How to Attract Players to Online Casino Website: the Best Marketing Methods

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Updated 18 december 2019

A good gambling establishment is not interested in easy one-time pickings. It is very important for casinos to have usual suspects — visitors, who regularly play slots, poker, etc. Currently, new companies have all chances to win a leading position in the gambling industry.

How to attract gamblers to online casinos

Everything they need is a competent online casino promotion and high-quality games. Now we are going to consider in depth such issue as how to attract players to online casino website.

Increase Gambling Traffic With the Help of Promotional Activities

When you launch a new slot machine on your resource and you want to increase its popularity, you need to please players, for example, with free spins. In most cases, online casinos use free spins, free bets or deposit bonuses. The main thing is to motivate clients to register and deposit funds.

Another good option for the online casino promotion will be cash-back (the return of some money that players have lost). We also recommend you to offer users different loyalty programs, with the help of which gamblers will be able to score points on their activity. In order to make your online casino promotion the most effective, you need to think of some interesting prizes that can be bought on those scored points.

During the process of the development of promotional activities we recommend you to pay attention to offers made by your competitors. If you want to be a market leader, you need to try to invent something special. Bonuses should be unexpected, and offers — interesting. Players need to be motivated and encouraged to perform those actions that you need.

The number of high rollers (players who place high bets) is growing every day. You, as the owner of an online casino, should do everything to provide ideal conditions for this audience, in the meantime attracting useful gambling traffic. Think of your privileges and VIP services. Of course, you will need a talented marketer, who will implement all this.

How to Attract Players to Online Casino Website Using Push-Notifications

There is much speculation that interesting and funny push-notifications are not so important. Of course, these notifications must not become a spam delivery. With the help of this tool you will be able to remind players about a slot machine, which he did not play for a long time, or to tell them about some promotional offers. Notifications are the best way to establish a direct contact between operators and their audience.

It is very good if a casino has its own mobile application. It is a great way to cosy up to gamblers and keep them informed of everything that happens in the gambling establishment. But do not be too pushy: every message should be useful and contain only important information.

Casino Software is a Keystone

Your marketers can be the most talented in the world, but what is the good of it, if there is nothing to play in the casino? You can attract players to your online casino, but you also need to please. If you offer them interesting games, you will achieve the effect of a buzz marketing, and the servers will hardly be able to handle gambling traffic.

Today, the number of manufacturers of online slot machines leaves many people wrong-footed. Operators simply become embarrassed and just don’t know what to choose. Licensed gambling software from leading providers is expensive, and unauthorised video slots will get you only so far. Products from Endorphina combine the optimal quality-to-price ratio. It is a modern company, which is engaged into the HTML5 slot games development with the usage of the best practices in the field of iGaming.

HTML5 casino games from Endorphina can be distinguished by colorful graphics and interesting plots. Such casino software will give you a chance to stand out among competitors, who usually offer emulators of long familiar slot machines from Novomatic, Microgaming, etc.

So what are the advantages of the gambling software from this company?

  • High-quality software.
  • Improvement of already existing video slots and the development of new games on the ground of the market analysis.
  • The developer is focuses on the improvement of quality, not quantity.
  • Endorphina is constantly looking for new themes and ideas for the slot machine development.
  • Casino software from this provider can be seamlessly integrated into any platform.
  • All HTML5 slots meet the world's requirements.

Endorphina has focused all its resources on the slot machine development, and what slot machines! Only this brand can boast such unusual and fascinating thematic games. You will not be able to find anything like these slots among other providers.

Let’s have a look at the latest HTML5 slots from the described developer:


Chicago, 1930. All the symbols are jazz attributes. Cards are stylized on a trumpet, double-bass and other musical instruments. Black musicians and a cantatrice are multipliers. The gameplay is accompanied by beautiful relaxing music, and advanced modern graphics can captivate even those players, who do not like jazz.


This slot machine will show players the old style of painting porcelains and ceramics, which is called Gzhel. Unusual theme will certainly be of interest to those, who are looking for something new.

2027 ISS

A beautiful slot game, which will surely appeal to the fans of a space theme. Endorphina has used its best digital innovations in order to create this slot. The presence of interesting features, unique design and soundtracks make the game a unique one.


This online slot machine is for fans of social networks. Here the symbols were made in the style of emoji (smiley).


The video slot will acquaint players with vapers — those, who like electronic cigarettes. Among symbols that can be found in the game we can name a vaper, a logo of the slot and an electronic cigarette. This is a colorful and exciting slot that was designed for young people.

Endorphina: When Beautiful Games are Also Freehanded

The Cuckoo slot was well accepted by players. Moreover, just two days after the launch, two clients of a PokerKlas casino were lucky enough to multiply their bets by 2400 times during the bonus game.

And a player under the nickname DIRK17 from has won in this slot machine 40 000 euro. This is the biggest gambling gain in the history of this casino.

Experienced players are aware of the news, and would certainly like to play HTML5 slots from the Czech developer. If you offer slots from Endorphina, you will certainly be able to attract players to your online casino.

HTML5 Casino Games are the Future of an iGaming Sphere

Why the modern gambling business should use HTML5 technology? If the online casino promotion is aimed at the future, then you definitely need to buy casino games in the HTML5 format, which is cross functional and can be supported by all existing platforms.

The point is that today more and more users gamble via their smartphones. HTML5 works with modern vector graphics, and this format makes it possible to display the game without distortions on screens of any size.

HTML5 does not need additional programs to be downloaded. Such casino software provides the maximum coverage of the audience. Give players an opportunity to gamble anywhere and anytime, and they will always remain cleave to your gambling establishment.

Online Casino Market — Your Business Partner

The unique gambling software from Endorphina, as well as other providers, can be ordered from Online Casino Market.

If you want to be the first in the gambling business, you will need to offer players the most advanced opportunities. Therefore, the HTML5 slot games development is a modern service, which is used by operators to attract players.

For those, who really want their casino to stand out, it is useful to know that Online Casino Market provides the HTML5 slot games development on one-to-one basis. Remember, that the more unique is the content, the more attractive is the online casino.

We wish you to achieve success in the online casino promotion and to make you gambling business really profitable!

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Karen Fill

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Updated 18 december 2019