How to Sell an Online Casino: the Answer of Experts

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Updated 29 november 2022

iGaming platforms are a niche with many unique characteristics. Given that Online Casino Market is often approached by entrepreneurs willing to purchase an already existing project, we decided to prepare some tips for those who are ready to sell their business.

Online casino for sale: expert advice

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Direct Sale of an Operating Gaming Site

The best way to sell a web-based casino is to find an entrepreneur from the same field and offer him to make a purchase.

However, this only sounds simple but in practice, there are various pitfalls in this process:

  1. You will definitely be asked about the reason for selling. It is a well-known fact that digital gambling projects bring an excellent profit, even though they require large investments. And if you decide to sell the site, people may think that it does not bring the expected dividends. Of course, it sometimes happens that owners simply do not have enough skills or strength to promote their projects. When selling, be sure to prepare a convincing answer to the question of why you are giving away a promising business, which happens to be already launched.
  2. Be ready to show the growth dynamics of the platform. In the process of work, regularly track casino indicators. In the future, this will help a potential buyer make a decision in your favour.
  3. Sell gambling projects on a turnkey basis. You should not offer the partner only the site, the software, or the customer database. It is better to set a price for the whole package. It is easier for the next owner to take a ready-made business than to piece it together. This method increases the likelihood of a faster sale.
  4. Make sure that you can easily pass all permits, registration documents, and casino licences to the new owner. It is better to deal with this legal issue even before the sale, so as not to lose a potential buyer because of the paperwork.

Features of Selling New Gaming Sites

All of the mentioned points apply to already existing digital casinos. If we are talking about new platforms, it will first be necessary to register as a software vendor, and this is a rather complicated procedure.

In some jurisdictions, to fully run a casino software creation business, you need to obtain a special permit, and in others, a special certificate for developers. Therefore, in the matter of legalisation, everything depends on the place of your residence.

But as for the sale of software, then you cannot do without the help of specialists. However, for those who want to do everything by themselves, there is an opportunity to promote a ready-made casino via the Internet: you can post ads on thematic forums, chat in closed groups for entrepreneurs, etc.

There is no single recipe for success here — it all depends on the functionality of the solution, as well as on the elements that you sell in a casino package.

Be that as it may, it is better to make such an activity legal since law enforcement agencies closely monitor the situation in the market. It makes sense to turn to specialists in gambling legislation. They will help not only correctly register your company but also prepare documents for the sale transaction within the framework of the law.

The Main Things about Selling Web Casinos

If you are going to vend a casino or, on the contrary, want to purchase a gaming site, do not refuse the help of professionals. It is better to pay for their services and be sure of the transparency of the deal.

From Online Casino Market, your can order the following solutions:

Our experts constantly help operators with the implementation of digital gambling projects and understand which of them are promising and which ones will not bring a good profit. You can completely rely on us.

For all questions regarding the purchase/sale of digital casinos, feel free to contact our managers.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 29 november 2022