Betradar: the World Class Sportsbook Software for Your Bookmaker's Office

Betradar: the World Class Sportsbook Software for Your Bookmaker's Office

Updated 10 february 2023

The bookmaker software from Betradar is a fully-fledged software with multiple plug-ins, which is used for keeping track of the coefficients, managing a web resource, collecting and analyzing information. The sportsbook software can boast a truly rich functionality and allows setting up workflows.

Bookmaker software from Betradar

About the Company

The Betradar professionals practice a responsible approach as what concerns numbers and statistics. This can be even seen by the way a sportsbook platform is described on the official site. By the way, today, the original Betradar software is used by more than 450 offices in 80 countries.

The Betradar team consists of 5000 top class specialists from a wide variety of industries who work daily to build a good product. As a result, the brand sports betting software is currently believed to be the best of its kind.

The Online Casino Market customers get an opportunity to open the bookie business and buy sportsbook software making the project truly successful. Operators can take advantage of additional development or promotion services of the company, and ask the consultants any matters of concern.

The sports bookie software impresses with a range of its functionality. Add-ons and plug-ins performing a variety of functions taking the sports betting to a fundamentally new level.

Here's the list of the main plug-ins offered by the sports betting software from Betradar:

  • Live Centers;
  • Match Centers
  • statistical databases;
  • Livescore;
  • convenient widgets for quick betting;
  • Administrative panel.

Let us now briefly refer to each of those points.

Statistical database

A bookie office that has its own Statistics Division always holds the respect of betters. Such departments are almost identical in most bookmaker offices. The database allows users view the relevant form of a team or a particular player, and review the archives by seasons. The implementation of statistics can be different. In some cases, an icon with graphs is placed next to a sporting event.

Live Centers and Match Centers

Live-Centres and Match-Centres make betting more dynamic

To attract as much betters as possible, modern betting offices add the ability to bid live. It makes betting more lively and dynamic. The Betradar company also offers similar betting software. The line is updated in real time, and the coverage of the matches is rendered.


Betradar supplies the bookie offices with Livescores. The advanced software provides for covering over 40 sports disciplines. The original Livescore from the developer can boast a more up-to-date and relevant functionality compared to other services that focus only on covering the sports results.

Betradar Livescore


In order to extend the functionality, the Betradar betting software for bookmakers offers the possibility of installing additional small components that improve the quality of the functionality or are used offline. These can be calendars, schedules, live chats, ratings, etc.

Administrative panel

This is one of the most important aspects for operators. By using the administrative panel, you can manage all processes and keep track of what is happening, make the necessary changes, update information, and more.

The administrative panel provides a link between Frontend and Backend. Developers optimized the bookmaker software in a way to make it really comfortable for operators to manage everything that happens in a gambling club.

Software Tools

Sports betting software simplifies bookmakers business

Above, we have reviewed the tools designed to work with content. Now we'll talk more about features.

Plug-ins greatly simplify the lives of the bookmaker business since they allow:

  • adding new events.
  • working with trading tools and event results;
  • generating quotations;
  • integrating the Live Scouting function;
  • pleasing betters with a live line (which is updated in Real Time mode);
  • enabling players to bet on virtual sports, etc.

It’s possible to guess from the plug-in name what it is intended for. Nevertheless, we will enlarge upon a detailed review of particular tool.

Many still cannot understand what the virtual sport concept means. Most people erroneously think this is the second name of e-sports, but it's not. In fact, this kind of betting is virtually identical to the usual betting.

The point of virtual sport is making a bet on a certain outcome of an event modeled by the artificial intelligence. The outcome of such an event is a matter of minutes. Players can bet in such a mode all day long.

Live Scouting presupposes a quick collection of data on everything that happens during a sports match. This tool allows creating an infographics and a text broadcast of a game. The module operates in Real Time mode and processes statistical information. Betters can watch live broadcasts of sporting events right on the website.

What is So Special About the Betradar Sportsbook Software?

Betradar Bookmaker office

Statistics is the main special feature offered by the original betting software. The company involves qualified specialists and cooperates with world sports associations to have it.

The Betradar company created separate departments within the company to analyze different kinds of sports. The expert groups process the received data and sort them. The team of programmers works on improving the plug-in functionality and also tests new sportsbook software.

