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28 april 2017

1. Where to Buy an Online Casino License?

  1.1. A Maltese online gambling license

  1.2. An online casino license of the Isle of Man

  1.3. A casino license from Curaçao

You should always keep in mind that gambling business license does not guarantee its legality in those countries where gambling is banned. Therefore, it is worth studying an agreement with the licenser carefully, as well as rights and obligations of the licensee.

Online casino license from CasExe

We should also mention that the license plays a significant role while working with providers of casino software and content. It is critical to providers of online casinos to have an unblemished reputation: they will not work with inexperienced gambling establishments which do not have an online gambling license. For example, NetEnt only works with authoritative jurisdictions located on the Isle of Man, Malta, Curacao and Alderney. Therefore, if you want to open casino and offer your customers qualitative games, it's worth cooperating with major suppliers, which means you should learn more about business arrangements.

What is worth remembering is, first of all, that an online casino is created for players. Clients of the gambling establishment are perfectly aware of what an online casino license is. Perhaps, newcomers won’t be so vigilant, and they will be satisfied with the presence of any license. But, as statistics show, 80% of the income of a casino is brought by high rollers – players who make large bets. Such customers are wary of online casinos and always pay attention to the prestige of the license. Do not try to cut corners and avoid strict jurisdictions. The possession of a gambling license is the fountain of players' trust.

If you want to buy casino, you need previously to decide on the jurisdiction that will deal with casino licensing of your business. You can buy online casino license from Casexe. In these circumstances, you delegate the process of carrying out bureaucratic procedures to the company's employees, who will complete the paperwork as soon as possible.


Where to Buy an Online Casino License?

There is something like 60 jurisdictions in the world which deals with casino licensing. These commissions differ in the value of services and in business arrangements. There are certificates that cover all kinds of gambling business, but there are jurisdictions which provide licenses for each gambling sphere separately. For example, to obtain for an online casino license in Belgium, you must first draw up documents for a land-based casino, and then as an addition to receive a gambling business license.

You can purchase several licenses at once. But it's better to have one license issued by a competent jurisdiction than a few cheap ones.

In the Top 5 list of the most authoritative jurisdictions are:

Specialists from Casexe recommend you to purchase licenses from these commissions. Let us have a closer look at them.

A Maltese online gambling license

Malta has been issuing licenses for the casino business since 2000. An organization ‘Lottery and Gambling Authority’ act as a regulator. The value of the casino licensing depends on the type of a gambling establishment, and an expenditure budget for obtaining a license is 50,000 euro. The certificate is valid during 5 years.

We should also mention a taxation system, which depends on the license’s class:

  • 1st class, RNG games – 4660 euro per month (during first 6 months);
  • 2nd class, betting services – 0.5% on each bet;
  • 3rd class, poker rooms, betting exchange – 5% on all profit;
  • 4th class, software vendors – 2330 euro (from the 7th month) and 4660 euro (from the 13th month).

An online casino license of the Isle of Man

This license is also issued for 5 years, but there is no division into classes. The Gambling Supervision Commission acts as a regulator of the casino. The license’s value is 35 thousand pounds annually. Total costs are about 50-60 thousand pounds (including the cost of a license).

The budget for casino licensing needs to come with the amount of taxes, which depends on revenues of the casino:

  • 1.5% - if the company's turnover reaches 20 million pounds a year;
  • 0,5% - if the turnover is from 20 to 40 million pounds per year;
  • 0.1% - if the turnover of the casino exceeds 40 million pounds per year;
  • for betting houses - 15% on the players’ pool.

A casino license from Curaçao

1/9 of all gambling companies works under the prestigious online gambling license of Curacao. It is a very advantageous offer in the "price-quality" ratio. However, there is a special legal aspect of this jurisdiction is that its online casino license has the sublicense status. But it is a mere formality, the Curaçao sublicense is considered to be the most authoritative one in the gambling world.

Curacao issues a single sublicense for all types of gambling activities. Its total cost is 20 thousand dollars. Besides, online casinos are obliged to pay 2% tax of the annual gross income.
In order to carry on your business under the jurisdiction of this state, you will need to have another transit server in Curacao. The licensee needs to purchase special equipment and pay for its maintenance.

If you want to file an application for and to buy online casino license, we strongly recommend you to contact Casexe. The best international lawyers of the gambling industry will take the preparation of documents upon themselves. Moreover, you have the opportunity to buy casino with all necessary licenses and start receiving income from the very first day after the launch of your gambling establishment.


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28 april 2017