Chatbots in Gambling: A New-Generation Business Tool

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Updated 09 august 2022

Artificial intelligence technologies (including digital robots) are one of the most interesting gambling trends. PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that machine learning algorithms will generate $15.7 trillion in global economic growth by 2030.

Casino with a chatbot: general info

Buying a casino with an interactive assistant program is the best investment in 2022.

Innovative chatbots:

  • increase sales by 67%;
  • speed up the response to external requests by 3 times;
  • analyse the needs of the audience in real-time;
  • form targeted proposals;
  • keep active players and attract new ones.

The Online Casino Market team will talk about artificial intelligence algorithms and the benefits of starting a gambling business with AI systems.

Chatbots: What Are They and How Do They Work?

A digital robot is an interactive assistant program, a virtual interlocutor that performs tasks specified in the code, including:

  • answers to user questions;
  • search for information by keywords;
  • financial analysis;
  • predicting behavioural responses;
  • detection of fraudulent attempts;
  • collection, systematisation of data on new customers, etc.

These services solve typical tasks and are used to automate standard business processes.

Types of chatbots by functionality

Sales management

The consultant program helps clients find the right product and notifies them about promotions, discounts, etc.


The casino software is designed to collect primary information about a new client and form a personalised line of offers

Transaction control

The program manages financial flows within the system, accepts bets, reserves places at gaming tables, and notifies about prizes


This is a more convenient alternative to the F.A.Q section. The service recognises the user's question and gives an answer based on keywords

Customer support

The bot helps visitors understand the features of game content and interact with it


The casino software can be integrated with other robotic algorithms and solve several different tasks at once:

  • search for answers by keywords;
  • generate reminders about promotions, and short-term bonuses;
  • create collections of thematic products;
  • organise personalised mailings, etc.

Benefits of Assistant Programs

Casino chatbots: functionality and benefits

Chatbots significantly reduce the financial burden on a gambling business and speed up the response of the system.

Functionality and advantages of digital robots:

  1. Increase in sales. The service not only offers the necessary goods but also remembers the preferences of customers and generates relevant offers with each next call.
  2. Optimisation of administrative costs. According to statistics from Acquire, the software can complete up to 80% of tasks without manual intervention.
  3. Round-the-clock response. The system works 24/7 and has no breaks or weekends. The level of service remains high regardless of the quality of the internet connection, the number of calls or the duration of the dialogue.
  4. Convenience for users. The Google think tank reported that 65% of online users choose to communicate with a chatbot, rather than independently search for the necessary information.
  5. Automation of typical tasks. The system can be configured to perform any standard operations, leaving the management staff with only complex issues that require mandatory manual control.
  6. Data collection. The robot can be programmed to generate leads and get complete information about customers. The program allows the operator to take the gambling business to a new level when they know in advance about the preferences and interests of users.

Development Features of Chatbots

To open a mobile casino with a virtual interlocutor, we recommend following this scheme:

Determining the Platform for Integration

Various instant messengers are at the peak of popularity: WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc.

The unique properties of the platforms are:

  • maximum audience coverage (mobile traffic accounts for about 42.5% of the industry turnover);
  • the anonymity of users (access to personal correspondence is prohibited for any external structures);
  • lack of geographic restrictions (games in messengers are available even for audiences from regions where gambling is prohibited);
  • stable operation and fast response, regardless of the quality of the connection;
  • convenient access to game content without having to leave the messenger.

An interesting feature is that the popular mobile services allow managers to integrate third-party developments or use a set of branded templates to create chatbots. Operators significantly save on hiring a staff of programmers and receive a convenient tool with extensive personalisation options.

Choosing a Framework

A game bot can be implemented in two formats:

  1. The dialogue box with text messages. This is a standard model with a concise interface. Correspondence between the program and clients is carried out in a chat. It is possible to supplement the system with the option of voice recordings.
  2. Robot with a graphical interface. The model found a positive response from European and American users. To contact the bot, the player does not need to type any text — they just have to click the desired button or icon.

Dialogue Flow Design and Learning

Chatbots vary depending on the task at hand and the tools available.

Types of automated services:

  1. Standard system in the format "question-answer". The program is given usual algorithms with key topics. The AI ​​product recognises the user's question and provides an answer based on previously specified words.
  2. Learning robots. To create such services, standard algorithms and various psychological techniques are used. The program not only issues clarifying questions and personal recommendations but also copies and reproduces human reactions.

Test, Launch and Refinement

Before installing a chat service, it is necessary to try and evaluate its ability to respond to real-people requests. And even after the launch, the system needs to be regularly upgraded and trained, expanding its functionality.

The Main Things about AI Technologies and Chatbots in Gambling

Chatbots in gambling: core features

Launching a casino with an interactive assistant program is the best way to retain the audience, as well as maximise market coverage and business turnover.

The implementation of a chatbot gives an operator the following benefits:

  • No geographic or legal restrictions. Mobile messengers allow you to receive traffic from any region, including countries where gambling is prohibited at the legislative level.
  • Automation of typical processes. The analytical agency Acquire published statistics on chatbots in e-commerce: services independently solve up to 80% of standard administrative and technical tasks.
  • Increase in traffic volume. Thanks to their analytical power, these programs not only significantly reduce the response time to an external request but also generate personalised offers for each client.

The Online Casino Market team will help you open an iGaming start-up with already implemented digital assistants. We partner with leading industry developers and offer a rich selection of branded solutions.

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