Coefficients are calculated using mathematical modelling, analysis of relevant information and market monitoring, i.e. analyzing the betting lines of competitors.

The company developers put their entire soul in what they do. That's why the Betradar products are considered among the best in the betting market. The original sports betting software allows creating a high-quality betting office.

Lotteries From the Provider

Betradar offers casino operators unique lottery software, thanks to which they can provide customers with 37 thousand drawings every month.

Such drawings attract even those users who are generally not interested in gambling. Lotteries are not classified as casino games, and it significantly facilitates the promotion process.

Advantages of the lottery software by Betradar:

  1. Global coverage. The company's catalogue contains lotteries from more than 70 countries. The bookmaker offers over 44 thousand lottery drawings per month that are ranked by the size of a minimum bet and a jackpot and chances of winning.
  2. Additional bets on outcomes of the drawings. In addition to guessing the winning combination, gamblers can place side bets. The Betradar's offer includes bets on the total sum of balls, odd/even numbers on the scoreboard, and bets on the first number in a combination.
  3. Cross-platform interface. The lottery software works smoothly on smartphones and tablets, desktops, and betting terminals.
  4. Responsive UX design. The solution has a customisable user interface, a convenient lobby with gamification elements, and a practical backend for the administrator.
  5. Multi-currency and multi-language support. The software is translated into 45 languages. The product supports payments via bank cards and electronic money in more than 25 currencies.

Effective Fraud Management System

As a market leader, Betradar does a tremendous job by:

  • ensuring the transparent gameplay;
  • providing anti-money laundering and compliance with AML/KYC policies;
  • protecting players and B2B partners against the actions of intruders.

The company offers casino owners to connect a proprietary fraud detection system (FDS). The licensed solution will protect operators against external and internal threats.

Key features of the FDS system:

Anti-match fixation

The program helps to fight against fixed matches and reduce financial costs of the bookmaker by more than 2 times.

The service studies features of the competition in real-time and reveals hidden associations and connections by using computer modelling.

The Betradar's internal service offers professional support in the investigation of fixed matches and payment of monetary compensation to bookmaker’s offices

Powerful risk management

Betradar carries out a comprehensive inspection of B2B partners, assesses possible risks, and monitors compliance with requirements of the regulator.

Managers of the company collect and analyse information (biographical data, reporting) about contracting parties so that Betradar customers always make balanced decisions

Control over the compliance with anti-doping regulations

The developer is working with national anti-doping agencies to improve player testing methodology.

Software that is based on artificial intelligence monitors compliance of athletes with anti-doping rules.

As soon as a sports player violates the rules, the FDS program will recalculate his team's chances of winning (qualifying for the final, winning the cup) and provide operators with the best pairs of odds

The Main Things about Betradar Software Solutions

The German manufacturer is one of the leaders in the betting industry. The brand is famous for its comprehensive business solutions ― from a well-thought-out line of events to professional technical support at all stages of cooperation.

  • The company’s product range includes live and match centres, the Livescore system, and convenient widgets for the placement of quick bets. Moreover, the bookmaker provides a structured statistics base and a convenient administrator panel.
  • The key feature of the Betradar betting software is a wide range of professional settings. Operators can manage quotes, add new sports events, activate live lines, and connect dynamic bets on virtual sports.
  • Entrepreneurs have access to the proprietary FDS anti-fraud program. It monitors fixed matches and anti-doping work in popular sports federations and also provides powerful risk management.
  • The Betradar lottery software contains up-to-date solutions from more than 70 countries. The provider covers over 44 thousand lottery drawings every month.

Online Casino Market offers casino owners to connect the betting software on the most beneficial terms and at a reasonable price.

Advantages of working with our company:

  • fast integration with the use of flexible API tools;
  • high-quality and secure products;
  • technical and legal support of the project;
  • formation of a unique and profitable event line with the help of experienced specialists.

To learn more about the establishment of a profitable betting business, please contact our managers!

If you want to start a bookie business that won’t be second to the best world bookmaker offices, Online Casino Market is at your service. You can buy sportsbook software from the Betradar company, the leading German provider.

If you have any questions, you can always ask them personally to the Online Casino Market consultant.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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