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Crash Casino Game Projects: Innovative Content with Record Audience Retention

The key recent trend is the total simplification of the mechanics, visualisation, and functionality of real money games.

Until 2019, the status of the industry leader was retained by slots and online machines. However, crash game gambling, a revolutionary and incredible in its simplicity concept, literally broke into the market.

Crash games for casinos: general info

The specialists of Online Casino Market will tell you about the mechanics of such games. They will explain how to open crash gambling sites with a minimum starting capital and why they are so attractive to a wide audience.

What Is Crash Gambling?

It would be useful for an operator to understand the essence of the product and get acquainted with all its advantages before opening a crash online gambling portal.

The majority of niche products are designed to accept bets in virtual currency.It is worth remembering that crash game gambling appeared due to the rapid popularisation and development of the crypto entertainment industry.

What is crash gambling? Such games resemble stock trading and interaction with charts even in their look and the main elements of the mechanics. At the same time, the distinctive features of all existing crypto crash game solutions are their dynamism and simplicity.

Any industry development, regardless of its visualisation options or additional bonus features, operates based on the principle of increasing the bet coefficient. The core crash crypto game mechanic involves a dynamic object that appears on a user's screen. The growth curve of the prize fund is displayed behind it. The task of the gambler is to stop the round before the crash (accident) when the growth chart collapses and the bet made before the start of the session loses.

Unlike poker or blackjack, everything depends on the reaction and luck of the user in crash online gambling. The mechanism of this content type is in many ways similar to the principles of the random number generator used in slots.

The play or the crash game online casino does not limit the user by the established duration of the round. The gambler makes a bet and can take the prize at any time if the session does not end earlier. If the participant closes the wager early, the user receives a prize, but a small one. If the player fails to withdraw money on time, the bet loses. The longer the wait, the larger and more attractive the prize pool.

Crash Games Casino Integration: Distinguishing Features

The installation of the advanced content is a great opportunity to attract the widest possible young audience to your resource. This is especially true in the context of the rapidly developing trend towards global simplification of functionality and reduction of attention retention time.

Crash online gambling content can be characterised in just 2 words: simplicity and dynamism.

Such entertainment solutions are gaining rapid popularity due to the following technical and functional features:

  1. The speed of the session. This type of play is characterised by maximum dynamism. The interval between crypto crash game rounds is only a few seconds to let the user place a bet. The turn itself can end almost immediately after the chart starts to move.
  2. Unlimited winnings. Having decided to open crash gambling games in a casino, the operator promises almost unbounded prize funds to its audience. Moreover, the reward for a successful session is paid out instantly. There are no bonus restrictions in the product itself. The main thing is to close the bet on time.
  3. Simple mechanics. The operator can buy crash games casino content with additional bonuses and other functions. However, the basic mechanics will remain unchanged — the user just needs to click on the dynamic object in time in order not to lose the bet.
  4. Provable honesty algorithms. The vast majority of crash content is developed based on cryptocurrency technologies and assertible honesty algorithms. They promise gamers maximum protection against financial fraud.
  5. High socialisation level. Crash titles are multiplayer products providing the possibility to participate in sessions for an unlimited number of gamblers. Many developments include in-game chats. Participants can discuss strategies, create teams, and even form additional prize pools there.

The diversity of the function set is another unique feature of crash games casino integration. Despite the simple basic mechanics, the developers use a lot of interesting technical tools to retain the audience.

For example, the operator can buy crash games casino content with the following features:

  • decreasing or doubling the bet with one click;
  • the number of automatic moves (if the field is blank, rounds will be launched until the funds on the user's account are exhausted);
  • the increase or decline of the bet by a certain percentage after each win/loss;
  • the completion of the auto-play mode when the specified payout amount is reached;
  • the interruption of the session in case of exceeding the established limit;
  • the selection of the maximum multiplier for stopping the play automatically, etc.

Reasons to Launch Crash Casino Game Sites

Crash gambling content: strong points

The innovative format provides operators with many benefits, including:

Record Retention Rates

Due to its dynamism, crash content keeps users in suspense throughout the session. Since victory depends solely on the reaction of the gambler, the user is completely focused on the course of the amusement and is not distracted from the screen.

Thanks to the simplicity of titles, crash games casino integration helps attract all categories of users, significantly expanding the audience outreach. This entertainment format has gained immense popularity among young solvent users who love simple, uncomplicated games with good payouts.

Variability of Limits and Bets

The amount of reward during a session is almost unlimited. Therefore, the operator who decides to launch crash casino game sites can manage financial flows using various multipliers and betting limits.

In some products, it is possible to set special restrictions on the initial rounds. For example, you can set a fixed coefficient for the growth of the prize fund or block the possibility to withdraw the winnings up to a certain amount  in your crash game online casino.

Such functionality gives an additional incentive to users to continue the session. It also serves as an effective protection for the operator from frequent customers’ winnings.

Diversified Visualisation

You can launch crash casino game content with various designs. Since the basic mechanics are always the same, it is possible to attract the audience with different visual effects.

