How do I Start an Online Gambling Business in Malta? The Online Casino Market Expert Answers

16 october 2019

Among all the possible gambling business locations, Malta is one of the most popular. Local authorities create favourable conditions for new operators to register their platforms in the country. First of all, you will need a gambling license to start doing anything. This is a key to legal service provision on the territory of the country.

In order to receive such permission, you will have to:

  • apply for the license;
  • receive verification by the local regulatory authorities;
  • check up the latest registration payments;
  • obtain a VAT number in the case you don’t have one;
  • provide the local gaming commission with the strict hierarchy that would include the board of directors, managers, and employees;
  • administer your company’s business plan to the regulative bodies.

As soon as you cope with this, you can proceed to other steps of shaping up your online gambling business in Malta.

Online gambling business in Malta

How do You Create a Gambling Platform in Malta?

The next steps include less paperwork but are similarly important to launch a successful casino. Make sure you follow the stages one after another:

  1. Purchase software from a reliable provider.
  2. Design a website that would hold your gambling platform.
  3. Install the administrative tools, transaction systems, as well as statistical and analytical mechanisms.
  4. Hire professional support team members to deal with the issues your clients might encounter.
  5. Start a promotional campaign to popularize your gambling establishment and attract new clients.

How do You Start the Process Without any Experience?

Yes, the process may seem quite laborious and time-consuming indeed, so it may be challenging for a new operator to deal with everything independently. Here, they aren’t alone since Online Casino Market offers its services that include turnkey business options. This will ease your casino launching process in Malta greatly so that you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. 

Written by

Karen Fill

Gambling business expert at Online Casino Market

16 october 2019