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Updated 22 june 2020

The value of the online gambling business does not stop growing. New gaming platforms emerge day after day, and it becomes increasingly difficult to promote your company on the market. The rivalry is intense, demanding new and more efficient advertising methods to be invented. Affiliate marketing was not created yesterday. It has already been adapted to the realities of the gambling business from its best sides. One such model that has been recently heavily utilised is CPA.

Online Casino Market has been working with affiliate marketing for a considerable period for now. Dozens of operators have resorted to us for productive marketing and advertising assistance. As a result, all of them remained satisfied with the supplied help, particularly for the convenience of turnkey business solutions.

One of the major aspects that we focus on is a CPA affiliate marketing strategy. So, let us try to understand why it is so demanded nowadays.

CPA Affiliate Marketing Model

CPA affiliate marketing model

The term CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Its essence in affiliate marketing is about a company paying an affiliate for a single action conducted by an attracted user. In the online gambling business, the most popular activities of this kind is a deposit.

With this in mind, CPA in the gaming industry refers instead to Cost Per Acquisition, implying depositors and their money transactions. An adequately set up marketing strategy can significantly improve your revenue stream and increase the traffic. In fact, you even do not need to look for the affiliates as they will find you by themselves, considering the reputation of your brand.

Affiliate marketing has been an effective B2C strategy for a long time already. At the same time, it has recently been adapted to the B2B model with surprisingly positive acquisition rates. Whether an affiliate refers to clients or other enterprises, CPA can become a highly productive and cost-friendly promotional means.

Operational Process with CPA

The general operational process involving affiliates is a straightforward model that consists of several major steps:

  1. An affiliate finds companies that search for increasing the traffic by implementing efficient lead-generating methods (CPA in our case).
  2. Considering the topic of your platform, an affiliate makes the promotional posts on the resource.
  3. If interested, users click on ads and are forwarded to the main page of an advertiser.
  4. Since the promotional content includes a personally-generated link, an affiliate receives remuneration for a visitor who did deposit the first transfer.

Affiliates can be completely different. Considering the scale of a marketing plan, you can resort to prominent resources (usually implying higher fees) or individual bloggers and influencers.

You, as a smart operator, must ensure your affiliate has the necessary flow of traffic for you to satisfy the acquisition rates. It can be easily achieved by utilising various tracking tools to follow affiliate marketing data. These programs make it possible for you to assess the progress of a particular advertising campaign and figure out your future steps. Eventually, you can either continue cooperating with the chosen affiliates or find other, more efficient ones, with a higher flow of traffic.

Advantages of Operating on CPA Basis

The main point that makes operators choose this affiliate model is the payment based on action rather than just a view. It allows casino owners to prevent scams and receive high-quality traffic.

On top of that, this promotional method also offers a wide range of other benefits if used appropriately:

  • an assortment of various engagement means to reach the necessary audience, including social networking, pop-up notifications, online bulletins, mobile apps, contextual ads, etc.;
  • due to comprehensive detection systems, an operator can quickly figure out if the action was conducted by a real person or a program, providing the payment only for legitimate users involved;
  • most prominent CPA affiliates resort to specialised tracking platforms that allow following the channels used for referring a new client to help operators evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen marketing method;
  • after becoming a participant of a network, you are granted secured transaction operation and responsible performance of obligations that eventually create a mutually beneficial affiliate system;
  • no hidden commission implied, and an operator only transfers remuneration to the affiliate for a single action (the first deposit) of an attracted player.

The only possible downside of a CPA method is filtering. Most advertisements do not target specific people, whether they are experienced players or not, randomly noticing promotional material. CPA affiliate model focuses on people who are interested in gambling without considering their intentions.

Picking a Right Affiliate Network

Picking a right affiliate network

As a knowledgeable operator, you must understand which field your advertisement should focus on. Considering the audience that is preferable for your website, you join the desired affiliate network. Once selected, you will not waste your money on a stream of users that do not deposit and will definitely receive profit.

