Effective Casino Business: How to Gain the Trust of the Audience in 2023

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Updated 29 november 2022

In order for a gaming start-up to bring the maximum profit to investors, it is not enough just to integrate high-quality software. A turnkey online casino needs a constant increase in customers and retention. For users to regularly return to the platform, it must inspire confidence.

Online Casino Market specialists will tell you how to attract the attention of potential clients and increase their loyalty to your project.

Our team of experts has prepared an overview of the latest industry trends in 2023 and a list of the most effective ways to gain the trust of players.

Quality Marks of a Casino: What Users Pay Attention to

Online casino development: quality marks

Such a task as the creation of the best turnkey online business requires careful study of all components: from the selection of software vendors to hiring competent support staff.

Several factors affect the loyalty of customers and the formation of a positive perception of the gaming site.

Legal Status

The main document that regulates the operation of a turnkey casino is a specialised licence. It is issued by competent authorities and gives business owners the following opportunities and benefits:

  • legal support in case of disputes with partners, financial institutions, and clients;
  • loyal tax burden;
  • access to international sales markets;
  • improving the reputation of the iGaming brand;
  • a simplified scheme for obtaining a residence permit in the regulatory country.

Top 5 offshore zones for the legalisation of a turnkey casino solution in 2023


More than 450 gambling enterprises from all over the world are registered in this jurisdiction. It is interested in the further development of the industry and offers applicants:

  • certification of all types of bets;
  • simplified scheme for obtaining a permit (applications are processed within a month);
  • automatic assignment of the international business status;
  • exemption of gambling projects from taxes


From our studio, you can buy online casino projects licensed by one of the oldest and most respected international regulators. The offshore zone has been issuing certificates for gambling projects since 2001.

With a Maltese permit, operators can accept all types of bets and work with international traffic under a simplified tax scheme. The jurisdiction returns a percentage of paid taxes up to 6/7 of the total amount of fees

The Isle of Man

The establishment of a turnkey casino business with a licence issued in this region guarantees entrepreneurs an impeccable reputation in the eyes of customers.

The offshore zone is known for its strict regulations in the field of responsible gambling and is on the white list of the OECD. In addition to significant tax breaks in the EU free trade area, a certified operator receives exemption from corporate fees and the opportunity to work at a reduced rate (up to 1.5% of gross income)


One of the features of a local permit is its extended validity period. The certificate is issued for 7 years, during which business owners can accept any type of bet and are exempt from foreign trade fees


This new market is available to investors from the summer of 2020. On the country’s territory, you can register any kind of online project: from bookmaker’s offices to poker rooms and mobile casinos.

The government took a responsible approach to the organisation of the legal framework for the gambling industry and introduced a special adaptation period so that both local and foreign companies have time to get used to and study the norms of the legislation in detail

Design of a Platform with Slot Machines

According to statistics from Google analysts, the first impression of a web resource is formed by users in 3–5 seconds. During this time, clients manage to evaluate the style, visuals, convenience of the page navigation, and availability of the requested information.

One of the main ways to win the attention of users is to correctly choose the platform’s structure.

A high-quality casino portal meets the following requirements:

  1. Laconic style. The gaming site should not have excessively bright accents, various types of advertising, pop-up windows, and other elements that make it difficult to interact with the platform.
  2. Well-thought-out structure. Portal navigation should be intuitive. An excellent choice would be to develop online casino software solutions with an updated catalogue, personal account, information section, and F.A.Q. page. Thematic search filters and widgets for authorisation via social networks will also be a good idea.
  3. Relevant content. Operators should not only timely update the portfolio of entertainment, taking into account market trends, but also pay attention to the information structure of the site. These can be news texts and video materials, advertising banners, planned events, etc.
  4. Feedback. For the full-fledged work of customer service, it is better to organise several communication channels in advance (for example, correspondence through a chat window, a special form on the casino platform, a telephone line, and an e-mail address).
  5. Responsible gambling policy. The information section can be divided into several categories: financial matters, technical aspects (data backup, maintenance of mirror sites), collection of cookies, etc. The rules for using the portal should be accessible and understandable. It is also recommended to translate content into several languages.

