How to Start a Gambling Business and Open Online Casinos: Guideline to Follow

1. The Development of a Gambling Platform: Detailed Instructions

2. Creation of a Casino: License

3. How Much Does an Online Casino Cost

4. What Does it Mean to Buy a Turnkey Casino

Today, when land-based casinos are banned, it is not so easy to create an online casino, although it is still possible. In order to open online casinos operators need to know how to work legally, without raising questions from authorities of the country, in which they were registered. Besides, the process of the creation of a casino itself is quite cumbersome, as it consists of several very important stages, and here you are going to need a detailed business plan of online casino.

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We offer you to contact Online Casino Market. Experts of this company know everything about the gambling business: what documents and what actions are necessary to take if you want to create an online casino. It is also possible to order from Online Casino Market the development of a casino or you can just buy turnkey online casino. Specialists will make a design for your gaming site and install online casino software into it.

The Development of a Gambling Platform: Detailed Instructions

Let us take a closer look at the following points:

  • Gambling market research.
  • Business plan of online casino.
  • Obtaining a license.
  • Purchase of online casino software.
  • Development of a unique design of the gaming site.
  • Integration of HTML5 games into the site and payment systems.
  • Launch of a new gambling establishment.
  • Promotion of your business.

Create an online casino (mobile app)

Market analysis. When you start any activity that is aimed at profit earning, you, as the business owner, should gather all available information on it. Prior to open online casinos it is necessary to analyze the gambling market and draw certain conclusions: in which region is it worth starting the business, what games are preferred by users, and which competitive companies also work towards the same niche.

Registration of a legal entity. Regardless of the country, it is necessary to create a legal entity in order to conduct business. That is, you should apply to executive bodies to register a company (LLC, OJSC, etc.) or sole proprietorship. Usually such procedures do not generate questions.

Online casino software. In order to create a land-based casino you need a room, and the development of an online casino requires the purchase of special gambling software. Online casino software can be bought from providers that develop and supply gambling products to operators.

Games. Along with the software you will need to choose games: roulette, HTML5 slots, card games, board games etc. – everything that you would like to offer your players.

Development of the gambling establishment. The next stage will be the creation of a gaming site, which will be visited by users who want to play in your casino. It is better to entrust the process of development of a web resource to experienced programmers, since such a website differs radically from other resources and have their own specific features.

Installation of the online casino software and HTML5 games. In order for your casino to work properly, it is necessary to integrate gambling software and online games into your gaming site. This process is quite simple, but it can cause certain problems that can’t always be solved with no outside help. In this case, you will need the advice of specialists.

Integration of payment systems. This factor plays one of the most important roles, since to open online casinos without the possibility of carrying out financial transactions means to burn daylight, spend energy and money to no purpose. First of all, the activity of casinos on the Internet is based on income received from users in the form of bets, otherwise it would be pointless. You should choose the most popular payment systems, which are often used by players (WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard), or even better - to integrate into the gambling platform as many different services as possible.

License. Even at the very beginning of the online casino development it is worthwhile to focus on the process of obtaining a gambling license. In order to receive it, you must give jurisdiction all information about the online casino software, as well as data on all game products (even name and describe storylines and rules of games), and some other documents (we will talk about them in this article bit later).

Specialists. It is worth thinking about employees who will manage all the processes that will take place in your online casino: programmers, administrators, financiers, security. Therefore, we recommend you to find out how many employees and which of them you should hire (full-time staff and teleworkers) – perhaps it is worth consulting those experts who know this sphere of activity better than you (HR specialists).

Promotion of the gambling establishment will be the last stage, because to open online casinos is only half the battle – it should also bring revenues. To make it happen it is necessary for potential players to find out about the casino and want to visit its website, place bets and spend their leisure time in your gambling club. For the promotion of the business experts recommend to use social networks, where you can create groups and distribute information about your gambling establishment. It is not difficult to do all this, but it will take time and will need the presence of competent SMM specialists. Whereas how to buy turnkey online casino means to immediately get promotion services.

Creation of a Casino: License

  • Study casino licensing of the gambling business in offshore jurisdictions where gambling is not prohibited, and remember that taxes for its maintenance are minimal (or not charged at all).
  • Prepare a package of documents (copies of passports of potential licensees, certificates of registration and corporate chart, a certificate from the bank confirming the availability of funds on your account, a certificate of clean record and other documents).
  • Send to the registering authority an application for the purchase of a license and the above-mentioned documents (do not forget to pay the necessary amount of money for the consideration).
  • After the application is accepted, you need to create a business plan of online casino, where you need to specify which games will be offered in your casino, their titles and storylines.
  • In the business plan of online casino you must describe payment systems, through which funds will be deposited and withdrawn. Moreover, you should provide a generic list of revenues and expenses for the first three months.

Each jurisdiction has its own rules, but they all have much in common. The described steps are the requirements of almost all commissions. In any case, it is better to buy turnkey casino with an already valid license that meets all requirements of the registering authority, and not to face different problems connected with casino licensing.

