Gamification and Personalisation in the Gambling Business

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Updated 28 october 2022

The stability and profitability of gambling projects depend on the involvement of players. The level of competition in the entertainment market is very high. Therefore, operators should not stop. They have to always be looking for new ways to attract and retain their target audience.

Gamification and personalisation of products are good tools to involve new players and maintain the interests of loyal customers.

Gamification and personalisation in gambling

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The Customisation of iGaming Products

The opportunity to manage software parameters increases the interest of players in entertainment solutions. Users can adapt products to their requirements, making the gameplay more convenient and exciting.

Punters can manage the following options:

  1. The level of volatility. Participants can control the potential frequency and size of winnings on their own. Everything depends on their gambling strategies and willingness to take risks here and now.
  2. Paid features. Additional in-game opportunities to get cash prizes for a certain fee are appreciated by many users. The possibility to receive additional financial benefits fuels the interest of players.
  3. Control over financial rates. The option to adjust the size of the bet and set up the automatic wagering mode allows gamblers to feel in charge of the gameplay.

The Personalisation of Promotional Offers

Individual advertising materials let punters feel the attention and care of an online casino operator. To generate such promotional offers, it is necessary to collect customer data effectively.

Do not require clients to provide personal information too intrusively. Give players a choice. Offer your gamblers additional rewards for entering private data.

Receiving personal information will allow you to create unique advertising materials based on the preferences of users and their special characteristics.

Consider some examples of personalising promotional offers:

Selections of current games

After studying users’ gambling tastes, create a list of games of relevant genres and subjects. This approach will surely please your clients

Additional rewards

Extra bonuses for performing certain actions will help you keep the attention of customers.

Choose activities preferred by users the most. They will perform such practices much more often

Gifts for special occasions

Pleasant rewards for birthdays or other important days will cheer up players and inspire them to make big bets

Loyalty Programs as a Way to Retain the Audience

Providing chances to accumulate points for regular actions and exchange them for valuable gifts or additional gaming benefits is a good way to keep old customers on a site.

Consider the most common types of loyalty campaigns:

  1. Points for activity. This reward is given to gamers who spend a lot of time on an online resource and perform a lot. Such perks allow them to reach a certain level in the hierarchy of players and get additional bonuses.
  2. VIP offers. High rollers are especially valuable for virtual establishments. They make considerable and regular bets. Therefore, operators imply special incentives for this category of players. Managers hold closed tournaments for VIP users with the opportunity to win very expensive prizes, from smartphones to cars.
  3. Cashback. The return of a certain percentage of the deposit motivates punters to replenish their gaming accounts much more often. To utilise cashback for making bets, a user must follow the wagering rules set by an operator.
  4. The attraction of new players. Bonuses for inviting new clients to a site are a great way to retain loyal customers and interest new audiences. However, attracted consumers should be active. This will allow an operator to interact with them effectively.

The Main Things about Gamification and Personalisation in Gambling

Gamification principles in online casinos

To keep up with competitors and remain relevant to customers, an entrepreneur must use all possible ways to attract and retain the audience.

The most popular methods are as follows:

  • the customisation of gaming products;
  • the personalisation of promotional offers;
  • the elaboration of loyalty programs, and others.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 28 october 2022