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Updated 10 march 2022

The presence of an efficient, multi-currency and secure payment system increases the confidence of customers in the gambling site.

Online casino payment system

The Online Casino Market company offers to buy online casinos with built-in financial aggregators. You do not need to worry about finding and connecting programs yourself — we deliver a multi-tasking and ready-to-run product.

Features of Payment Systems for Gambling Projects

A financial aggregator is a special software for fast, safe and legal transfer of funds from one entity to another. At the same time, the list of payment system features is not limited to depositing and withdrawing money.

There are many providers on the market that:

  • open profitable credit lines at a minimum percentage;
  • offer B2B cooperation as a distributor;
  • provide branded VIP products.

In the gambling industry, payment operators perform all the same functions as in the traditional e-commerce sphere, but with taking into account the following features of the iGaming industry:

  1. High percentage of unlicensed operators. The first thing that a provider checks before concluding a service agreement is whether the entrepreneur has permission to create a turnkey online casino. Some of the trusted and willingly cooperating jurisdictions are Curacao, Malta, Panama, Kahnawake, Isle of Man.
  2. Uncertainty of local legislation. Providers support fast international payments, but they also take into account local gambling regulations in different countries. For example, in the USA, requirements for iGaming business differ depending on the state, while in Russia, banks are prohibited from direct deposits to online casino accounts.
  3. The presence of additional risks. Gambling is characterised by a large number of transactions and chargebacks. In addition, there is a high probability of cyber attacks and fraud by the users themselves.

How to Choose a Financial Module for an Online Casino

Financial service for online casinos

Although the gambling industry belongs to the High-risk category, there are many trusted providers with reliable financial products operating in the industry. As a rule, these companies are generally focused on the sphere of internet services. Their product line includes many specialised solutions for a turnkey casino business and other iGaming projects.

In addition, entrepreneurs can always connect payment systems from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Neteller and other international providers.

The main criteria for choosing a financial aggregator:

Support of different payment methods

A good payment system offers:

  • processing of international bank cards (already mentioned credit and debit products from Visa and MasterCard);
  • support for local payment methods (for example, Yandex.Money and Privat24 for residents of the CIS);
  • transactions in electronic money (WebMoney, Qiwi, Skrill, PayPal);
  • mobile transfers and recurrent payments (acceptance of money by subscription);
  • cash payment through terminal equipment
Easy integration

Entrepreneurs can buy an online casino with built-in financial modules or connect payment systems on their own.

Installation time does not exceed 2–3 working days. Most providers offer a packaged installation of an API based solution


Modern financial aggregator provides:

  • fast transactions in dollars, euros, Chinese yuan and other global currencies;
  • prompt transfers in local currency (for example, in Polish zloty or Ukrainian hryvnia);
  • crypto-operations in popular digital money (in bitcoins, altcoins, ethers)
Presence of a security system

As a rule, providers offer an antifraud service and a 3-D Security personal identification module.

The components work together with the basic turnkey online casino software solutions. They guarantee multi-stage verification and powerful protection of iGaming projects around the perimeter

Additional factors

When choosing a payment system, you must also consider:

  • average transaction processing speed;
  • software performance in conditions of increased capacity on the infrastructure of the casino site;
  • the amount of commission deductions;
  • limit policy;
  • availability of additional products (credit programs, modules for exchange operations, partner services)

Gambling Industry Transactions: Legal Nuances

Since the iGaming industry is a high-risk business segment, all payment providers display casino transactions as “unique transactions”. These transfers are subject to special internet Merchant Classification Codes (MCCs).

Operators planning to create an online casino and connect financial aggregators must do the following:

  • find a turnkey casino website for sale;
  • prepare the gambling site for the integration of the payment system (place the name and address of the company, indicate the contact details of the support service, create a separate page for the security policy — Privacy Policy, KYC / AML protocols);
  • agree on the procedure for working with chargebacks (describe the reasons, terms, limits);
  • connect a system for determining the geolocation of gamblers (to exclude the acceptance of payments from those countries where gambling is prohibited or located in the “gray” zone);
  • prepare a dedicated server (physical or cloud) to store the history of transactions — the bank or electronic account number of the cardholder, the date and amount of the transaction, information about the gamer;
  • create a pop-up window on the site about responsible gambling (the information will appear when the user goes to the payment page).

