EIG 2017 Highlights

1. Day One

2. Day Two

3. Day Three

This autumn at Arena Berlin was held the EIG expo. It lasted three days and covered the most important for modern gambling questions.

Excellence in iGaming (EIG) 2017

Organizers took care for everyone to able to see and hear reports and presentations, so open air stages were all over the expo.

Day One

The first day visitors listened to Yahya Wane of Moobifun and his  “Opportunities in Africa”. Wane emphasized, that almost 100% traffic is given from mobile phones, pointed, that Africa isn’t just one huge country - it’s divided in about 50 parts, with own legacy, rules and restrictions. He said, that businessman, who don’t realize Africa’s market, how things work there and without proper mobile software - have nothing to do there.

An other speaker was John O’Malia of Vaix.AI, who spoke about the AI and how it’ll change the world of gambling soon. He set aside necessity to communicate with the client, speak about his preferences and choices, to have ideas for right direction from the best source. He also advised all willing ones to work with AI to start as fast as they can, to be on the wave when these changes covers the world.

The first day of the expo has also brought an unexpected part - you could find kittens there. The soft pets represented a new game by EndorphinaAristoCats” and served as a small island of rest from all those business discussions and serious affairs.

Jan Urbanec was present at the expo and explained, that aside from soon release of the game and providing visitors rest, the third reason was charity - delegates’ donations were sent to an animal pound in Czech republic.

Day Two

This day is most busy and crowded, opened more questions of the expo.  

The always-popular “F session” took place today and C-level experts shared their failures, why those happened and were dealt with. R. Anderson, J. Teichmann, N. Birrel, G. Hamilton, P. Barnes and P. Smith have all attended the event.

Rory Anderson in his interview shared the discussed idea - how much people are afraid of failure, how much it prevents innovations, progress and development. That changing the product, making it different and new can cause into fast loss of visitors and risking to fail. That’s a really essential issue and it was extensively discussed.

The Blockchain technology of course wasn’t set aside. Modern cryptocurrency, so convenient for the gambling industry, E. Benz, shared with us his thoughts and experience with it.

Benz said, that five years ago, when he spoke to the iGaming world about Bitcoin no one cared or listened to him. Now, five years after, he hardly has free time from all those meetings and discussions on implementing this new technology into business.

Day Three

The third day was already quieter and more calm that previous ones. Still, it included the EiG Start-up Launch Pad and the Blockchain Seminar for the first time.

This year it included five companies to be judged by iGaming investors A. Kaszubowski, P. Barnes, T. Murgatroyd and E. Hoff. The organizer and moderator of this event Melissa Blau had absolutely no idea who will take the prize that day, for all five finalists had incredibly quality.

eSports.com became the winner. Philipp Geppert was absolutely happy and still work-focused, proud of his colleagues and happy to return with great news.

Any event sooner or later comes to its end, and in the end of the third day C. Roach opened expectations for the next year. This year it was the last time of EIG and in 2018 it’ll turn in a big event - iGBLIve. It’ll be held in Amsterdam and show even more innovations and open essential questions, than EIG in 2017.

This is a short summary of the EIG expo 2017, presented especially for our readers to be in course of modern affairs.