It is also worth reviewing a network that has decent tracking tools, analytical availability, and established rules for responsible collaboration. These are the ground requirements if you want to become a part of a respected system.

At the same time, network management will also want to review your origin and intentions. Since you also look for a reliable system to work with, it is just a matter of formalities. It is essential to remember that no network is flawless — you will still encounter negative feedback. Therefore, study the chosen organisation thoroughly and learn to distinguish slander and reasonable criticism.

Once inside the network, you should get acquainted with as many possible partners as possible. For this, be sure to share personal data about your company, goals, as well as expectations. Double-check the links that you supply the partners with, as they will forward a potential player to the first acquaintance with your platform.

Wise Cooperation with Affiliate Networks

Upon entering a selected affiliate network, you must immediately settle specific terms with the potential partners:

  • the remuneration for the determined action;
  • the geographical location of the desired audience;
  • sources of the traffic;
  • specific keywords that would lead to your platform;
  • preferred images to be used;
  • configured links to include an affiliate’s id;
  • forbidden materials that contradict your policy.

On top of that, you must keep in mind the rivalry. You are not a single gambling operator on the market. Other platforms will also offer their terms, conditions, and remuneration amounts to the affiliates. Therefore, it should not be too small.

Under no circumstances should you try to deceive the affiliates. In most cases, they are experienced gamblers but on another side of the industry. They know perfectly well what their services are worth and will immediately refuse to cooperate with you if they suspect things are going wrong.

Effective Alternative to CPA — Revenue Share

Apart from a CPA model, affiliate marketing is also full of revenue-based solutions. Being a long-term type of cooperation, it implies deductions from a profit that a platform obtained from each involved player.

A surprising peculiarity with this model is the payout commission. It can reach up to 50% of your Net Gaming Revenue. In comparison to a CPA strategy, this type of affiliate promotion is based on the quality of attracted traffic, not the quantity. As the payout commission is high, the affiliates, who choose this model, work hard on attracting the high-flyers of the industry — the players who will make huge bets and lose their money.

Also, some affiliates tend to conclude hybrid agreements that combine both Revenue Share as well as CPA to maximise efficiency.

Major Differences between CPA and RevShare

The two most popular affiliate strategies have a different origin and implementation. Operators also must be aware of why it is more beneficial to choose either of them, considering the main differences.


Cost Per Acquisition



Once per single action performed

Up to 50% of the profit received from a player

Expected time



Oriented Audience

A lot of regular players

Experienced gamblers with high deposits

Joining Affiliate Networks under Thorough Analysis

Analysis of the affiliate networks

No wonder affiliate marketing is perceived as the most efficient method to promote gambling services. It happens to cover a considerable amount of high-quality traffic in the necessary region with an abundance of configurations available for an operator’s choice. At the same time, it is one of the most complex systems to get enrolled and manage.

However, once the experience is gained, it becomes much more straightforward to maintain a productive workflow. This is when inexperienced operators tend to get overwhelmed with the information load of an affiliate system.

Luckily, Online Casino Market is ready to offer efficient guidance to everyone who might require it. With a team of professional experts, choosing the right affiliate network becomes just a matter of available resources.

In case you need additional information, our specialists are always ready to guarantee you an extensive walkthrough on the topic, including:

  • the intricacies of the Cost Per Acquisition;
  • a close acquaintance with CPA operational process;
  • main benefits of operating on a CPA basis;
  • how to pick a right affiliate network;
  • how to work with these networks wisely;
  • in-depth guidance on the RevShare method;
  • major distinctions between CPA and RevShare.

Just make sure you contact our support team that is eagerly waiting for your orders on affiliate help as well as a turnkey online casino basis. Our next trip in the world of gambling will be towards understanding different types of wagers in betting. Do not hesitate to begin fruitful cooperation with Online Casino Market.


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