Free-to-Play Betting: Start a Successful Online Sportsbook

03 november 2022

Popular bookmakers are constantly increasing the number of products and building new marketing strategies to attract customers. This is a valid way to expand the target audience, and free-to-play (F2P) content can speed up the process.

The success of the sports betting market directly depends on traffic activity. Operators offering free solutions can increase their customer base in a short period without reducing profits.

Free-to-play sports betting: general info

Specialists from the Online Casino Market company talk about the advantages of free content for sports betting. Also, we offer an effective gambling platform and profitable amusement content.

What Is Free-to-Play Sports Betting?

Interaction with gamblers is one of the most important tasks of bookmakers. Operators should figure out the most effective way to attract, entertain, and retain their clients.

The free-to-play sector is a great marketing ploy. This is wagering content that does not require financial investments from a punter to participate.

Usually, to try out free-to-play betting, punters create accounts and enter some necessary information. However, this is not obligatory on all portals. Most often, such entertainment is cross-platform. Many popular operators from developing countries are launching free betting offerings via smartphone applications.

The most popular sportsbook entertainment where users can play without depositing includes:

  • social games;
  • pick ‘ems;
  • trivia quizzes;
  • classic sports betting, etc.

F2P Wagering Content: Benefits and Drawbacks

Free-to-play wagering: benefits and drawbacks

Such products differ from real money betting. The non-paid solutions give players a less natural atmosphere of traditional wagering (smaller variety of odds and ways to bid, unavailable international matches, etc.). However, it has many strengths.

The team of Online Casino Market has analysed the main perks and drawbacks of free-to-play content for operators and punters:



  • No need for financial expenses for users;
  • developing brand recognition;
  • high loyalty from old customers;
  • more trust from new visitors;
  • an opportunity to train wagering skills for beginner players;
  • easier advertising
  • Lower expectations of winning than in real-money gambling;
  • unavailability of some betting markets;
  • less content;
  • no direct sales

Another advantage of free content for punters and entrepreneurs is its wide availability. Such amusement is popular everywhere, even where sports betting has not yet been legalised.

For example, in the USA, bookmaker activity is allowed only in 24 states, but the demand among residents and investors is constantly growing. F2P entertainment is available nationwide and is a reliable marketing tool for US online bookmakers.

How to Use Free-to-Play Content for Betting Projects

Free-to-play content for betting: usage tips

Such solutions not only help promote products but also expand the range and encourage the legalisation of the sports betting industry.

Correct use of F2P entertainment in the wagering business includes several activities:

  1. Following the trends. New operators of betting agencies must offer relevant content that is popular among players at a specific moment. These should also be dynamic and bright offerings that would attract new customers at first sight.
  2. Adaptation of the platform. Free content sites must be flexible to technological changes in the gambling sphere. The field of sports betting is constantly expanding and requires a certain level of adaptability and innovation to satisfy any punter.
  3. Using mobile capabilities. Free-to-play product providers must create effective applications that will be popular in the area. Sports fans and bettors are increasingly using smartphones, the design and gameplay of which do not differ from computer entertainment. They are valued primarily for speed and distant use from anywhere.
  4. Engaging a larger audience. In many countries, making predictions on sports on the Internet is not yet allowed. However, free games cover all territories as they exclude real-money activities and direct calls to action.
  5. Collecting necessary user data. Such content allows operators to gather valuable information about the preferences, habits, and behaviour of players. This helps create personalised offers, promotions and incentive bonuses for each client.
  6. Targeting the low-frequency bettors. Leading companies involve a variety of low- and high-frequency players. The latter are usually experienced and wealthy users betting rather big sums. People who play free content are usually less experienced and place lower bids. This should be kept in mind by bookmakers to attract punters effectively.

The Main Things about the Value of F2P Entertainment

Betting on sports is a vast and unique market characterised by high competition. There are many styles of play, forms of wagering, and software providers. F2P entertainment helps site users feel as comfortable as possible, and try content without making a deposit.

Promotions and banners may not work in attracting customers. Moreover, direct advertising of casinos and bookmakers is prohibited in many countries. Free betting content helps potential customers to learn more about wagering without threats and risks. Meanwhile, operators can better understand players and expand the client base.

The European and North American markets are a proven breeding ground for F2P content, and offer bookmakers valuable retention tools.

With the Online Casino Market aggregator, you can launch a sportsbook project with a thought-after event line, dependable administration modules, and free-to-play mobile offerings.

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