Here are the examples of popular designs:

  • a flying spaceship, a rocket, or an astronaut;
  • a car moving along city streets;
  • an aeroplane soaring above the clouds;
  • animals or characters of popular 2D games going along a random path;
  • just a glowing dot on a chart stylised as the movement of stock quotes, etc.

You can buy ready-made casino crash games from top suppliers or order the development of your product with exclusive design.

The Online Casino Market team will help you bring your boldest ideas to life and adapt the chosen plot to specific regions or cultural groups of users.

Cross-Platform Support

Due to simple built-in algorithms and the absence of large-scale visual effects, crash content is characterised by record performance indicators. Also, it is great for interacting with all types of traffic, including mobile users.

Games of this type are easily scaled to any screen size. The content does not lose its functionality because one click is enough to manage bets.

Interesting Marketing Ploy

It is possible to launch crash casino game content as a component of the entertainment catalogue along with traditional slots. Also, due to its simplicity and dynamism, this content format can be used as an almost independent marketing tool to attract new customers.

Products with elementary functionality are great as gamified advertising. Such content can be integrated into third-party resources — TikTok, Facebook group pages, and other social networks. Crash crypto game functionality boosts engagement substantially and works amazingly well in such surroundings.

For more retention, the functionality restriction can be applied. For example, several moves without a money bet are allowed. Then, the user needs to go to the main resource of the operator to get additional opportunities.

Top Products for Entertainment Sites

The Online Casino Market studio offers any crash gamble game for sale from leading global suppliers. We provide only proven, certified solutions with the best payback rates.

Top Rated Crash Content

Aviator by Spribe

The game is considered one of the first in the niche. Released back in 2019, it still holds the leading positions in the lists and has an extensive set of social features.

Users have access to multi-channel chat, real-time statistics, and even tournaments with progressive rewards

Jet X by Smartsoft Gaming

The first version of the crash crypto game product looked like a pixel title from Nintendo. However, the developer released an update with a special focus on visual effects in the spring of 2021.

The new Jet X lets users bet on the movement of 3D spaceships and promises impressive progressive jackpots

Spaceman by Pragmatic Play

This is an interesting project on the space flight theme from one of the leaders in the development of high-performance iGaming content.

Its benefits are as follows:

  • beautiful, well-designed visualisation;
  • option for automatic withdrawal of winnings;
  • multi-user chat;
  • fixed jackpot (x5,000 to the initial bet)

Space XY by BGaming

The product was released in early 2022. It is considered one of the most successful Aviator remakes.

An exciting rocket race with live graphs of session time and multiplier growth awaits users.

The developer announced a record return rate of 97%. The maximum prize fund is x10,000 to the bet

F777 Fighter by Onlyplay

Users have a unique opportunity to try on the role of a pilot of the ultra-modern F777 fighter. The board must move along a given trajectory, avoiding obstacles.

The game includes a progressive multiplier. Such options as 2 independent bets per move and an accumulative jackpot are available to gamblers

How to Open Real Money Crash Games?

Online casino crash games: project opening

To do this in one click, just select the relevant option and leave a request to our specialists.

If you would like to order crash games casino integration or already have an active slot machine site and want to expand your current portfolio, choose positions from our catalogue.

We offer turnkey gambling projects for operators. How to start crash casino portals? You just need to explain your wishes or use the free configurator program and create your exclusive project from ready-made modules.

Crash games casino integration will bring you:

  • fast feedback;
  • professional consultations on all technical issues, including personalisation of each item;
  • package connection service (this is a quick integration following the specified parameters without the need to install each product separately and sign different agreements);
  • assistance in the formation of the catalogue and its adaptation to search queries or a marketing strategy;
  • advice on advertising and promotion of gambling projects;
  • help with optimising gaming positions for specific markets;
  • setting up payment solutions, and other services.

We offer a large selection of ready-made products from trusted world-famous suppliers, including the entire crash game online casino from scratch. In addition, you can always order the development of exclusive content with unique mechanics, various bonuses, and built-in retention tools.

The Main Things about Crash Content for Online Casinos

The decision to open a gambling site gives the operator lots of advantages. These are multiple expansions of coverage to the opportunity to promote a business project using such type of content as an independent marketing tool.

  • What is crash gambling? It is an amusement whose main feature is simplicity. All actions are aimed at training the user's reaction and concentration. Easy mechanics encourage gamers to fully immerse themselves in the process and not be distracted from the screen.
  • Crash content implies a variety of subjects. Despite the unified, unchanged mechanics, the visualisation of the final product depends solely on the developer's imagination. It can be a flying rocket, a city taxi, an aeroplane, or just a dot on a stock chart.
  • It is possible to open crash gambling games as ads. Titles with limited functionality can be integrated into any third-party platform, including the largest social networks and TikTok.

You can learn more about how to start crash casino projects and order your turnkey business at the Online Casino Market studio.

We are aware of the most promising trends and offer only proven solutions with the best payback rates:

Order a ready-made turnkey offer or create a free slot machine site in the configurator right now.

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Updated 29 june 2023
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