Gambling Industry: Worthy and Legal Business in the 21st Century

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Updated 09 november 2022

The gaming field is on everyone's lips due to its legalisation in many European countries. Governments are worried about transparent legislation that allows operators to conduct lawful businesses and earn decent money.

Gambling business in the 21st century

Online Casino Market experts have figured out the main advantages of working in the gaming industry. Our tips will help aspiring entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls of the gambling business.

Why Is the Gaming Field Attractive?

Consider the main advantages of the gambling business for an investor:

Good Payback

Gaming is rightly classified as a highly profitable field. Turnkey casinos, bookmaker franchises, and other worthy projects pay off a well-distributed investment in a year or even earlier.

Any start-up largely depends on the initial capabilities, skills, and business strategy of an entrepreneur. The gambling industry also requires careful preparation and a serious attitude.

If the owner of a gaming project is ready to develop in this field, analyse the results, and follow the innovations, such an operator has every chance to achieve a well-deserved success.

The Variety of Areas

The modern gambling sphere offers many options for earning money. It is possible to:

  • open an online casino;
  • launch a poker site;
  • engage in the lottery business;
  • organise a bookmaker project (online or as a stationary sale point);
  • open a land-based casino or hall with one-armed bandits.

Online and offline sectors are available to investors. Beginning entrepreneurs often choose the internet segment (a turnkey casino or a ready-made poker site).

Large investors usually target land-based businesses. A good example is the world-famous casino complexes in Macau (China) and Las Vegas (the USA). These are multimillion-dollar structures that employ thousands of citizens and provide large revenues to the local treasury.

Similar venues are located in all corners of Europe (Monte Carlo, Campione d'Italia, Birmingham, etc.). There are special gambling zones with casinos, gaming halls, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment complexes. The tempting prospects of the gambling business promise solid profits for enterprising investors.

Good Security

The security of the gaming business is of paramount importance. Fortunately, many solutions in the gambling market have been tested by reputable international laboratories. These products reliably protect systems from hacks, information theft, and other illegal activities.

Leading IT companies create well-thought-out casino software for the security of virtual and physical gaming projects. Such safety solutions neutralise fraudster attacks and improve the performance of services.

Access to Advanced Technologies

The future of the gambling industry is directly related to the development of the IT sector. Providers are implementing the latest solutions in their products to enhance the security of systems, make doing business more convenient and simpler, and provide customers with personalised offers.

The following tools are used in the gambling field:

  1. Popular programming languages. Most games are created based on HTML5 technology. Such slot machines are characterised by the excellent quality of images and high upload speed. Specialists utilise such proven languages as ​​JavaScript, SQL, Java, C#, etc.
  2. Artificial intelligence. This technology accurately identifies users when they visit a site and make monetary transactions. In the past, many difficulties in the gaming business were associated with multi-accounting and theft of passwords. Modern AI verification systems successfully solve these problems.
  3. VR and AR technologies. Virtual reality has become a part of many exciting games for online casinos and land-based machines. Such slots impress visitors with realism, as well as three-dimensional visualisation, and improve the user experience.

Thanks to IT technologies, operators receive:

  • adaptive casino software that works without failures;
  • the latest equipment for land-based halls;
  • secure and accurate payment systems.

Prestigious jurisdictions (the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Malta, and others) strictly ensure the use of software that meets quality standards by operators.

This approach does not let dubious casino products enter the market, opening the way for reliable and proven solutions.

The Attitude of Governments towards Gambling

Gambling and governments: attitude

The advantages of the gaming area were appreciated not only by entrepreneurs but also by government agencies. Countries that have already streamlined the gambling industry receive multimillion-dollar investments and substantial contributions to local and federal budgets.

Europe and offshore jurisdictions (Curaçao, Gibraltar, Malta, and others) were among the first to appreciate the prospects of the gaming field, legalising it back in the early 2000s.

The active position of states is beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. Long-term prospects. Governments hope for large and stable budget revenues. Therefore, they are interested in the success of the gambling industry. The authorities are loyal to it. They assist operators in business development.
  2. Participation in profitable projects. The legalisation proved that gaming is a respectable niche with good opportunities. Entrepreneurs can participate in government projects by receiving benefits, or open online casinos on their own.
  3. Advanced level of protection. The security of the gambling business is supported by state online monitoring systems. They make sure that operators adhere to the principles of fair play, pay winnings to participants on time, and do not allow minors to use their services.

The Fight against Stereotypes

The difficulties of the gaming business are largely associated with the negative attitude of human rights organisations. Opponents of legalisation call gambling a socially irresponsible phenomenon that will ruin the already poor population. At the same time, supporters of such an idea cannot prove their position with objective facts.

The legislative initiatives of developed countries protect participants using the following methods:

The prevention of ludomania

Gaming commissions provide:

  • strict age control;
  • registers of gambling addicts;
  • self-limiting methods

The use of authentication services

To open an online casino, an operator must take care of a well-thought-out verification system (MobileID, BankID, and other tools).

Modules check the identity of participants, detect account theft, and prevent minors from visiting gambling establishments

The protection of players’ rights

The state protects gamers from such problems:

  • stealing money from personal accounts;
  • systematic blocking of accounts;
  • non-payment of winnings by operators

The support for social programs

Most countries with legal gambling redirect tax deductions to local budgets.

The authorities invest the received finances in the development of social and cultural facilities and projects

Gambling Business: Is It Worth Starting with No Experience?

Opening any project without the appropriate knowledge and skills is a risky decision. It will be difficult for gambling entrepreneurs without experience to bring their businesses to a decent level, as well as for owners of online stores, nightclubs, cafes, etc.

The difficulties of the gambling business and common mistakes of novice investors are as follows:

  1. Complicated legalisation procedure. To obtain a licence, it is necessary to provide financial guarantees, undergo certification of software and equipment, and prepare documentation.
  2. The purchase of dubious products. Entrepreneurs who do not know how to start a gambling business correctly often try to save money. They buy cheap low-quality software or download free but non-working or malicious scripts.
  3. The absence of an advertising strategy. Many businessmen prefer aggressive promotion on the Web. This causes a mixed reaction from the target audience. The future of the gambling industry lies in the personalised promotion of products without intrusive dishonest advertising.

These difficulties are quite surmountable. Some companies that help beginners avoid many mistakes have appeared in the gambling market. A striking example is the Online Casino Market studio.

Our specialists help operators speed up and facilitate obtaining licences, choose reliable software, as well as create and implement a competent marketing strategy. Experts are ready to support you at any stage of business development and clarify any questions.

The Main Things about Gambling

Gambling business launch: key notions

The gaming industry is an honest form of income, which is actively supported in developed countries.

  • Entrepreneurs have access to reliable tools for starting and running secure businesses.
  • The profitable sphere uses cutting-edge IT practices. You can open an online casino, a land-based gambling hall, a bookmaker site, and other establishments with the connection of innovative technologies.
  • The field is legalised in many prestigious jurisdictions. It generates millions in revenue for local budgets. Therefore, governments will continue to support the industry.

Do not you know how to start a gambling business from scratch? Contact the manager of Online Casino Market and order a free consultation. We will help you choose a gaming niche, familiarise you with the nuances of launching a project from scratch, and provide additional services for managing a finished site.

Our catalogue contains dozens of useful iGaming solutions: betting scripts, VR projects, turnkey casinos, etc. The assortment also includes products for the land-based gambling segment: software, equipment, security systems, and other offerings.


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