Product Range

Online casino games: product range

The classic “one-armed bandits” gave way to thematic content with additional storylines, various bonuses, and several levels of complexity.

Let us consider the most popular types of games for money in 2023:

  1. Live content. Players interact with entertainment items, communicate with like-minded people, develop unique schemes for winning, and improve their skills. Casino visitors receive vivid impressions and a guarantee of fair play. All movements of the croupier are broadcast from different angles. The history of the session is located in the public domain. Dealers do not compete with a specific user. Customers can count on good prizes depending on their skills.
  2. VR products. This is an interactive world with the effect of complete immersion. One of the most interesting trends of 2023, which promises not only exciting entertainment with good chances of winning but also the opportunity to interact with non-gaming items, walking through the halls of the largest casinos in the world.
  3. Telegram gambling platform. It allows users to place bets in the messenger. It became possible thanks to AI tools. Such an option allows players to remain anonymous, launch entertainment from mobile gadgets even with a poor internet connection, and not be distracted by advertising. The use of chatbots allows operators to personalise communication with each client as much as possible.
  4. Mobile applications. Traffic from portable devices brings more than 50% of the total profit of all virtual projects. The popularisation of the segment led to the emergence of Mobile First. This is a scheme of work, according to which the leading providers adapt content for desktop devices only after adjusting it for mobile platforms.
  5. Skill games. In this interactive entertainment, the reward depends not only on luck but also on the experience, reaction, and strategy used by participants.

Qualified Support

The team of specialists should be in touch 24/7 and promptly resolve any problem: from explaining the rules of the game and payment of winnings to psychological assistance in the case of signs of gambling addiction.

According to statistics from Google, more than 70% of internet users prefer to communicate with customer service representatives rather than independently search for the answer to a question they are interested in. Even if there is a F.A.Q. section on the site, it is better to adapt it for voice search and a dialogue box with a bot implemented into the system.

Bonus Program

The trust of players largely depends on the quality of the advertising campaign and the level of offer personalisation.

The easiest, most convenient and also effective way to control customer interaction is to buy turnkey casino software with a built-in CRM system. This is a multifunctional module, the main tasks of which are:

  • formation of bonus offers;
  • newsletter;
  • organisation of tournaments;
  • control of user activity;
  • analysis of the actions of customers (from the duration of the visit to the site to the amount of the average check for the selected period);
  • assessment of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign;
  • promotion in social media;
  • affiliate network monitoring, etc.

The most popular casino rewards in 2023:

  1. Welcome bonus. A payout for the registration on the platform and the first replenishment of the account.
  2. In-game prizes. Non-monetised rewards aimed at extending the session (free spins, time-limited access to new rounds, increased multipliers, etc.).
  3. Cashback program. A system of partial refunds from lost bets for a certain period (a week, a month, etc.).
  4. Tournaments. Multiplayer contests with a prize fund. Operators can organise them almost without any personal costs (for example, by taking advantage of developer companies’ regular offers or using the percentage of unsuccessful bets placed by participants).

The Main Things about How to Gain the Trust of Gamblers in 2023

Turnkey online casinos: key features

One of the best ways to increase the profits of a digital casino is to earn the confidence of the audience.

  • A key to stable traffic growth is the legal work under a licence. The presence of a specialised certificate automatically raises the rating of the iGaming platform and gives entrepreneurs legal protection in case there are any controversial issues.
  • The design of a casino platform affects the trust and loyalty of customers. The interface should be laconic, stylish, and structured. Business owners have to pay attention to the speed of the system and the quality of content. The range of games and the catalogue of relevant thematic materials (news, reviews, Q&A sections, etc.) play a very important role.
  • You can increase the interest of users with the help of bonuses. The most popular options are welcome prizes, cashbacks, free spins, increased multipliers, various tournaments, etc. A powerful CRM system will help operators organise the bonus program and monitor its effectiveness.

The Online Casino Market team will advise you on where to find a turnkey casino website for sale and order it with a minimum of risks. We will also draft a detailed business plan for you, taking into account all legal and financial nuances.

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