Everi Casino Software: Interactive Gambling Products from an American Provider

Everi Holdings Inc. is one of the world’s leading developers of gambling content and B2B products for casino owners.

Casino software from the Everi gaming provider

The supplier has become famous for its proprietary Everi casino software and exclusive marketing offers, including an innovative platform for PvP competitions and advertising kiosks for land-based establishments.

From Online Casino Market, you can learn more about promising solutions of the brand, launch a casino by the Everi provider, and get a calculation of potential risks. We guarantee a fair deal, assistance in legalising your project, and round-the-clock technical support.

About the Company

The brand entered the market in 2015, “inheriting” vast experience of 2 industry concerns. Right after that, the Everi online casino provider conquered the gambling markets of the United States and rather quickly began to gain power in Europe, Canada, and Asia.

Today, Everi is a respected international brand with headquarters in Las Vegas and 14 representative offices in the largest US regions and outside the country (in Macau and India).

Proprietary solutions of the brand were approved by the B2B audience due to the comprehensive approach to the creation of a favourable business ecosystem. The developer is responsible for the entire manufacturing cycle and subsequent maintenance:

  1. Creation of gambling software. The manufacturer annually updates the product range. Typically, about 150 new offers are added to the catalogue by the end of the reporting period.
  2. Security assurances. Everi casino software is developed taking into account international network security standards and is regularly being tested and improved.
  3. Financial support. Operators can order the Everi turnkey casino or buy an offline financial module with support for more than 100 popular payment methods.
  4. Development of bonuses. There is a special module for organising various thematic events, including tournaments, drawings of progressive jackpots, etc.
  5. Offline products. The provider has vast experience of working in the land-based segment. Entrepreneurs can order cabinets, CCTV systems, cash registers, and much more.

The Catalogue of Solutions from Everi

The brand has a very rational approach to the process of organising network entertainment. Everi casino slots for sale are delivered via a single remote server. The Spark platform is a modular digital library that can be used as:

  • an autonomous system for the organisation of your business;
  • a catalogue for the selection and acquisition of unique slots with their subsequent integration into your gaming site.

The gambling software by Everi combines the following features and capabilities:

  1. Cross-browser environment. In its work, the company uses advanced HTML5 tools. There is no need to download any additional plug-ins to run the products. Every slot machine can be launched on any OS.
  2. Playback modes. Landscape and portrait display modes are provided especially for working with mobile traffic. Regardless of the chosen solution, it will be broadcasted in HD quality and have the most convenient controls.
  3. Variety of settings. Having decided to launch a casino by the Everi provider, operators receive not only a wide range of interactive content but also an ability to adjust the RTP percentage in each specific product. The available range is from 85% to 98%.
  4. Adaptability to consumer markets. The Spark platform can be used to organise gambling startups of any format: social (free) casinos, traditional websites with slots, mobile platforms, etc.

The most popular digital solutions of the American provider

The Karate Kid

This slot of the premium class is dedicated to oriental themes and Asian martial arts.

The standard mechanics with 5 reels and 30 lines are supplemented by the following interesting bonuses:

  • Karate Tournament — during this bonus round, one of the reels is fixed in one position, and only images with the highest values appear on other reels;
  • Wild Strike — during the main spins, 6 new panels are randomly added, which greatly increases the chances of winning a big prize


Automatic bank, which is filled with bundles of money and gold bars.

One of the features of this slot machine is the Megaways option, which allows you to form up to 243 winning combinations. Moreover, users are attracted by such unusual bonuses as:

  • free spins with increased odds;
  • “sticky” symbol that allows users to win up to 1 thousand coins per round;
  • additional credits that can be won by touching the screen and collecting the falling banknotes

The Mask

The slot is based on the plot of the 1994 film of the same name. It has 5 reels and 40 lines.

In addition to the original style and unusual visual effects, gamblers are attracted by the following interactive bonuses:

  • Jackpot Wheel ― after collecting a certain combination, users receive one additional spin, during which a multilevel progressive jackpot is drawn;
  • Prize Leap — on the main panel, gamblers need to collect images with the Milo dog, which launches a cycle of 10 rounds with extra odds

Multiplayer Events Support Program

Everi casino software for tournaments is regularly used by American suppliers to host one of the most popular events in the industry ― TourEvent of Champions. The provider's platform annually brings together more than 400 North American casinos and provides thousands of gamblers with professional support.

