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Updated 10 december 2019

In the last 10-15 years, working remotely became not only possible but also highly appreciated. Some of the undisputed advantages of working from home made millions of people refuse their offices, and start their own projects online. What about now? Several brand-new spheres opened new possibilities and allowed using the benefits of home-based business to its fullest. For example, the online gambling business. People started asking for help at such companies as Online Casino Market to provide them assistance in organizing their own gaming platforms. Not only did it turn out a really profitable direction but it was also in high demand since the land-based business of this type is heavily restricted. So, what should you do in order to start an online gambling platform while sitting at home?

Start a home based business in online gambling

Launching a Profitable Gambling Platform From Home

First of all, it is vital to stick to a thorough business plan, written in advance. It must include the following:

  • all the necessary stages of the platform development process;
  • possible obstacles;
  • ways to solve them;
  • initial budget calculation;
  • side investments;
  • probable expenses;
  • estimated income.

All these points will guarantee you a successful gaming platform at the end. Moreover, your business plan will serve as an essential document when you are undergoing a registration process to make sure you are running a legal business.

Website Development

After you know how you are going to shape up your organizational process, you can start developing a gaming platform itself. You should resort to the real professionals that understand the peculiarities of the sphere to make sure your project is stuffed with everything necessary to satisfy your future clients. While discussing the design, ensure you have a trendy topic to implement into your site’s essence. This will attract more people and increase traffic.

Apart from that, you should make sure that your platform is equipped with:

  • secured payment systems to protect the players’ deposits;
  • straightforward interface to give your clients a clear insight on what they should do once on your site;
  • extended yet not overloaded functionality;
  • 24/7 support team contact.

Software Purchase

Online gambling software

The platform is ready, so it’s high time to take care of the entertaining content for your players. It is essential to find a reliable software provider that will guarantee you high-quality products. Even though the industry is quite young, there are hundreds of companies that offer inexperienced operators their services. The question here is how good they are.

Among the most popular representatives on the market that are quite well-reputed, you can take a closer look at the following:

  1. Microgaming
  2. Novomatic
  3. Playtech
  4. Mega Jack
  5. Amatic
  6. Betsoft
  7. EGT

Of course, you may not find everything you need at a single manufacturer, so contact several ones and inquire about the services they may offer you.


Now, once you have a platform ready to launch, you must take care that this start is legal not to get banned days after the beginning of your operation.

What should you do in order to get a legal permit to work in one of the available countries?

  1. Choose the jurisdiction that provides licensing services, considering your needs.
  2. Contact the local gaming commission to find out what documents you might need for the application.
  3. Pay all the necessary fees and comply with all the regulations.
  4. Finish the application process and wait for the approval.
  5. Get the license in 2-8 weeks after applying.

Make sure you choose the country wisely, depending on the price, taxation system, service provision territory, and some other personal peculiarities. It will directly influence your expenses as well as your income.


Finally, you can start promoting your legal platform with the means that are allowed according to the chosen regulations. The most popular one is the affiliating system. This highly efficient method involves cooperation with several webmasters who own numerous portals and sell you the advertising place on them. With the variety of directions of these sites, you can quickly increase your traffic if you correspond your target audience with the type of promotion. Pay your attention that if you want to achieve significant income, you will have to reinvest up to 70% of your profit into advertising and continue increasing the number of your players.

How Online Gambling Business Differs From Other Home-Based Types?

A professionally designed gaming platform is an excellent source of passive income since you don’t really have to do much after the launch. Your support team and a “clever” website will take of everything for you. Moreover, if you resort to such expert companies as Online Casino Market and ask for a turnkey business solution, your investments into the project will pay off in just 3-6 months. Just think hard and make your home-based business career flourish from the very beginning.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 december 2019