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21 may 2020

No business in the world can function without stable traffic. When you offer your resources, you expect that people will come to you by themselves, but it is not always possible. You have to push them towards wanting your product.

In the online gambling sphere, the player acquisition process is particularly significant. The volume of your traffic directly determines your profit. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to ensure your acquisition channels are working to their fullest, and you make them as efficient for your business as possible.

Player acquisition guide

One of the most straightforward ways to do it is to gain more marketing literacy from our guides that Online Casino Market does not stop offering you. With a detailed explanation of player acquisition possibilities, your online gambling platform will attract players at its maximum efficiency. Moreover, if you might ever need any individual help, you are welcome to order our turnkey casino solutions that make our specialists organize everything for you.

Acquisition Review

While the online gambling industry flourishes, operators are obsessed with a single particular question — how successful you are at promoting your services on the gaming market. It directly depends on your possibility to compete with other platforms in the area of your operation. Traditionally, the gaming sphere differentiates 2 main groups of available marketing channels:




Main Advantage



Above the Line

Offered to a wider target audience

Ideal for creating a strong presence of your brand

Television, Sponsorship, Radio, Printed Media, PR


Below the Line

Offered to a particular target audience

Ideal for the targeted, regional, and flexible advertising

Affiliate Programs, Pay-per-Click, Social media ads, Search Engine Optimization

It is essential to remember that the regulated online gambling market usually offers a more extensive range of available channels that can be mixed and used wisely. Standardized internet gaming products are perceived better due to a coordinated synergy between the two groups of marketing tools.

When created a particular campaign, a self-respected operator must be able to ask himself a few vital questions and give exact answers to them:

  • What can I personally do in this area?
  • What should I start doing in this location?
  • What can I afford myself to do in this region?

Available Marketing Channels

In order to fully understand your potential, it is necessary to define where you would like to operate. The regulated markets provide a full selection of marketing channels, allowing you to choose any correct mixture of advertising means.

Next, we have grey markets that do not have such an abundance of choices. It is explained by the local targeting of specific marketing channels that prevent an operator from using them in these particular areas.

Black markets are even more restricted. Since an operator has no permission to use official public advertising means, the most popular and efficient tools here are Search Engine Optimization and affiliate marketing.

Market Type












Newspapers/ Banners








Official Online Media








Google Ads




Search Engine Optimization




Affiliate Campaigns




Digital Marketing

Digital marketing: BTL promotion

Online gambling operators usually focus on BTL type of marketing.

Since it is more oriented on the internet-based audience, a straightforward approach of acquiring new clients can be elaborate without any problems:

  1. Orient on people who might be interested in joining your gaming platform.
  2. Offer them attractive conditions so that they choose exactly your platform and turn them into leads.
  3. Once these people are registered, your task is to make them spend money on your website by turning them into first-time depositors (FTD).
  4. If they are satisfied with the offered services, they will become returning players, who are your primary source of profit.

For receiving such conversion, it is essential to target users with digital marketing means during this customer lifecycle. Admittedly, it is also possible to resort to television, newspapers, print your ads on billboards where it is allowed. However, it will target not only the ones who are interested in participating in your gambling activities.

Such marketing will include the elderly, children, low-budget audiences who see but do not perceive such advertising accurately. In this way, your money will be spent in vain, without much efficiency in comparison to the digital means of precise targeting.

A smart operator will attempt to do everything just to minimize the loss of audience in the customer lifecycle. Digital marketing will allow you to do this more precisely, on a broader scale, and with fewer expenses.

Parameters of Targeting

In order to achieve high conversion, an operator must learn how to combine valuable information from various sources that help target specific people.

The good thing is that you can do it in two directions:

  • using first-party data that you gather through dealing with a client individually and receiving unprejudiced information;
  • using third-party data that you basically buy from other companies.

The primary targeting parameters that you must pay attention to are as following:

  • behavioural (how they behave towards a specific service or product);
  • contextual (what context is appreciated more by the potential clients);
  • geographic (people living in particular areas);
  • language (based on cultural peculiarities that people enjoy).
  • technographic (based on the devices that people tend to use);
  • website-wise (based on the resources that people access);

Targeted Action Cost

Targeted action cost: the CPA

The mentioned targeting parameters all have special payment requirements for the individual action performed. A self-respected casino owner will do its best to get the most efficient cost per action. It can even be calculated by dividing the number of successful actions by the amount of marketing. Since the operators’ main concern is a deposit, the CPA for FTD equals:

Total Marketing / First Time Depositors

At the same time, apart from FTD, you should also pay attention to some other popular actions, including:

  1. Clicks: Cost Per Click = Total Marketing / Total Clicks
  2. Leads: Cost Per Registration = Total Marketing / Total Leads
  3. Installs: Cost Per Install = Total Marketing / Total Installs

Once you understand what is important to your platform, you can start exploiting these actions to get the maximum benefit.

Expert Acquisition

The process of obtaining clients is probably the most challenging in the entire platform-managing cycle. People can not be configured like software — it is essential to find the right approach to everybody while still not narrowing the strategy too much. Unfortunately, most inexperienced operators do suffer at this particular stage a lot.

As a result, they blame the sphere about being dishonest, creating stereotypes that repel potential clients. Little do such operators know that you can always resort to professionals and ask for extra help with anything you might get troubles with.

Online Casino Market presents our convenient turnkey online casino offers that include player acquisition setup for any online gambling platform. Such assistance is invaluable for the new operators who are still looking for the best ways to organize their marketing.

Our proficient specialists will introduce you to:

  • understanding the acquisition system in deep;
  • figuring out which marketing channels are best in your particular case;
  • explaining the essence of digital marketing and its advantages;
  • defining the most suitable targeted parameters for your gambling platform.

After that, namely, in the next article, we will review the available marketing channels much closer to understand which ones are the most efficient when promoting an online gambling platform. Meanwhile, do not wait a minute if you have issues with your platform organization — contact our support team and order the best possible services from Online Casino Market.


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