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How Much Does an Online Casino Cost

Such question arises at the very beginning, when you are just planning to open online casinos, in particular, to buy turnkey online casino. Inexperienced gambling business owners may think that it will be very expensive to purchase a turnkey casino, since its price is sky-high.

Let us weigh the pros and contras. Upon closer view, the situation turns out to be quite different from what you imagined it to be.

  1. The license. Only to collect a package of documents will take long, and each document may require separate inclusions. Moreover, even for the consideration of your application you will have to pay some amount of money. If you file an application incorrectly, you will not be able neither to return your money nor to receive a license.
  2. Online casino software. Perhaps you may want to buy it for a cheaper price to save money, but low-end software will not lead to anything good. At the best case, the product will require improvement, and in the worst case scenario – the purchase of new high-quality software.
  3. Games. Those who have incomplete information on gambling with have problems with deciding which HTML5 slots are the most popular ones. Consequently, in case of an unsuccessful acquisition, they risk losing money.
  4. Promotion of online casinos. This process requires specific skills, because you need to know thoroughly the advertising legislation that contains bans on certain types of advertising. Moreover, even the promotion in social networks has its own nuances, so here you will need the help of SMM specialists.

These efforts will be crowned with success, if you have patience and move only forward, in this case everything will be fine. We would like to remind you that it is quite time-consuming to open online casinos, but still there are ways to set up a gambling business within a short time. For example, to buy turnkey online casino.

Therefore, it is impossible to answer unequivocally how much will it cost to set up a casino business: each factor can be thought over in different ways.

A partner of the Online Casino Market brand, the developer Slotegrator presents several beneficial offers for operators.

What Does it Mean to Buy a Turnkey Casino

Thanks to this decision casino owners will receive absolutely all products and services that make it possible to create an online casino and launch it in the very near future.

How does this process occur?

  • The company provides a partner with a license from Curacao that will enable him to operate at the gambling market. This jurisdiction has a high status and is considered to be one of the most popular.
  • Experts register a domain name for a new casino website, and they can also be engaged in naming if customers will wish so – they can come up with a name for both the domain and the new gambling establishment.
  • The company provides its clients with secure servers, where all databases can be safe.
  • Designers think over and implement the project of creation a gaming site, taking into account all wishes of customers, down to the smallest detail. Thus, the site becomes unique, unlike any other resource.
  • Online casino software and other programs that activate slot machines will be integrated into the gaming site. You will not have problems with choosing games: specialists know exactly which HTML5 slots are in greatest demand at the moment, and the whole package of them will be installed. The company Slotegrator offers games from its wide collection, which contains of games from world’s leading providers.
  • All conditions are created for the overall management of the structure of the site, and administrators will be able to activate the functionality and control it without any problems.
  • The most popular payment systems will be connected to your casino. Today, among such systems we can name Visa, MasterCard and others.

As you can see, it will be quite fast to open online casinos with the help of a senior partner, because all the main stages will be passed for you by the developer. So, the conclusion is: is much more profitable to buy turnkey online casino than to organize a new business by yourself.

Slotegrator offers one more sure option – the White label casino service package. This method is similar to the above mentioned. The only difference is that operators get an opportunity to work under the license of a senior partner, who already has experience, online casino software and a gambling license, which make your business legal.

Such a document is rather difficult to obtain, as White label casino means the creation of a casino on special terms – using a license of a well-known brand for the activities of a new online gambling establishment.

What are the advantages of the White label casino offer:

  • You do not need to obtain a permit – you will work under a gambling license of your partner.
  • New gambling platform will be installed on your website within the shortest possible time, as well as modern HTML5 games from famous providers, payment systems and technical support. In a word, all that is required to run a casino business successfully.
  • You do not have to worry about searching game vendors, working with intermediaries, overpaying for products. All contracts are ready – they were signed by the company that provides you with a White label casino. Do not forget that it has years of experience working in the gambling sphere.
  • Design of the gaming site will be developed in accordance with your individual technical design specification, and developers will take into account your wishes towards the structure, graphics and functionality of the site. It is also possible to order variants of any complexity.
  • The best HTML5 slots will be installed through a single protocol. This method guarantees the quality and speed of the integration of all operators.
  • You will cut corners on expenses on the online casino development, so you will be able to invest additional funds in the promotion of your new project.
  • You are given a free choice of games and payment services. In spite of the fact that you will work under the license of your partner, there will be no requirements for you in regards to any products or services: you can resolve these issues by yourself.
  • In addition, you can change both the online casino software and the list of providers.

The sponsoring company will help you create a business plan of online casino and support you in the promotion of your own brand under your license. And in the future you will be able to try to work independently, having obtained permit from any jurisdiction.

We would like to remind you that you can buy turnkey online casino from the company Online Casino Market, which offers services for the development of online casinos. Among other issues, its representatives will help you to set up the most profitable gambling business – to create bitcoin casino. It is also possible to buy from this famous brand the most innovative and popular HTML5 games for casinos, which will attract a broad audience of players to your gaming site.

From all has been said it follows that it is much more profitable, convenient, fast and easy to buy turnkey online casino than to launch a gambling company on your own.