How to Set up an Online Gambling Site: Top 7 Easy Steps to Achieve Success

1. How to Set up an Online Gambling Site

2. Why is it Worth Cooperating with Online Casino Market?

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to start gambling business? You are undoubtedly attracted by its advantages: profitability, perspectives and so on. A website will be the foundation of your future gambling project. So let us describe the main stages of this process.

Start an online gambling business

How to Set up an Online Gambling Site

1. Choose the concrete activity

First of all, you should make up your mind what you will engage in particular. As far as gambling is concerned, you can offer your future clients the following kinds of entertainment.

  • slot machines;
  • live casino;
  • roulette;
  • card games and so on.

You can start with one item and then after gaining enough experience enlarge the assortment presented in your establishment.

2. Select suppliers to cooperate with

After you know what kind of content you will provide, it is much easier to search for a needed software supplier.

Here you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • What type of suppliers will suit you better: those who develop software themselves or those who offer packages of gaming content from other developers. The first type of providers requires much lower fees and present a more flexible approach to meeting demands of customers. The second type (B2B suppliers) gives an opportunity to acquire content from multiple software providers without any need to sign a bunch of contracts. Though you will have to pay more for their services.
  • Whether you are going to rent or buy software. In case of rent, you will have to pay a certain monthly fee and a fee from the profit you receive for using the software. It is a suitable variant if you are a beginner in the gambling business, as it allows you to invest little money and check whether this activity brings you pleasure and profit. Later you can proceed with purchasing the software. This variant foresees that you pay a relatively big amount of money once and receive full access to your establishment and privacy.
  • Selecting the right provider is a very responsible process that requires much investigation. It is better to apply to at least 15 software suppliers and request information, samples of contracts and so on. Thus, you will be able to compare prices, conditions, features and usability, analyse advantages and disadvantages of each of the company and come to the most suitable variant for you.

3. Obtain a license

For your business to be legal, you have to receive a corresponding license (unless your activity is bitcoin casino). It will save you from troubles with authorities.

If you get software from B2B providers, they are likely to offer you a sublicense. This option will allow you to save money and time and start operating legally at once. But still, after you earn a substantial income, you had better obtain own license in order not to depend on anyone.

If a sublicense is not a variant for you (or is not offered to you), you should choose a jurisdiction where to get own license from. Current market provides a variety of licenses that differ in prices, rights, legal conditions etc. For example:

  • Costa Rica and Curacao are the cheapest licenses that have only one restriction: not to allow residents of the mentioned countries to play.
  • If your target audience is people from Europe, then a perfect choice for you is a license from Malta or Great Britain, for example, though they are relatively expensive.

You are likely to need to apply to specialists, as obtaining a license is a complicated process with pitfalls here and there.

4. Integrate payment methods

Payment methods in online casinos

Next step is deciding on what payment methods to integrate into your website. They will allow accepting deposits, paying winnings out and withdrawing money. The most favourite payment method is credit cards; it is an excellent chance to attract more audience and verify that each player has enough money on his/her account to launch a game.

5. Create a design for your website

A website is the only instrument which your visitors will interact with. That is why your site is to have a pleasant design, be fast and user-friendly to ensure that it is comfortable for your clients to use the website and no troubles occur.

If you have profound knowledge and experience in frontend development, you can create everything on your own. Otherwise, why not invest money in hiring professionals?

6. Market your establishment

For all your efforts described above to be not in vain, you should promote your project to let as many people as possible to know about your services.

Here are the steps that you should make to ensure successful marketing:

  • Create or order a marketing campaign and decide on what countries to target.
  • Deliver special content to stand out from the competition. For example, you can order unique game development from an approved company.
  • Think about search engine optimisation. It is a perfect idea to hire corresponding specialists who will optimise your website so that it takes the first place in search engine output.
  • Add multilanguage. This feature will allow more people from around the globe to use your website and content available on it.
  • Take care of providing both new and loyal customers with a set of different bonuses and special offers to contribute to their coming again and again.

7. Be ready to manage the activity of your establishment

To launch an establishment is one thing, but to prevent it from closing the next day is another. Like in all other businesses, being an owner of an online gambling establishment, you will encounter many problems that you will be obliged to solve.

For example:

  • To care that you host your website and your customers’ information on secure and reliable servers. If anyone hacks your site and steals valuable data, you will lose reputation, and your activity will be over.
  • To improve the quality and enlarge the assortment of games in your establishment to draw and keep the attention of your visitors.
  • To ensure that games are understandable and supplied with rules.
  • To hire professional technical support to solve customers’ problems quickly for them to go on playing as soon as possible.

Why is it Worth Cooperating with Online Casino Market?

Now you know all the main stages how to set up an online gambling site. Still, you can simplify the whole process ― Online Casino Market is at your disposal. Just leave an application on its website, and a manager of this company will get in touch with you shortly to clarify all your demands and wishes and to select the most suitable variants concerning all the stages above.

Online Casino Market has been more than 10 years on the market.

During this time it has managed to gain enough experience to give entrepreneurs valuable consultations on:

  • how to avoid (or cope with) different pitfalls in gambling business;
  • how to make an establishment profitable and popular with visitors;
  • where to get software and games of the highest quality;
  • how much it costs to create a unique software and so on.

Apply to Online Casino Market, and its specialists will organise everything for you.