The functionality of the platform:

  • the organisation of multiplayer competitions with leaderboards, difficulty levels, and different prize pools at each stage of the event;
  • live broadcasts in a special widescreen mode;
  • options for branding a gambling location;
  • global support for the financial structure of the event;
  • automated processes for the remote administration of an event;
  • options for launching tournaments of different configurations.

Network Security Software Programs

Everi network security software: features

Everi casino slots for sale are offered under gambling licenses of Nevada, Oklahoma, and some other respected regulators.

Apart from support from the authorities, the manufacturer guarantees its partners the maximum level of network security. To provide a totally safe business environment, the AML Compliance product has been developed.

Everi casino software guarantees that the level of protection of financial, commercial, and personal information is not lower than in banking institutions or governmental organisations.

Features of the program:

  • global analytics and risk control with a detailed history, summaries in Real Time, and several customisable search filters;
  • control over all financial activities within the system and assessment of the transparency of the provider's commercial accounts;
  • user identification module with several access levels;
  • well-thought-out business structure with automatic recording of all internal transactions in a special register.

The proprietary security system is provided with an initial access level (only basic functions). If operators are interested in the connection of additional services under the terms of a paid subscription, they should order:

  1. TIN. This is a system for online assessment of the financial solvency of casino visitors. Their credit record is checked with the use of databases of banks and tax authorities from the moment of the last update.
  2. OFAC. This gambling software by Everi sends a signal to casino owners when gamblers enter the sanction lists. The service works in real-time and can be supplemented by any open database, including the lists of credit institutions and blacklists of partners of the company.
  3. DML system. The electronic registration module guarantees the transparent connection of users via verified IP addresses. The task of the service is to prevent access to the gaming site in case there is false information that was detected in the user account.

Non-Cash Payments in the CashClub Wallet

Another patented development, which allows operators to organise all financial flows of an enterprise through a single remote server.

The power of the product makes it possible to process huge flows of external requests. Besides, the system can be used both for online commerce and as a program for non-cash payments in land-based gambling establishments.

Features of the program:

  • support for the most popular payment methods (from transactions via bank cards and mobile wallets to the processing of electronic E-Check vouchers);
  • user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation;
  • cross-platform support and the ability to launch games on mobile devices;
  • built-in security program with a multi-level identification system;
  • compatibility with the latest KYC protocols;
  • the ability to use it as the software for physical cash register equipment;
  • powerful reporting module with a detailed history of all transactions;
  • a large selection of ready-made templates for implementing a tax file.

The Catalogue of Offers for the Land-Based Sector

Currently, the brand's portfolio includes more than 9 lines of gaming cabinets, including:

  • models with curved LED-panels that create 3D visual effects;
  • devices adapted to widescreen broadcasts in the landscape mode;
  • cabinets with combined screens for promo and branding;
  • devices with mechanical, touch, and hybrid controls;
  • classic equipment with an interface in the style of the first “one-armed bandits”;
  • high cabinets with several highlighting programs and volumetric acoustics.

How to Launch a Casino by the Everi Provider: Available Options

Everi casino: how to launch

The American brand has won the respect and recognition of its partners thanks to its well-organised full manufacturing cycle. The studio deals with the development of software, integration and debugging of game services, the connection of additional administrative modules, delivery of offline products, and after-sales support.

Operators are offered several types of cooperation, the most popular of which are:

  • purchase of separate gambling and administrative components (for example, you can order a specific slot machine or install a financial module);
  • turnkey platforms (a good way to quickly enter the international online market);
  • White Label agreement (quick access to a system with the ability to transfer management tasks to outsourcing);
  • paid subscription (purchase of advanced software capabilities for the customisation of standardised platforms).

The Everi turnkey casino software was licensed by respected regulators and can be legally used in the world's largest gambling markets.

The Main Things about Everi Casino Solutions

The studio quickly became popular not only in the United States but also in Canada, Western Europe, and the largest Asian gambling regions.

  • The company provides different kinds of services ― from the development of new software to after-sales support and warranty maintenance. Moreover, all products of the brand are famous for their adaptability and flexibility: they can be used both in online and land-based segments.
  • The Everi software is famous for its rich bonus program. The manufacturer integrates not only standard mechanics but also unique services. For example, in the studio's catalogue, there are slots with an increased number of paylines, multi-level progressive jackpots, special symbols, expanding reels, etc.
  • The developer has patented an interactive module for non-cash payments. The proprietary CashClub platform supports almost all known payment methods, is available for mobile devices, and has a security system with the ability to check if users are included in the black lists of other operators and credit institutions.
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