What Financial Aggregators Can Be Connected at Online Casino Market

Online casino payment system: connection

The Online Casino Market company offers you to order a turnkey online casino with already built-in payment instruments from leading providers.

Let's look at what payment systems with loyal conditions can be connected by our company:


It is a global payment system with representation in 200+ countries. In the last year alone, Visa's combined debit and credit card turnover was $4.8 trillion. This confirms that banking products from Visa are trusted all over the world.

The development of an online casino with Visa integration is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • dedicated internet acquiring for gambling operators;
  • loyal commission — within 3.5% of the transfer amount;
  • round-the-clock work with the setting of automated operations and high speed of payment processing;
  • several levels of protection, including data encryption and the use of additional 3-D Secure passwords.


The operation of the Neteller electronic payment system is regulated by the laws of the Isle of Man, where the international provider is registered. The company offers full-featured payment services for e-commerce entrepreneurs, including iGaming operators.

Advantages of Neteller financial aggregator:

  • support for multicurrency transactions around the world;
  • simple registration and verification: customer data is stored on a secure server;
  • connection of an individual Net+ Prepaid MasterCard with a minimum commission for processing payments;
  • high demand among gamers who trust the Neteller system.


A popular payment aggregator among residents of Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries. In addition, the system supports fast and secure transfers from Europe, Asia, North America, and every year the number of countries covered increases.

Advantages of the Interkassa system:

  • you can make payments using 16 financial aggregators, including well-known Visa and MasterCard;
  • loyal limit policy (no restrictions on withdrawals with a minimum transaction of $10);
  • stable commission, which is the same for all operations — 3% of the transfer amount;
  • module with transaction statistics, reporting, options for setting up automatic payments.


This internet acquiring provider offers affordable methods for replenishing a gambling account and withdrawing funds (via a land-based terminal, using a mobile transfer, a prepaid bank card, or electronic money).

PayAnyWay payment aggregator features:

  • vast experience and no technical failures (the company has been providing financial services of the best quality for 11 years);
  • advanced analytics (you can keep accounting, set up a limit policy, and manage gamer accounts);
  • loyal tariff scale (maximum commission 2.9% for operations with bank cards);
  • high performance and security (6+ million transactions per year pass through secure PayAnyWay channels).


If you do not know how to open an online casino with modern payment instruments, then you should pay attention to the Alphapo cryptocurrency service. The company supports anonymous transfers in 10+ digital assets, including the popular bitcoin, litecoin, ether, and other tokens.

Advantages of the solution from Alphapo:

  • high speed of operations with cryptocurrency (average processing time for user requests is 3 seconds);
  • convenient exchange of digital money for fiat units with a minimum commission;
  • secure storage (all gamers' funds are in “cold” wallets);
  • several business solutions for iGaming operators (working through direct financial channels and through invoices).

The Main Things about Choosing a Payment System for a Casino

At Online Casino Market, you can connect profitable turnkey casino software with built-in financial aggregators.

The offer from the Online Casino Market covers all popular payment methods, supports multi-currency transfers with a minimum commission. In addition, the operator receives a catalogue of modern video games, a powerful CRM system, and a multitasking backend.

  • The main criteria for choosing a financial aggregator include its fast and reliable operation, the availability of various payment methods (using bank cards, mobile transfers, electronic money), and simple integration.
  • Transactions in the iGaming industry are subject to increased security requirements. Before installing the software, the operator needs to prepare the site — post information about the company, rules for working with chargebacks, Privacy Policy and KYC / AML security policies.
  • Online Casino Market recommends that you pay attention to turnkey casino solutions from Visa, Alphapo, PayAnyWay, Neteller, Interkassa and other well-known companies. You can see the full list of financial aggregators on our website.

If you are interested in starting the best turnkey online business with integrated payment services, contact the Online Casino Market manager and get a demo version of the product.

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