How to Set Up an Online Gambling Casino? The Online Casino Market Expert Answers

Setting up an online casino isn’t a matter of a single day. It is a complex process that includes a few steps to be covered meticulously if you want to receive a high-quality product at the end. We will eagerly share our experience of organizing an online gambling business so that you were sure you didn’t miss anything of the following:

  • Elaborate a complex business plan to know your step.
  • Obtain an online gambling license for the type of platform you want to register.
  • Find a software manufacturer to provide you with quality games for your casino.
  • Design your personal site to locate your gambling platform.
  • Install the necessary software for the transaction system.
  • Get yourself a couple of employees to work as a support team.
  • Start promoting your platform to attract more clients.

Of course, it seems like a steep path to success, but as soon as you have an appropriate guide to follow, there is not much to worry about. We will talk about each of the steps in particular and try to explain how you should act on each of the stages.

Table of Contents:

1. Elaborating a Business Plan

2. Obtaining an Online Gambling License

3. Finding a Software Manufacturer

4. Designing a Personal Website

5. Installing a Transaction System

6. Getting Support Team Employees

7. Promoting Your Platform

8. Thinking Ample About Your Online Casino

Elaborating a Business Plan

This is where everything starts. Think about it — when you go shopping, you make a list of the necessary purchases; when you get up, you think of your schedule and the sequence of your daily activities; even when you take a night bath, you usually stick to the order of procedures. The same is with business. You don’t organize the things chaotically. You will have to choose your income sources, expenses, target audience, ways to move up the market, methods to manage your team, ways to find additional investments in case of unexpected events, and so on. Apart from that, no one will ever start cooperating with you unless you prove how you are going to achieve success with your complex business plan. Don’t neglect this starting point.

Obtaining an Online Gambling License

Gambling business isn’t a common type of making money. As you might know, it is prohibited on a state level in quite a few countries all over the world. Moreover, even less of them allow you to register a company that will work in this industry. And even less create favourable opportunities for achieving the desired success. That is why you need to know which jurisdictions to focus on to obtain a license.

Popular jurisdictions for receiving an online gambling casino license

We would recommend these locations, considering the registration expenses:

  1. Costa Rica (licensing cost – $16,000; payment for yearly extension – $6,000);
  2. Curacao (licensing cost – $3,000; payment for yearly extension – $20,000);
  3. The Isle of Man (licensing cost – $6,000; payment for yearly extension – $43,000);
  4. Belize (licensing cost – $6,000; payment for yearly extension – $25,000).

These countries have unique registration procedures, but the application process is similar in all of them.

That is why make sure you don’t miss anything from the list:

  • apply for the license;
  • contact local authorities to verify your application;
  • declare company’s shareholders (there must be at least 2 of them);
  • pay all the necessary application fees;
  • make sure you have a legit VAT number (register it if you don’t have one);
  • prepare your teams and register them as a part of your company;
  • revise your business plan if necessary to satisfy the authorities.

You should still inquire about the peculiarities of the jurisdiction you are going to register in. Messing up with the legal part of the organizational process isn’t what you are recommended to do, so you’d rather prepare everything smoothly.

Finding a Software Manufacturer

Now, it is time to fill your casino with the games from the most reliable software vendors on the market. Again, here is a problem of choice. It is essential not to miss with the partners and to ensure you have decent software installed with the necessary support from them. You may ask, how is it possible to choose a reliable manufacturer with such a massive variety on the market? The answer is the same as with the jurisdiction — information is your key to success. Indeed, there are so many software manufacturers on the market that it may be tough to find a decent one.

We would like to list a few of the most popular ones that provide truly proper services:

  • Novomatic
  • Betsoft
  • 2WinPower
  • Mega Jack
  • NetEnt
  • EGT (Euro Games Technology)
  • Amatic

If you have any other in mind, make sure they have an impeccable reputation. Also, you should check the comments and feedback that their former clients have left.

Remember, regardless of how extensive their package of services is, you will not find a single provider that will offer you all the software you need for your casino. In most cases, you will take the best out of two or three.

Designing a Personal Website

Since you know your games and your target audience now, you can pick up the topic for your online casino. Think wisely here, your choice will directly influence your income since it will have an impact on the players’ mood. Apart from that, the functionality of the website will also determine how convenient your clients feel and how long they will stay on your platform. To make it easier for you to shape it up, here is the list of what you must think about when designing your personal online gambling site:

  • simple, yet appealing interface;
  • straightforward navigation system;
  • swift loading processes;
  • accessible support team;
  • secured financial system;
  • clear, yet rich personal page.

You will still discuss a lot of issues with the developers, but these are the most obvious and most crucial points to care about when designing a website.

Installing a Transaction System

Transaction system for an online casino

Probably, the most crucial step of your setup. Your users will deposit real money, and they don’t want it to disappear as a result of a hacker’s breach, a bug, or any other malfunction. You must spare no resources to make your transaction system safe enough to store and process all the operations with money. It must be fast as well since no user will stay at your casino after spending several minutes just waiting for the funds to be credited. The same situation concerns withdrawal.

There is another direction to move if you want to create a unique platform on the market. Bitcoin casinos have recently become highly popular because of currency availability. It can’t be tracked and has become more or less stable. What does it mean for the casino operators? Here are actually a few points to mention:

  • You don’t need to care about the license here as the transactions proceed directly from one e-wallet to another.
  • There are no regulations concerning Bitcoin since no one owns this currency.
  • It provides some unique gaming possibilities as your clients can pay and receive money not like they are used to doing it with a conventional currency.

Getting Support Team Employees

Here, you have a few variants to choose from:

  1. Hire freelancers to manage your online casino after an extensive rundown on all the peculiarities of your project. This will save you some money since such employees usually don’t ask a lot. At the same time, there is a risk of incompetence problem as some of these workers can be not fully aware of all the issues.
  2. Hire professional support team employees to solve the players’ queries immediately. This will be a bit more expensive, but much more reliable.

Promoting Your Platform

Don’t expect everybody to join your casino immediately after you launch it. You need to tell people why they need you and your gambling platform. Choose the most popular means of promoting, such as social networks to target the desired audience, depending on the theme of your website. The more you invest in advertising, the more your clients you will eventually receive.

Thinking Ample About Your Online Casino

All those processes are quite possible to fulfil themselves. At the same time, you may need some professional help to establish everything properly. Don’t be shy to resort to experts from Online Casino Market to solve all or some of the issues encountered. Don’t lose concentration, make sure you complete everything till the end and enjoy your own profitable online casino. For more questions contact our manager any time of the day.