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24 may 2020

The player acquisition process is a complicated scheme that requires an in-depth analysis and a thorough selection of marketing channels.

Depending on the type of your platform, its location, and purpose, each individual promotion campaign will be unique, meaning what works perfectly for your competitors, will not necessarily be useful for you. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to understand what advertising means are suitable in each situation of attracting new clients.

At the same time, numerous guides are already available on the internet, making it possible to learn about all ins and outs of marketing means. Online Casino Market decided to bring it on another level and gathered all possible online gambling channels into a single manual to get maximum benefit at once.

The experts’ help was always a significant boost for any business, and our professionals also propose you a convenient turnkey business solution alongside.

SEO as a Major Player Acquisition Tool

Search engine optimization

This primary advertising method is a treasure for online gaming operators. SEO provides a growth in the number of organic visitors due to a high searching rank on the result page of the corresponding engines. A sophisticated strategy is usually directed for increasing the brand awareness for targeted keywords but is not triggered on extensive keywords or specialized terms.

Currently, search engines know how to aim at images, video, text, and similar content. Attention concentration on the right basis built will allow you to direct efficient traffic on the resources in both medium and extensive terms.

While building a productive SEO, a wise operator will focus on:

  • necessary page and optimization of keywords;
  • generation of informative links;
  • proper content creation;
  • indexation in search systems and catalogue.

Optimization in the App Store for Attracting a Mobile Niche of Players

Alongside a fully functional website, you must also pay enough attention to your app since it serves as one of the main points of interest for the users. Proper optimization means you influence how noticeable your application is. As a result, you boost the level of organic traffic and the number of installs due to the ascendance on the rating, categories, and store search queries.

In general, your app optimization should be divided into two parts:

  1. Pre-release setup.
  2. Post-release update.

During pre-release arrangements, you should take care of:

  • name;
  • description;
  • logo;
  • screenshots;
  • video review;
  • targeted keywords;
  • category.

The post-release improvements must include:

  • rating enhancement;
  • download number boost;
  • analysis of app usage.

Automatizing Search Engine Marketing for Increasing the Number of Leads

Increasing the number of leads

This type of advertising is firmly connected with Pay-per-Click functions. SEM can be an extremely useful and economically productive tool for traffic involvement since it exploits popular aimed keywords as well as searches queries, including the traffic comprehension on the branded terms.

Moreover, Search Engine Marketing serves as one of the trendiest and effective advertising means for involvement and attraction of potential leads. The cost per click is defined on the strategy from the competitors’ threshold, rivalry for the keywords, and the sums of promotion efficiency. Unfortunately, Google imposes severe limitations on marketing gaming propositions.

Boosting Brand Awareness with Online Media Buying

The main point of this advertising channel is to achieve maximum involvement, awareness of your brand, and its conversion rate with the help of:

  • uniting latest targeting technologies, advertising with the help of third parties, and your own connections;
  • practical and up-to-date placement of internet advertising, content, and proposals for the target audience;
  • orientation on the images of potential clients, based on the spectated actions that are particularly similar to the interests and activities of the aimed audience;
  • continuous optimization with the aim of finding more and better clients.

Online Media Buying involves a few significant placements, which you will resort to if you have a desire to use this advertising channel to its fullest:

Contextual Display

Keeping a focus on particular sites that mention the desired notions, more specifically certain aspects that might be enjoyable for gamblers

CRM Remarketing

Aiming at unconverted audience members by email targeting

Custom Placements

Showing your ads on sites with clients affinity match

Data-Driven Exposure

Non-direct usage of the promotional inventory that keeps focusing on the audience on their locational, behavioural, demographic, as well as contextual preferences

Mobile-Oriented Campaigns

Attracting only the clients that use mobile devices if you have no cross-platforms enabled


Involving people with the existing interaction with your services and suggesting them substitutions through personal offers

Site-Specific Focusing

Aiming at particular resources on the web with relevant information and audience


Renting out a specific part of your platform portals that works perfectly as an alternative to the programs with affiliates

Video Advertising

Resort to video content to increase conversion rates

Besides, you are also able to create specific images for potential leads, orienting on their shown interest and actions that are particularly similar to the aimed audience. You must never stop developing and refining targeted advertisements and proposals to find a more beneficial audience.

