. To launch an online casino, an investor will have to legalise a company, prepare documents for the project legalisation, enter into agreements with software suppliers, and open a bank account with a reserve capital.
  2. Purchase of a license. The legalisation of a gambling startup is the only way to enter the international stage, earn the trust of an audience, cooperate with reliable partners, and provide services without the unwanted attention from the authorities.
  3. A website with slot machines. Investment in a casino involves the creation of an exclusive design of a gaming site. A vivid solution that can stand out against the background of hundreds of similar offers will definitely become popular and bring a good profit.
  4. Software. We recommend you to invest in the most popular areas of 2020: 3D slots, games with elements of the augmented and virtual reality, card emulators, content with live dealers, bets on artificial events and e-sports, instant lotteries, and skill games.
  5. Back office. The internal systems of the platform are responsible for the following actions and functions: compilation of the analytical data, control over the work of employees, monitoring of the behaviour of customers, support for payment services, provision of the security of user data, and system maintenance.
  6. Marketing program. Investment in gambling projects without their subsequent promotion is a waste of money. The right advertising strategy is the key to the fastest return on investment and stably high traffic.

Leave an application to Online Casino Market, and we will prepare for you a detailed casino business plan and offer several free logos for your future brand.

Our team will not only help you to open an online casino but also deal with the promotion of a startup on the international market (if you will order comprehensive marketing services, we can guarantee a full payback in 2—6 months).

Investment in a Casino Business: Debunking Myths

Investment in a casino business: debunking myths

There are many myths in the gaming industry that do not stand up to scrutiny, for example:

Myth №1. Casino Earnings Consist of the Losing of Players

This is a completely wrong statement. The profit of the project consists of several components, which are:

Types of the revenue of the gambling startup

The type of profit

The description

Percentage deductions of affiliate networks

The system is built on mutually beneficial cooperation of each party of the process:

  • the advertiser (investor) receives only the interested audience;
  • the affiliate network earns money for each new client;
  • the gambler receives pleasant bonuses, cash rewards, and access to the relevant content

Investment in a casino

Placement of funds in new projects give investors a good return on investment, and owners of a startup can count on a quick launch and a good reputation

User payments

Casinos can make a profit from the sale of the following services:

  • ratings of customers;
  • bonus opportunities;
  • additional playing time;
  • access to various tournaments;
  • personal avatars;
  • extended limits on bets, and much more

Myth №2. Investment in Gambling Projects is Only for the Rich People

In reality, the threshold for investing funds is quite low: for the vast majority of the opened startups, the initial amount of deposit starts from 10 dollars. However, in this case, you cannot expect serious dividends.

Myth №3. Investment in a Casino is Very Risky

It is really risky to launch your own project from scratch without any experience. Therefore, we offer you some alternative ways: a franchise agreement and a turnkey online casino. And if the first option requires that you work with standard solutions, a turnkey startup will guarantee individuality, complete independence, and an ability to provide customers with the latest releases in the gambling industry.

Myth №4. Investment in a Gambling Business Requires Special Education

This is another long-held assumption. To select an investment object, it is enough to independently study the market or make use of the services of the experts in this field (the Online Casino Market company has the best analytical tools, and we also use advanced monitoring technologies and AI algorithms to collect and process data on the expected behaviour of potential customers).

In Conclusion

The gambling industry not only shows a unique growth record but is also a “trendsetter” in the industry of high-tech solutions. Investment in gambling projects is the most practical and profitable form of passive income generation.

Contact the managers of Online Casino Market, and we will offer you the best type of cooperation. We guarantee confidentiality, reasonable prices, favourable rental terms, access to the developments of the world’s leading suppliers, flexible discount systems, and the ability to order exclusive solutions based on individual sketches.

A safe investment with Online Casino Market is your way to success. Start earning money right now!

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Karen Fill

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Updated 24 march 2020