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Updated 09 december 2019

Casino management software is used by gambling business organizations with the aim to enhance their activities efficiency. Synchronization of various current operations, handling databases, security monitoring and other options present a powerful tool to improve the processes and, as a result, to increase the company revenues.

Casino management software for gambling business

Casino Management Software Characteristics

Casino systems are integrated into one structure with the extended features to cover the maximum amount of casino activities. They are supposed to provide the calculation of bets, wins, cash transactions, casino profits, casino gaming systems monitoring and control, loyalty programs and tracking the actions of players.

The basic casino management software characteristics shall be outlined by the following parameters:

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Another important point is customization. The software products shall meet the particular features of your business project etc. Special companies provide development of the special solutions in this area.

Any casino system shall be properly adapted both to operators’ needs and legal regulation restrictions. Casino management strives to control as much as possible options, however the relevant laws on, for example, personal data protection shall be followed.

Mechanics of the Casino Management System

The casino control process is implemented via the modular form, by connecting the relevant modules to the servers, which provide operations of the gaming machines and control points of operators. The operators shall be able to control casino operation in real-time with the access to the centralized databases.

This system shall is based both on the standard ERP system and casino gaming business specifics. The casino management software is provided by the famous gambling industry corporations as Novomatic or Playtech.

The modular program is a complex of automation programs for management, staffing, operating accounting etc. Such programs usually do not need settings. This is provided by the developers, the users have just to enter the relevant data on the accounting policy.

The modular program has the intuitive interface, which enables prompt controls with no need in the extensive training.

Casino management software producers provide their servers to hold their customers’ systems designed for control of the gaming process. The software runs via the secure channels using the corresponding communication protocols. The customer data is automatically stored on such servers.

Casino Automation System Composition

The casino control systems are designed in modular forms and may include the following components:

  1. Data entry.
  2. Machine performance.
  3. Players tracking.
  4. Video monitoring system (CCTV).
  5. Cash transactions.
  6. Central control point.
  7. Customer database.
  8. Photodetection.
  9. Staff management.
  10. Payouts withdrawal.
  11. Users access controls.
  12. Reporting.

Effective management of all these components is a key condition for the successful operation of the casino systems. That means that casino staff shall be properly trained to employ all possibilities of this software.

Data entry

This module is designed to register and store the statistics, implement users visits tracking etc. Various search criteria are applied when processing the database, enabling to find promptly a particular customer. Video monitoring tools provide easy photographing a gamer etc.

The basic requirements include the following characteristics:

  • increased security;
  • data storage reliability;
  • data availability;
  • prompt search results;
  • effective monitoring.

The users shall be provided with the opportunity to implement the setting of their accounts. Various tickets can be used to enter the account automatically. Promotional tickets are to be also supported within the loyalty programs etc.

Machine performance

Casino gaming systems shall provide operation of the software, equipment, and machines and analyze their performance, which includes:

  • casino equipment status online;
  • machines compatibility;
  • preventive maintenance;
  • technical support;
  • notifications on different malfunctioning.

Regarding the machines, the enhancement shall be aimed at speeding up the interaction between players and equipment. Technical support shall also have minimized response time in order to handle requests with no delay.

Players tracking

The tracking mode allows examining the gambler's actions. The results of all gaming activities for any period of time are to be presented via this module.

The system shall provide quick search for players by various criteria in the casino database and automatic calculation of results, as well as the calculation of the bonuses based on the results of the gaming.

This tracking shall also include the following points:

  • easy tracking of all changes in real-time;
  • tracking player’s decisions, identification of deviations from the right options;
  • clear presentation of players’ ratings;
  • control over earnings, identification of winners;
  • statistic information on winnings, accrual of rewards;
  • mathematical and probabilistic features;
  • building a comprehensive profile of a player.

Besides, the routine analysis shall be provided for the various playing areas. The casino games, bingo, keno, slots shall be effectively tracked regarding the gaming results and effectively accounted.

Video monitoring system (CCTV)

The video monitoring system (CCTV) function is to provide and process the continuous stream of video data. This is needed for tracking the security of gaming process and payment operations.

Video monitoring system (CCTV) for casino business

However, not only the video monitoring devices constitute this component but also different tools designed to analyze the video stream for providing the effective notifications in order to decrease the risks of possible losses.

Security is the key issue of this component in terms of the illegal actions prevention including unauthorized users access, anti-money laundering etc.

Cash transactions

This component allows monitoring over the cash and payment transactions. The statistic and informational reports on these operations are generated and sent automatically.

It also implies prompt receipt of the cash status data, conducting balances etc. Options module allows making the adjustments according to the established individual casino procedure.

Some casino systems provide an option of currencies converting. The system allows to implement the calculation of the currency exchange rate and transfer into the e-money.

The cash reporting is maintained by the cash module. Casino coins calculation and gaming statistics collection are also provided (bets, wins etc).

Cash status checking and payment systems operability are the additional features to be considered within this component.

Central control point

This component allows performing full centralized control of all operations with the relevant analysis. It is the most important among other components, as it provides the comprehensive view of the progress and status of all activities.

It makes an analysis of the collected data, creates statistics figures and shows gamblers ratings. The number of users for a certain period is recorded.

Casino personnel work is also evaluated with this tool. The reports show the structured data on the activities of users and managers.

The central control point shall have an extended list searching tools. The intuitive character of controls and the extensive functional design make it easy to get promptly the proper and correct data for all the requests.

In general, the central control point enables to see the benefits and potential advantages of the whole project.

The central control point as the part of the casino management software shall be fitted with the remote access secure channel in order to provide the business owner with useful statistic and operational data for making timely decisions and implementing the effective monitoring over the processes.

Customer Database

A centralized database is designed for collecting the players’ personal data: preferences, friends, visits, game results and a lot of additional information.

The customer database is linked to the other modules to cover the whole range of the associated operations. This central repository can be referenced by any application, i.e. Player tracking etc.

A centralized customer database

The following points of personal data can be stored and used:

  • personal account information and contacts;
  • physical description;
  • social security;
  • drivers license;
  • interests;
  • participation;
  • comments.

The system shall provide for the data integrity and correctness. All the data indicating questionable activities are to be highlighted. Besides, the customer database system shall be implemented in conformity with the relevant regulations.


The module is located in almost every application and allows to find a player’s photo. The photodetection system is linked to such modules as video monitoring and data entry system. The image taken is to be retrieved from the storage and easily identified.

Staff management

This component allows maintaining a database of all casino employees, collecting the information needed regarding their work at the casino.

This is needed in order to evaluate staff performance, quality of the customer service and to provide the proper rewards by making the precise justification.

Payouts withdrawal

Here, all of the types of the payouts shall be controlled. The withdrawals are implemented on the basis of the gaming achievements. Different accumulated wins, such as progressive jackpots, are also processed. The module is integrated with the payment systems, credit cards support etc.

The payouts withdrawal system shall be organized in a way to optimize the playtime and reduce the service operations time. The key requirements of this module presuppose availability of the user-friendly interface and 24-hour support in order to enable users to withdraw their wins facing no difficulties.

Users access controls

Various restricted levels of access are needed to protect the company important information. The access level rights are designated for the items of the other modules, determining the relevance of these levels regarding certain program functions.

The staff access rights are also determined within this component based on their job descriptions and official responsibilities.


The reports of different status and function are generated within this module in accordance with the pre-designed templates. It is possible to design customized settings or templates without the technical support of the developers. The results are presented in a clear, understandable and visualized form.

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The casino management software is provided by Online Casino Market. The development of various customized solutions on the software integration depending on the particular casino project is available.

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