Involving Influencers for Increasing High-Quality Traffic

Influencers for increasing high-quality traffic

Another contemporary approach to advertising is resorting to social networks and popular influencers in particular. With the right attitude, it becomes an economically effective way to increase brand awareness, provide audience loyalty, and surely boost your profit.

Remember, it can become the most productive communication means in the right area. You can start small and develop a media strategy for your content. Next, it is also effective to launch a few individual giveaways, surveys, social network tests for increasing brand awareness, receiving emails, and generating leads.

Social media influencers are a powerful force that can actually become the most productive source of traffic. Since people trust the person they follow, it will be useful to involve Instagrammers, YouTubers, and other similar local celebrities for increasing your brand awareness.

Do not forget about video campaigns. Advertising always works better with visualization. As a result, with proper optimization of personalized content, you can slowly set up the frequency of posts based on the received analytics. Moreover, chatbots are now a real boom in the internet industry. So you might as well use this function to show how proficient your platform is and how you care about your clients.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media offer a wide range of commercial advertising offers on their platforms. Facebook is very efficient for branding but not ideal for instant selling since it is not very popular for purchases. Nevertheless, it is still a useful tool for involving clients and acquiring potential players.

The accessibility of social networks has significantly shifted towards mobile products. Therefore, it is essential to have a product that would support this niche.

Applying the Key Affiliate Marketing Notions for Efficient Promotion

Probably, the primary acquisition channel in non-regulated markets for the gaming sphere is affiliate marketing. It is an advertising model that is based on efficiency when the company (you in this case) pays off the remuneration to the affiliates for attracting the qualified audience.

The value of affiliate marketing is significantly diminished in the regulated markets since such areas have other mainstream channels that are much better as an alternative for player acquisition. At the same time, this promotional channel is still used in semi-regulated markets for directing the desired traffic and getting valuable and loyal players.

In the majority of the markets, anybody can become an affiliate, regardless of the size of the organization, its financial situation, technologies used, or assets. It allows both huge companies and small entities to enter the market despite the difference of management squad.

The creation of a productive affiliate program includes:

  • the usage of a unique referral link that an affiliate uses to receive remuneration for the generated clients;
  • the access to an affiliate platform that allows to create custom tracked links, receive reports on productivity, analyze profits, and payments;
  • branding, commercial offers, conditions, standards, and rules based on the platform.

Affiliate programs for efficient promotion

Affiliate programs offer remuneration for attracting new leads and their actions. At the same time, the reward can also be granted for other activities, for example, bringing the first time depositors.

Nevertheless, there are three main compensation models:

  1. Revenue Share. An operator and a partner share the net profit from players, depending on the GGR definition.
  2. Cost per action (CPA). An operator pays a partner for a specific action made by the attracted client. Usually, it is about the first deposit.
  3. Mixed. A combination of Rev Share and CPA.

The desired model is chosen depending on the operator’s budget and risk endurance or the type of affiliate and the way they generate traffic. Usually, more influential organizations prefer CPA, while smaller partners tend to use Rev Share.

There are a few reasons why working with affiliates is an effective marketing channel:

  1. It is a perfect efficiency-based model that lowers risk.
  2. The influence and authority are genuine since players often perceive affiliates as a reliable source of information and suggestions.
  3. The targeted player attraction is on the above-average rate.
  4. Affiliate marketing is a perfect channel for obtaining valuable data.

Marketing Strategy Development from 2WinPower Experts

It is common knowledge that any operational progress gets better under professional guidance. No wonder that most successful gambling platforms have started like this. If you are planning to become an operator and might have a ton of questions on the casino-creation process, marketing, in particular, you are highly advised to find reliable, competent assistance.

Online Casino Market is a company of experts who are always ready to come for help with any issue an operator might help.

Our skilled team members will become your marketing guides, making it clear about all aspects of efficient promotion, including:

  • a detailed explanation of SEO;
  • profound instructions on improving the product in the application store;
  • the peculiarities of gambling promotion in search engines;
  • the vital information you should know about online media buying;
  • the characteristics of influencers;
  • the introduction of paid social media;
  • an in-depth guide on affiliate systems.

Next time, we are going to dive even deeper and attempt to clarify how to track players’ actions and influence on them, increasing the turnover. Reach our skilled support team members if you happen to have any issues or if you want to order our convenient turnkey online casino.


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